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My first sex was in high school with one of my teachers.

It all started when I was 15 years old.

After a busy quarter did not get to spend more subjects.

Mathematics was one of the most difficult courses I had.

This course taught them a teacher who was rather ugly.

One day I told my friends what they would be able to do to pass math.

They did not answer anything, but I told them I would be able to have sex with her.

They were amazed by what I said and asked if it was true.

Although they thought what they thought I would still be able to montármelo with my math teacher.

After you discuss with my friends this,

after a few days my math teacher told me I should go to a meeting with her in the staffroom and it was very important.

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Upon entering the staff room, she closed the door.

He said he had heard what happened if I approve of the math test.

He grabbed me by the waist,

I dug her hot and pointy nipples on my back and I started noticing her waist touching my ass.

I began to excite me so much, that I I turned around, grabbed her breasts and began to wring them.

She grabbed my pants and unzipped me slowly.

He grabbed my penis and began to make me a straw.

While she made me a straw, I put my trembling hand on her lace panties.

In those moments I did not think she was my teacher. I started moving my fingers on her vagina gently.

– Aahhhhh, ahhh His groans were heard throughout the room.

I pulled her panties flip, lifted it and put it on the table full of papers. I put my fingers into her pussy,

moving very quickly. She grabbed my hand and pushed him to tuck the whole fist inside.

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– Let her 69 she said shakily.

I began to lick her hairy pussy and juicy slowly, as she sucked me carefully.

He began to gyrate his hips so that you produce more pleasure.

I got up and walked toward me so I could stick it to the bottom.

– Bottoms up !, stronger! , Sígueee! she cried. Their cries echoed throughout the room.

I could tell he was already coming when cumming.

But at that moment, we heard a knock on the bedroom door of teachers who thundered into the room.

We did not expect that cut so sudden.

– Who? she asked.

– I’m a science teacher, Miss Loli.

– One moment, I’m talking to a student, now open.

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– You’ll know that next exam will have approved half, as the dust just to catch me.

Left the room thinking about what had happened.

She was 25 years older than me but, after all, was a very morbid situation.

After what happened inside the room, I fell in love with my teacher.

Knew she was older than me and my love was unrequited,

but I liked her more every time I thought about what I could do with me.

Then I did not care it was not pretty, I liked so he could do.

A few days later he called me to come to his house.

And I was glad because I liked having sex with my teacher so lurid it was.

Arranged for her, I went to the timely appointment.

Opened the door but did not come out to greet me.

Entered the room and saw lying on the couch with white stockings hooked to her panties with white leagues.

She wore a white lace bra. I sat with her and started kissing me on the mouth.

It was a French kiss!

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I began to stroke her thigh and continued upward. She started to get warm.I

massaged her vagina over her panties.

With teeth, I pulled her panties yanked and started sucking pussy until I got to the clitoris.

Its small and juicy clitoris made me a hundred.She began to drive its liquid lubricant.

He knelt before me and put his head between my legs.He pulled down my pants and started sucking my dick violently. I felt an inexplicable taste for my body.

We went to his room and lay down on his bed.

She grabbed my cock and stuffed it into her pussy swollen and red.He started jumping and screaming very loud.

Grabbed her breasts and she leaned over and gave me a very long French kiss.

Picked her up in weight and took her to the toilet crammed objects.

Bent down and gave several licks her hairy pussy and wet.

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Sucked several fingers to metérselos by her pussy. First I got a finger, stirring inside her vagina.

She pushed her body against my hand.

– Aaaaahhhh, ahhh-their deafening screams were heard throughout the house.

– You like? -I told.

– Keep going, do not stop, darling

Continued thrusting three fingers, got up, I opened legs all she could and put it in his big rabbit, faster and faster.

Licked her small breasts. Her nipples pointed and very hot. I felt that I was time, I felt I was going to burst,

Had my dick like a bottle of coke. I could not take such pleasure.

She got off the toilet, knelt in front of me and I sucked until I ran over her.

When I looked down she was rubbing my semen all over her body.

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He told me to call in a few days to repeat what we had done. He left me on the street and took me home by car.

Then I left the car touched my ass. I went on my way to my house as if none of this had happened,

but it was impossible because that afternoon would be unforgettable.

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