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It was an autumn night. She had returned from a trip abroad during the 27 days he had missed her and wished much.

They had just dinner and were sipping malbec, while catching up in terms of new plans and desires.

She stopped to use the bathroom

On his return the I do not let you go back in the dining room.

He told how strong he felt for her. And while I recriminate those days during which the distance was not allowed seen them, and she now must pay for it.

She showed acceptance without even saying a word, just the expression of the eyes and lips both understood their roles.

Blindfolded, he opened the door of the room where they had been taking this rich wine and she could not see but perceive.

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There were fat burning red candles, soft music playing and a warm breeze that embraced the 2 bodies, making moving her blond hair.

He guided her to the chair because she was unable to see, except for the faint glow of the candles through the soft fabric of her dressing.

They continued drinking and talking.

Then came the time to continue with BBs or garments that she had implicitly accepted having to cover or pay.

He ordered him to join advance to the next chair, on which he had made ready a plate with chocolates.

She walked slowly groping with gentle arm movements to avoid hitting his next hurdle, found the chair. He said he had something delicious to taste on that chair. She took a chocolate and enjoy it between sips of wine and talk.

Then it was the turn of the next step. He asked take off all your clothes. Which is difficult because of having blindfolded.

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But he enjoy. And as she dropped each piece of delicate wardrobe to the floor if he did exactly the same, without taking his eyes off me, and soundlessly, for her not percatase both skins were nothing to cover them

He subsequently ordered him to advance 3 steps, while he stood right in front of her. She obeyed. As soon as I finish advance you please to kneel. Once he approached her knees very slowly. Enough for her to smell and feel the warmth of his body. After a forward movement she brushed the glans lying big, hard and red front of his lips.

She loved that surprise. So I take it very gently with both hands and began to slide the sharp tip of his tongue base member.

Sighs of the soon arose.

Faced with this demonstration of desire, she began licking his balls, while with one hand he squeezed one of her buttocks and the other brushed bridle with sharp nails. She loved having the power of his arousal. Lower it and increase it at will and pace of his kisses and caresses.

Both were very wet. She enjoyed her moisture, while the maddened by the desire to sit her and eat it with kisses.

fidio bokeb

Not take a mime more. He tried to separate not finish, but she would not let her and gave her last kisses, as strong, as for a small share of pain stop the excitation peak.

It was when he got up, went to the couch, leaned back and started eating all their juices with soft, lingering kisses. First lip. Then mime with his fingertips. After kissing with her tongue.

Arriving both at too high excitation point, he stood up and pulled on it to support the tip of his cock on ajar and wet labia.

As soon as she pulled the band, he pushed forward suddenly, intensely penetrating.

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