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Now that the heat is here to stay for a while, they begin to see the bodies to Marroc,

or Palito jungle style, ie in some parts bronzed and whitey in others.

Those who are whiter, we suffer more Palito effect of the jungle and sometimes is like having a mesh being in balls.

And with men, the issue is very funny because unless using slip for the beach, it is as if cogieran with Bermuda shorts to the knees.

I am not a great lover of the sun and I was never someone who would love him to be 4 hours per day in the sun, so the contrasts are never big deal,

but I wonder, when the sexual encounter, brands sun add, subtract or all the same.

I mean if she has a kind of bikini sun and sun Bermuda shorts do you grace cause,

or never warms you look carefully you that?

Let’s see, this good to discover a mine mesh type used on the beach or in the pool if you do not know much,

if thong, or integral, is it? suit or bikini or sarong noeprene or is not removed or to pee.

But the truth is that when I be taking what is fixed less clothing brands where I do not get the sun, that in any event for later …

just not that give me some grace …

I has laughed and do not think it vermuda by white fur because it was midwinter … heh …

just laugh at certain things while cohes sum, this good