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The old, rickety, squirming white van up the mountain path by jumping potholes, crossing streams,

fuming radiator way to the abandoned house that was hidden between two hills in a small valley.

Manuel and Antonio who had just given the coup of his life, were in the front seats and back,

half sitting, half lying on a mattress, his younger brother Rafael and his mother, Mrs. Socorro.

After attacking and murdering the Colombian capo Marcelo Alfonso Gamboa mail Fitzgerald,

they had simulated one of his regular trips in search of scrap metal.

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They left their wives in the village, as they used to and took Rafael,

you are not going to escape something and his mother, because at last,

after all, was still the head of the clan and the matter was the most important thing they had their hands:

thirty kilos of cocaine carrying the mail to deliver God knows where.

They knew shipping and the road was to follow her sister who was serving in the palace that the Colombian had on the Costa del Sol.

The house, where once have lived for a guard,

consisted of the stay that was both kitchen and portal and a small room.

It attached to the back was a block away, under whose door had been torn to hide the van.

Once this hidden door and frame stood together and not notice anything, at least from a distance.

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Manuel, the eldest of the three brothers Jimenez, was thirty-two years. It was very dark,

with big sideburns, strong, taciturn and began to get fat.

Antonio had twenty-eight among them had three sisters – and it was also very dark, thin,

stooping pretty and very sunken chest. It was very good shooter and had a special facility for afanar the hardest things like nothing.

Rafael, the benjamin, known by the English, because he had clear eyes, was fourteen,

but it was as high as Antonio and just under that Manuel.

Mrs. Socorro had at that time, fifty-four, had fourteen births,

the first sixteen years of those who lived those three men but the eldest, who was serving a sentence in Ceuta,

bad luck in a fight, another that was first held in the Legion and five daughters, two in La Linea,

another, the most beautiful and four years older than Rafael serving in Marbella, waiting for what might fall,

and others that for years had lost track. She was a woman of great stature, thin,

with a sandunguero and harmonious walk and large sagging breasts that rested on the belt of his black suit.

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It was said to have been a beauty and so brave, who had walked shot with the Civil Guard when they killed her husband,

Antonio Jimenez Montoya, where a man would.

He had served prison at nineteen -two -three years to twenty four years of “Leucaena” – and at thirty-three,

only nineteen months because caught a reprieve. And three of their children were born in prison.

They spent two days distributing cocaine in several tightly wrapped in several plastic and then hiding them in caches of varying difficulty packages.

He agreed that if things came wrongly made,

the cops could find at least for not finding it more and be able to pick it up tomorrow. When out.

film bokep cina

Two days later, they sent Rafael to the nearest town, about twelve kilometers to find old papers,

newspaper reality behind to see if they said anything of his coup.

Rafael returned with a load of them did get overwhelmed at the booth

and there they learned that someone had seen leaving the crime scene DKW a white van that had taken the road of El Arahal.

What road did not care anything because it was false,

but the white van was already alarming because very few trucks were like yours.

He had to stay hidden for a while and then we would. Drug sell something,

buy another van and the DKW and sell scrap by scrap dealers in various parts.

At intervals of three or four days down Rafael into town for papers.

There were times when it seemed his mugging had already forgotten and suddenly the prisoner issue reappeared.

It seemed that he should not never end.

Little by little they were getting nervous.

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– We should have brought women ‘said Antonio

– If we had known this was going to lengthen both … He was still Manuel

– And for that you wanted here? It is that you can not live without women? They are in their houses giving impression of normality and not to seek us.

– Good. We preferred to have them here.

They had been more than twenty days,

when Manuel turned away an afternoon saying he would do his needs and did not return until two o’clock and did not want to explain.

Two days later he returned to do the same and four others after the second absence, too. Finally he knew what he was doing.

By wandering around the village normal sub beggar and met their needs with her. “What is she?” Asked Antonio.

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“Well, quite ugly. But he is young and has two nice tits. ” Rafael also listened with anxious face.

The next night missed and Manuel Antonio. Rafael stayed with her anxious mother and could not sleep.

When they appeared at dawn, Mrs. Socorro lit a candle behind-not lock the door had to nadir window saw the light and anger mounted.

– You are madmen, or better imbeciles. What do you want? What realize we’re here?

Do you realize what is at stake?

Because I’d rather be rich to go back to jail! And I have not killed anyone like you!

I have come to you because I am your mother, but nor have I killed anyone or now have won anything!

And all for a poor wretch, who knows God take shit up!

But what the hell you have that you can not last a month without a woman!

He had authority over their children, no doubt for a week and nothing happened, but then he disappeared was Rafael.

film bokep cina

Mrs. Socorro responded like a lioness.

– Have you seen, desgraciaos?

What would you have caught your brother and take him to the correctional and incidentally us all to prison?

Desgraciaos that but I can not desgraciaos Valeis not for nothing! If your father were here !.

Rafael returned Descalabrado. Apparently the beggar had stoned and had screamed so he had to run with any dog at his heels.

There were several days of sulking in which no one spoke without quarreling and the atmosphere was rarefied.

Mrs. Socorro saw that his two eldest sons were reviewing the van that night and decided.

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– Good. I see you can not take it anymore and I fear no woman hagais nonsense costing us dearly.

I know I’m not a child, but I’m still a woman and the only one in here, so who wants to serve, to command. – And he looked at the two largest in the face.

There was silence for about an hour, after which Manuel said:

– I’m the oldest, so tonight it touches me

Mrs. Socorro instantly got up, went into the back room and unrolled one of the two mattresses that had.

Manuel went with her and left the lamp in a corner. His mother took off his belt and pulled the suit over his head.

Then she took off her panties encombinación wordlessly and fell on the mattress.

The lamplight accentuated her withered features.

Manuel was undressing beside her and stood naked before her.

– Mother, take off everything.

Mrs. Socorro wordlessly removed the combination and lay down naked.

Manuel stepped forward. “Come here to suck”. She knelt, came and looked at him with contempt.

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“Fagot! Your father and I have very firmly “Manuel took him by the hair,

pushed his head into his groin and with the other hand gave sticks with his cock in her face.

“Open your mouth and suck or Crismo!” Mrs.

Socorro began to suck and strong thrust his cock inside her mouth unceremoniously and without releasing her hair.

Soon he began to growl, grabbed her head with both hands,

I put his cock until he ejaculated throat and throwing her head back.

After a shove threw her to the mattress. His mother, choking, her face with the back of his hand wiped.

Manuel pushed her roughly and dropped on top of her, he put his member of a shove and began moving over her with violence.

Mrs. Socorro spread her legs all he could and began to say: “So, so!

film bokep cina

All the Way son, now looks of who you son! Stronger and take it! “” Take Mother, still is a good woman.

Let me taste is giving way you like, bitch! “” Oh, if Manuel.

Catch me the ass! “” Well, now I feel like to take her tits and biting them well! Cone!

Let the long and well you know! “. Mrs. Socorro moved and ran rampant. “Do not stop,

Manuel, do not stop me coming again said a voice shout Give me and take me the ass, I like! Apriétamelo! ”

Fuck that ass Mother skinnier but soft! ¿Come? “Mrs. Socorro paused for a moment,

he looked at his son with a feline face and turned around lifting the ass.

– Alla going, mother! Manuel cried. He plugged the turnip in the ass and stabbed.

She screamed, but then began to move compulsively. “Hit me with the balls in the ass!

film bokep cina

What happens leches you not get? So long you have it? Well then my still fits me more …

“Antonio pushed desperately and Mrs. Socorro came screaming in pain,

but after the time bravely move until we ran the two as he clapped his hands on the haunches and the hijares saying

“To, mare! Mare! The mother who bore you, you like give me bitch! Jode to kill me taste, or you stay right here! “.

Still he fucked her once again ahead sharply, as by demonstrating their mastery,

but when the finished continued for a while until she got to the last orgasm came, and then told her affectionate:

– Mother. I swear I’ve done mismamente like I do it for Carmela. Do not take anything amiss

– You know son and do not take it the wrong way.

Your father was harder with me and never missed him and loved him until he was killed.

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