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Many years ago I have a friend who came to reject me twice for the simple reason that Am very good? (Something I’ve never understood).

Although I always considered that there was a considerable mutual attraction.

He talked a lot by phone or whatsapp with her and always the conversation was on the same course,

we ended up talking about my desire to be with her and it was one hour, all this even when he was dating with you today is my woman.

Years passed and got married. Conversations with her, let’s call her Mary to remain anonymous,

were decreasing to the point of speaking once or twice a year to see how we were.

One day I received your annual call and after a long conversation invited me to dinner at his house, my heart sank and soon accept.

I looked for an excuse to get out concerted night without arousing suspicion.

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The day of the appointment with Mary told my wife coming out with some friends from work to dinner and did not think it came too late.

As I managed to get my mind was lost in fantasies and remember the desire he had for Mary, a tall, thin, a killer body and an angelic face.

Without realizing I was in the car on the way with a couple of condoms in the pocket, if the stars were aligned,

but I caution since he had already rejected me on a couple of occasions.

Upon reaching the door block of flats, I rang the bell and I felt like my member was Morcillón, the situation was very exciting to me and very morbid,

after years without seeing her would be in his apartment alone with her. To open the door of his apartment was radiant,

fresh out of the shower with short jeans, marking his perfect ass, and a tank top something tight to the body that left intuit her flat stomach and her bra kept her small breasts.

The smell of perfume, a fresh out of the shower and turned me drunk to notice when we greeted each other and we shook two kisses as my cock grew under the underpants.

He hugged me and I withdrew a little so that you will not notice that I had just excite greatly, not wanting to frighten first be.

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We ordered pizza and sat on the couch talking, the conversation was typical of two good friends who you have not seen and want to catch up.

Without realizing it, or, he puts his hand on her thigh, and he took her hand, and she more of the same.

Sometimes even we went back to hug and to kiss on the cheek claiming that long since we met and we had to do it more often.

The pizzas arrived and went to the table to eat, the conversation became more spicy, she asked me for my wife and my sex life,

and asked what excuse had given him. I told him from working dinner and my sex life was just right.

She explained that it was not long ago with a man who gave him the feeling that maybe did not know kissing or making love I told him that it could not be and so were the whole dinner.

My erection was present since I entered that apartment.

We finished dinner and went to the couch again, the conversation went about their lack of sex life, which I find impossible in a woman like her,

and again insisted that I could not kiss. I do not hold more and I got a centimeter of his mouth and told him to let me check.

film bokep indo

She laughed and told me not to but not a finger was separated, insisted again and kissed me on the lips.

Getting up suddenly laughing, I took her hand and told her that this had not been a kiss to return to try or would have to agree.

I pushed her hand to me what made her sit on top of me, grabbed my face and finally our tongues intertwined.

My cock at that time and wanted to exploit, took more than one hour and marquetry very excited but feel his tongue and lips while I grabbed her ass squeezing excite against me made me even more.

He rose from me, stretched and pulled me to her, I got up and we kissed again. She pressed her pubis against my package,

as if he were penetrating, she pressed again and again, that made that I could not help it and I felt like a huge jet of my cum shot come out.

Not me he had taken but it had run me. I said nothing and kept kissing her as undid his pants with master incomprehensible and put my hand above her thong,

it felt warm and very humid. I pulled the thin strip of cloth covering her pussy and I noticed that moisture and sex totally shaved.

I started wanking and she kept kissing me, I introduced a finger first and started one gets takes bounds near all her sex,

which caused her whole body arquease, and embark on the panting harder, grabbed my face and I took his neck,

still sucking and kissing my fingers did not stop getting in and out until I noticed her breathing stirring and walls pressed against my fingers. I assumed that was just run.

film bokep indo

We turned to kiss and told me if I was aware that I was cheating on my wife. I smiled and asked Want me to continue?

Cat face staring at me told me that better not, I told him if he was sure and I again repeat the same.

Those words fell on my like two slabs.

But since I’m a bit silly and I can not read between the lines I got up I went to the bathroom to clean my run my thighs and pants as I could and I got ready to leave.

When we parted we were holding each other for a while, even kissing his neck. I opened the door and walked toward the stairs.

After she closed my door, I stood on the stairs and told me that opportunity would not have it.

So I backed off and went to knock on her door, she opened the moment you left me ‘Did he say something?

film bokep indo

I smiled and I said ‘Yes, you.

I grabbed her waist and kissed her, she jumped up and walked around my waist with his legs, my cock was again very hard,

and this time only wanted to fuck aguantase Mary. We let ourselves down on the couch, she took my shirt,

and as I unbuttoned his pants she took off. I ripped pants and thong and I knelt on the floor, her pussy was very wet again,

could not help and my tongue got into a fight with her clitoris pleasure and one of my fingers penetrated.

Mary squeezed with one hand my head against her while his other hand tits bra for acariciárselas was removed.

Shortly note as he ran, his gasps and contortions of the whole body and I did see.

He grabbed my face and I went to turn to kiss, put his hand in my pants and grabbed my cock,

then I began to mentally name all the athletes I know to not think at that moment,

I wanted it to last and my state excitation did not know how he could endure.

film bokep indo

He began to jerk off, we kissed endlessly and our tongues seemed to love each other never separate.

Mary sat on the couch and made me to stay standing, looking into my eyes with his hand on my cock started kissing me and lick my eggs.

I am a slim, athletic person I try to look after myself and I usually go all depilation, especially for a sports theme.

I noticed right away moisture from your mouth on my dick, he swallowed it whole while massaging my eggs,

I do not know how much was well but I remember that in my mind name half of the players of first division.

Mary arose and kissing me on the mouth told me Fuck me, this time you will not go without fuck me.

He turned and stood with his knees on the couch and hands on the head leaving me a vision that I will never forget.

That ass in pomp with that pussy so well was crying watching the penetrate. I put my cock at the entrance of her sex and stroked her,

Maria grabbed my cock and put it in the entrance of her pussy, she came as a burning nail through butter. What a feeling!

I was in heaven one gets started slowly takes, slow but not without pace, slipped it to the bottom, pulled it out a bit and plunge it again until my eggs touched her skin.

film bokep indo

I leaned a little and I began to stroke her clitoris. Our gasps and cries would have to be heard at a distance.

When I noticed that I was running I left her I bent down and licked my pussy.

I sat on the couch and she sat on top of me, I told him I was going to run very soon.

She ignored my words and grabbing my cock sat on going to the bottom. I reminded him that not wearing a condom,

She stopped me with a kiss and starting to jump on top of me he whispered in my ear that wanted to feel like I ran inside her. She also wanted to come again.

film bokep indo

After a few plays out and no longer able to avoid it felt like all my cum up my cock to explode inside you,

do not know if it was that when she noticed my milk inside or who was also about to end but I got the feeling she He come again.

Leaving me and falling on the couch, sitting and she stretched her legs over mine.

We were watching a few minutes I stroking her legs until we started to laugh and say that “God we have done”

By the time it was, I had to get the hell out of direct floor to my house where my wife and slept for my fortune.

The next morning we wrote for whatsapp and she told me not to see each other for a while or we would end up fucking.

I tried to stay a couple of times but after a few weeks she got a boyfriend and stopped talking again to return to tell us something once or twice a year.

Today, when I talk to her even I notice that attraction and desire the day to accept my invitation to meet again,

waiting and hoping to repeat that event I will never forget.

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