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I told you about my nephew, the great fucker, now I want to tell you about my other nephew, the great stallion. It is a little larger than the other and much less athletic, is a vice tirillas but fucks. It is scrawny, has goatee, is dynamic, friendly, polite, clever, tireless and wonderful fucking me.

Fuck it has long since being young inexperienced surprised him desolate and tearfully means turning the pages of a porn revistilla.

I guess the surprise or own despair of being overcome by the circumstances made him come clean with me, your favorite aunt.

He told me that he had had sex with his longtime girlfriend and had been a disaster. As if the first time the other would have been wonderful.

Mine was amazing but I have also suffered horrific and frustrating first powders. My vagina has witnessed several of them.

Tearful and half melted in hiccuping cries when suddenly made a proposal that amazed me Teach me to fuck aunt. I did not know that answer but continued as folla- Teach me and I hugged resting her head on my chest.

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I had already fucked a lot but never thought to do it with someone so young and also outside my family. That puzzled me pretty but her hands touching my buttocks and his breath seeping between my tits made me feel that wonderful feeling between her legs.

I made him take apart and chin to lift her gaze and cross with me What you want to show you exactly?

I want you to teach me to fuck well to do with my girlfriend and not decepcionarla- he said almost whispering.

And how would you teach if not the same theory to practice – I asked in the same tone of voice.

If I can do it with you … – And not finish the sentence.

You want to sleep with me and fuck me to learn to fuck well and then make love to your girlfriend and be an expert – I think I asked again with sensual voice, the growing excitement pushed me to it.

I winced and was glad countenance and cheerful voice and cry almost cried ‘Are let fuck you to learn? – But the expression was even more happy when I explained my terms.

Especially that no one could find out. I also told him that would put limits and it would also whoever controlled the relationship.

We established that it would be only a matter of pure sex, so yes, very educational and informative.

The first lesson was undressing and biting my tits.

I asked him to take my clothes off and as it was rather clumsy and impulsive, dress me again and asked him to repeat but giving instructions.

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When I had her naked back to repeat everything again dressed and undressed again.

We repeat several times, not many, and each time he did better.

I seemed to appreciate that she looked on my tits and pointing it asked me to teach him to kiss and suck because his girlfriend liked.

The truth is that this time was nothing awkward.

Then I explain to me that he had done several times.

Anyway, I got excited a lot and almost panting orgasm with their romps tongue over my nipples superhard.

So I dressed, I took him to my room, and I said, Let’s do an achievement test, an exam, you have to repeat everything that we have tried to undress and eat my tits.

If you do it right the mess I Want? -.

Obviously accepted, undressed me tolerably well, I ate luxury tits and barely had time to lie down in bed when I had it over.

Only I stopped him to ask him to put a condom, did not well and would not have approved but was too eager cock to put myself in the role of strict teacher.

Fortunately I am very quick to cum and condom fulfilled its retarding effect so we almost agree orgasm, but I first tenths of a second.

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The next week came home for the next lesson was put on a condom.

He got half a dozen, until I satisfied. I took him to the room and examine him again, the previous issue and this one. He finished metiéndomela acceptably well.

My orgasm was quite loud.

A third appointment came with a gift, an anklet wrist band that placed me once had me naked and I’m putting every time we fuck. This time, we review previous lessons.

Every time he does best. Learns fast.

So we are so far, a weekly practice Kamasutra posture or last porn movie he has ever seen.

There was more of a weekend dedicated exclusively to imitate all positions in a particular film. I ran more than the protagonists and mine was authentic.

In a particular film, there were several scenes of anal sex I had not practiced for fear and lack of the right partner. My nephew proposed to me and the weekend following my ass deflowered And I loved it !.

It was a wonderful buggered, I could never imagine that my ass was so rewarding.

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Every time lying down with his girlfriend, tells me and repeat everything they both did to polish defects and correct errors.

Not that I have many, sometimes none, but I love to fuck me like fucks his girlfriend life, a girl young and delicious which start to look with aunt her boyfriend fucks, Now you understand me.

I would eat you these small and hard titties that crazy to my nephew.

He once took me to the beach in your car. As the beach was discreet I undressed.

Was amazed that he did in public and warned me that his friends would come soon so I dressed bikini but when left alone denudarme again, this time the two but nothing happened, too many people.

At the back was another story, I asked if he had fucked his girlfriend in the car and said that in that no, it was brand new, I suggested that premiered me.

We parked in some bushes and ushered me into the back seat will be pleasantly surprised by when I removed my sundress was not wearing anything underneath.

I took a wild dust. I squeezed and kissed my whole entire body. I did put on him astride me as he put forward and ran his hands over my buttocks to elevármelas and fear you finger in the ass.

I ran both the female and sex smell remained whole trip despite doing with the car windows open. Then, upon reaching the city, he asked me to accompany him.

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He took me to a bareto with terrace where they waited for his friends. So there you had me with a sundress, you know that, no bra or panties, smelling like a female in heat and surrounded by muchachotes departed not take their eyes off the neckline hoping my tits released.

O my skirt waiting for the wind blow to show them the ass that was obviously naked.

The next day, my nephew acknowledged that it had taken me there for macizorra to boast aunt and had loved it. He ended up confessing that one claimed to have seen me pussy.

We both know that’s a lie because the voyeur had told abundant hair. And he was absolutely depilated. Although it is seasonal, sometimes I like some decoration in that area.

I need not tell you that my great stallion fucked me at home after leaving her friends. I made the nosequé posture, put me on the right side at the dining table, raised my left leg and put his cock in one movement, we were so excited.

Gave strong, a good time, he was splendid.

I ran several times.

Then he did something that I do not like much but he loves and what consent. He pulled his cock and ran over me, semen staining my belly and buttocks.

Then I knelt down and asked him a cock cleaning those that so much.

I made a thorough blow job, so that he ran again and stopped falling on her tits. I also fucked her the next day when I recounted the reaction of his cronies.

This time I made the nosequé posture, my I care about I am fucking and I love any position.

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The missionary position is my favorite, that never wants me to do but get used to camelarlo because I love to feel his breath on my neck and feel her trembling on my when running inside me.

With this nephew I fuck with condom only when we do the drill dust with his girlfriend or flicking the last thing he threw. Others are always without a condom.

Although some, it was imitation we saw in the porn film was put condom if that had some special attraction. She loves to put it in his mouth and I have become an expert.

I think he has agreed with his other cousin.

Somehow they have told me because he has proposed a threesome on more than one occasion. I love to have both cocks inside me at the same time.

I also like my uncle or my lovely neighbor fucked sixth directed them and gave them instructions that fucked me better than ever.

I am convinced that it would be a joy. Every time I become more daring, less discreet, I do not care so much that someone can see me naked or fucking, my experiences in the Caribbean sex outdoor public were very exciting and more rewarding.

fuck I would not mind being watched much again, I feel excited just thinking about it.

My favorite culeador has noticed and has proposed me fucking video record me, I know it has made me a photo on the sly. You have also the fact his girlfriend and has shown me.

When he showed me I realized that every time I like more women, especially after my last weekend with Luchy. I think I always had bisexual impulses.

Recently, talking about a theoretical amateur pornographic film where a sensual and tractive woman making love with several young.

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I guess he thought of his friends, me too, but it’s too risky.

Some might blabbed and discovered my secret sex life so active. As my nephew liked a lot, the summit scene would be with all young people in circle ejaculating on the face and breasts of women, or rather mine. I ran as I told him and I fucked with black toy.

What white woman fucked by black man is also a subject matter for an imaginary movie porn. I do not know, but I’m sure imagines that her aunt and has fucked a black man.

They have certainly been several. It may one day accept if I guarantee total anonymity.

My stallion loves my tits chupetea soba and insistently but now begins to look at my ass, it must be that matures. culeador It is the best I’ve had, nobody shoves me in the ass as well.

It is responsible for the gradual increase my collection of small inanimate objects.

Occasionally it makes me a gift that can be one of these toys we use as props pornographic parodies of film that both like to do. But it has also given me bracelets, pendants, various accessories and clothes.

I have a number of tiny panties, thongs tiny, transparent bras or left bare nipple, bikinis that stick to the skin when wet, semi-transparent dresses, very tight clothes, very flirtatious lingerie. You know where he works.

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