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‘How dog day!’ says John (the criminal) -¡Voy to kill the fucking head!

-The Day dog does out there is not the fault of the director Brian Vernon-answer (the nerd).

No, he thought today would be a summer morning in Chicago February nerd shit.

It’s snowing in here and the heating was not working properly.

-Please Do not wrangle more. We will not improve our situation better not worsen says Claire (Princess).

And what is our situation, your highness?

It’s a fucking Saturday morning and here we are five in our institute.

Definitely, I have better things to be here with a bunch of clowns.

A nerd trying to defend the fucking head and intentande Princess improve “our” situation.

Stinks. At least the other two are calladitos clown.

Your father is a clown shouts Andrew (the athlete, star high school wrestling team).

Allison (irresponsible) laughs loudly.

If my mother a whore. You’ll swallow his tongue if you continue talking about my fucking parents.

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What the fuck you laughing? He asks pointing to Allison.

They are in the library of the institute, each in a different table; studying nerd,

princess make-up, the athlete playing with a pencil,

criminal and irresponsible smoking weed laughing at who knows what when the director Vernon enters the library.

-Good morning students. John, give me your cigarette.

Why not buy you a pack?

You know what I mean, I do not want drugs in my school.

And my not I please go to your school on a Saturday.

Allison carcajearse again.

-Mendiga, Shut up. You are here to learn who you are. I promise you learn a lot.

I want you to write me a small editorial staff, who I am and how other people think I am.

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I’ll be here next to my office so I do not jorobeis. John left the library and lights another cigarette maria.

-Who I am? Want to know who I am? I’m your worst nightmare, you will regret this!

Less talk and more action, says John-Andrew-I also hate. I have better things to do.

Meanwhile in his office the director notes that is happening in the library.

It has installed a complete closed circuit television, four cameras and a lot of micros.

It has a full television studio in his office and takes a lot of time preparing this morning,

since he discovered how to hypnotize more than two people at once.

He tried this method heavy week with his secretary and concierge.

She was thirty-somethings tacos and was ultra-Catholic,

the concierge was fifty and had less sex appeal than a cockroach.

Under hypnosis gave him the ass and then she returned the favor (with special straps a dildo).

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The director liked it and wanted to give a good lesson to some of its most distinguished alumni.

And his method was music, a special song.

Speak to a machine that scrambles your words and mixed with the song “Do not You (Forget About Me)” of Simple Minds.

Turn on the machine and the music starts playing.

In the library the first notes begin to sound (powerful speakers) and students are amazed.

The director knows that in a few minutes they will be under their absolute control.

Les influence to feel heat (although just off the heating), wants to know if they are ready to obey.

-what strangest feeling! says the criminal removing his leather jacket.

The five were removed part of her dress slowly, trying to beat the sweltering heat;

they are unable to realize that the temperature in the library is around zero degrees.

The director does not want them as soon naked; through music and it tells them feel good,

neither cold nor hot. And he is convinced that his method is working properly,

so goes the second point of his plan, ordering the students to speak clearly without inhibitions about sex.

film bokep china

He wants to know everything possible about their students so special.

Oh, princess, I get so horny says John.

‘And you says Brian.

I’d like to know how big is your penis, John says Claire going absolutely Brian.

-Suficientemente Great to get on the seventh heaven.

‘It’s not what I’ve heard-added Andrew.

‘What say, stupid sack of muscles? I’ll break your neck.

‘And you’re hiding under so much black clothes?

He asks Brian Allison.

-a Body that you are unable to imagine, bookworm.

Two adorable breasts topped with a pair of dark delicious nipples.

It seems to understand, judging by the bulge in your pants.

Imagine my adorable pussy, so tight, so wet, waiting nerd, or you, athlete, or you, criminal

and why not your language snobby princess.

‘I’m lesbian says Claire.

‘Are you a virgin? He asks John-isn’t only calientabraguetas?

I must confess I am a virgin. Once a blowjob but I did not like. Perhaps it is a calientabraguetas.

film bokep china

Are you a virgin, Brian?

Not exactly, I will make two months I made love with a whore.

It is not an experience to remember.

I like pelarmela.

‘And you-added Claire.

‘What about you, baby-fighter?

‘I’m not a virgin; for example yesterday I fucked the head cheerleader.

I consider myself a great lover but once I was sodomized;

It was during my first competition, one of the veterans locked me in the locker room and then I fucked her ass.

As Brian would say it is not an experience to remember.

I love to give me the ass says Allison

‘There’s nothing like a double penetration with a cock deep in your throat.

In those moments you are the greatest of all foxes and your orgasms are fabula.

film bokep china

Every night when I’m alone, I play with my vibrators; I enjoy pipe.

I often love to have a big cock up the ass to give the greatest possible number of girls. John, you’re the only one we have not heard.

‘And you ask me, Allison?

Do not you remember the wonderful times we had together and how you liked that you were given by being tied ass?

I love to fuck tied chavalas but it is not easy to find Allison hung as though with a little grass can get what you want.

Allison, you never use lipstick?

No, I do not like lipstick. Surely it is a vicious, not a calientapollas.

The director was running quite satisfied with the confessions (seemed genuine).

I wonder there may be hidden behind that door he says Andrew looking at a signal not pass.

film bokep china

There’s only one way to find out, and it’s not a stupid writing redacción- says John.

Come-five wanted to know what was hidden.

The door is locked Claire says trying to give the lock.

Let me try-suggests Andrew lambasting getting the door open.

-Wow! It’s full of sex toys! ‘Says Allison.

In those moments, together with the music, the director gave them the order desired-to begin the orgy.

Allison began rummaging among toys, he wanted to know exactly what was there.

Both Claire and Brian were so surprised at such arsenal were unable to react.

John and Andrew were given a wink and Andrew grabs Claire and leads to the table in the middle of the library while John gets some strings.

They tie her to the table (wrists and ankles) leaving her unable to protest if desired;

a strange force inside prevents his grunts. The strings are so tight that you can not move a finger.

film bokep china

Come p’acá nerd. We want you to undress a princess, not a whore.

Brian’s hands tremble as if they were possessed by an alien power while Claire unbuttons her blouse.

Marvellous bra says John

-has to be quite expensive.

Brian also removes her skirt. Through her silk panties discerns her red pubic.

‘You really are a calientapollas. This bunny will soon receive his first cock.

You, nerd, your work is not yet complete.

Brian, very nervous, unzipping the fastener and is surprised to see Claire erect nipples,

their auras and their equally adorable adorable breasts.

film bokep china

His hands move toward panties Claire and slowly, very slowly,

the low and suddenly Brian realizes that someone just stole his pants and under his underpants can not hide a very respectable erection

(over which others expected).

You’re horny I right?

I never felt the same.

You’d like to deflower this lovely calientapollas, right?

No answers, it’s too obvious.

Why do not heat a little to the calientabraguetas? ‘He suggests Andrew and start searching inside the bag Claire.

Yes, here you are teaching says a red lipstick passion.

Andrew paints vaginal lips with lipstick Claire. She moans and her clitoris,

which also receives a dose of painting, becomes erect.

film bokep china

-¡La Calientapollas is exciting shouts Andrew.

Both John and Brian (with his erection going to high) repaint Claire’s pussy while a sound reaches orgasm.

I’ll play Allison, we want you to paint it the lips; you know where the painting is.

Without hesitation or a moment Allison begins to rub his lips labia John Claire while unzipping his pants,

is the low and introduces his index finger into the anus of Allison.

She moans with pleasure and rubbing against Claire becomes a real meal of pussy.

Claire shudders when he reached her second orgasm and tries in vain to free himself from his bonds.

Allison and rejoins his chin looks like that of a hyena, completely red with the equally tinted carmine language.

Princess, you should take a look at your pussy; your lipstick flows and have become a disaster; do not worry, we will clean.

film bokep china

Andrew takes the first, second and John Brian last. Claire reaches at least another couple of orgasms.

The boys also have their reddened chins.

-HA Quite enjoyed the show but is still virge says Andrew.

It’s not a difficult problem to solve-added John.

Allison reappears completely naked with a huge dildo belt. What do you think of my cock? He asks.

It’s hulking says Andrew.

-Chupame Cock, nerd-ordered Allison.

Without missing a beat Brian kneels down and starts licking the huge artificial penis while Allison’s pussy is rubbed with a black dildo 10 inches.

Who will be the lucky one to deflower the virgin? He asks John.

Why do not we ecahmos lots? ‘Suggests Andrew.

The director decides quickly and inserts an idea in the mind of Allison.

I have a better-thought Brian continuous blowing him while she talks to John and Andrew.

film bokep china

Claire can not hear what they are talking.



Andrew enters the forbidden room and grabs a broom that has a condom on the handle.

-¿Claire, Ever seen “Born Innocent” – Allison question.


‘Did Johnnie remember?

-Oh no. You’re not going to …

Allison introduces the broom handle in the wet pussy Claire and the four are dedicated to metisaca.

Claire screams and begs them to stop.

Vernon has decided that she will remember these moments but not their rapists or place that has happened.

Also it decides to bend the feelings of Claire.

film bokep china

She can clearly feel his Virgo gives way and also feels tremendous pain inside.

When rapists completely remove the broom this appears bathed in blood.

Claire cries inconsolably and screams a lot.

He can not stand her moans, I sicken says Andrew.

I think I can solve-and Allison enters the forbidden room again. It is made with a jaw-penis.

You say you do not like doing blow jobs-he tells Claire-What about this one? Open the mouth.

Claire can not quite resist anything else, so he opens his mouth.

Allison shoves the phallus in her mouth and tied the strap behind her head.

-di Hurricane-be John boasts.

His growls are filtered through the gag as Allison puts a clamp on each nipple and then paste them a tug.

film bokep china

Brian, it’s your turn. Fuck her savagely, is her first time

Allison decided who goes first.

Brian obeys and shoves cock all in one fell swoop, and attacks with frantic rush.

Allison continues to play with the dildo and suddenly shoves in her pussy all wet and then secured it with a harnes.

Cum starts an endless manner.

John and Andrew passionately kissing, fondling their penises.

Andrew, very sorprendemente, asks John to sodomize him. John, surprised,

accepts and seeks Vaseline placed in the anus of Andrew.

The director can not avoid wank with such a fantastic scene is directing (and that will make a fantastic film).

film bokep china

Of course also it allows Andrew can remember in the future right now and doubles sensations.

Brian run (Claire is continuously squirting, pussy drips as a source) into the vagina princess (the director wants to stay pregnant).

John-all yours. John’s cock is replaced in the ass by Brian Allison dildo.

Brian revives cock really fast and slips into the anus of Allison, which is between Brian and Andrew pie.

John runs wildly and continued fucking Claire as his cock is put back upright.

It runs again and replaced his cock down her whole hand in pussy Claire.

When Brian is ready to cum fuck Allison for Andrew and starts licking the cock that comes from her anus, Andrew cums in her mouth and she swallow all their milk.

Come here Brian says John while continuing with his fist in Claire-It’s your time.

The really strong and suddenly John fucks shoves a finger in the ass.

-Continuous Moving, fucking fighter.

Andrew runs in just seconds and offers John share bunny Claire.

film bokep china

With both cocks in her pussy squirts she continues relentlessly.

When Andrew and John are run together on the breasts of Claire Allison encorajinan them to enjoy the delicious cake.

No I want to fuck me. I want you to fuck me dildo-and unbuttons ropes and gets on all fours raising the ass.

The three boys fill their three holes (anus, pussy, mouth) and fucked at the same time fulfilling his secret desire.

They are run almost simultaneously and change positions, another session semen on the body of Allison.

Allison feels really exhausted when everything ends and realizes that Claire continuous tied.

Unleashes her wrists and ankles and released.

Claire almost can not stand.

Andrew removes the gag-penis and replaced by his cock.

film bokep china

You’ll love blowjobs do when we’re done with you.

He leaves her to suck his cock and suddenly the changes and uses his mouth as if it were a pussy,

moving her head with her hands, reaching his penis to her throat.

Both John and Brian are treated equally by Claire and eventually all three share her mouth.

They are run at the same time (what timing) in Claire’s throat.

The director tells them to get in the ass a plug-anal, collect the forbidden room.

She wants to wear when they wake up as if it were a part of your body.

With the plugs in their anuses they order them to dress

(Allison underwear with Claire and Claire with Allison) and awakens them.

They do not remember anything (well, Claire and Andrew if),

will not feel the plugs in their sphincters but are really exhausted with their cocks,

mouths, and pussies years doliendoles outrageous.

Maybe they do not know who they are, but the manager knows that they are their pets

and future porn stars and enjoy them as you like, probably many times.

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