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It was already early to everything. All week I thought of the little party that was scheduled for the weekend where I would be the main course of three men.

Ramón soothed me with caresses and kisses outside that I felt confident in their capacity as first man.

The day came and went to his house; yet quiet area was depopulated; the house looked humble, neat and semi hidden among trees and bushes.

Before hitting the door I heard laughter and I knew then that the others had already arrived.

I entered the upper hand and I could see their faces in astonishment, one was more blatant and bit her lower lip casting a un.

-Haaaaaaa That rich blonde, haaaa was true that hembrita.

The other towards a forced smile and was more serious.

Ramon dropped me a hint jogging leaving part of my buttocks exposed.

-Haaa Has tanguita black and blanquita.

I sat on her lap as offering and friend caress my legs. I felt his cock stiffen and that made me happy.

-I first.

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Sentenced and the other shrugged as she sipped her wine.

We entered the bedroom; precarious but with bathroom and I laid in bed, I only kiss on the face and began to undress me put it upside down, he passed his tongue over the buttocks and rode me.

I sucked the neck and just.

His cock was something like Ramon and somewhat smelly, just that my boyfriend was more passionate.

-Wash Now comes Oscar.

When I returned from the bathroom was serious, his gaze was unperturbed and told him that if he did not like to do it no problem.

She took my arm, pulled me and stuck his tongue in my mouth; tenderly he embraced me and kissed me very intensely.

He took my hand to her panties and noticed a higher than exciting me a lot Ramon package. We lay and I searched endlessly kissing undressing.

He took out his beautiful member and searched with my mouth, licked while squirming with pleasure.

I lifted it to his mouth and made me sit on his cock leaving me facing him.

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I wanted to protest and I covered her with his tongue,

I groaned for the burning and dug my nails into his shoulder and asked for more as I got to stick me again and sucked my neck babeándolo intensely and her body radiated me more than horniness and I felt finished and put my face in his chest cooing my hair blond and then look at me with an intensity that I get me to the depths of my being.

We have to do without Ramon finds out. Tell me where I can find you I want you to be my lover. Said.

We went to the bathroom to wash and only there very quietly told me that I was right I wanted to keep seeing me.

I sat on the toilet he put my ass on the face for him to suck and finished in my mouth. He kissed me and walked out as if nothing I said goodbye to everyone.

Ramon walked me to the door with his hand on my tail I wondered what it was and answer that happier than ever.


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