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Women, it’s not natural to be inhibited and prudish, it is that tons of false morality have sex devise a shame.

That is, the prudish woman acts unnaturally, like a robot programmed not to do certain things. That kind of women get bored, desperate and act insanely.

An uninhibited female, they hold freely and practice sex as you feel like it or not, is a healthy female inside, a woman in a position, with which to enjoy mature sex without taboos or baloney.

A sexually liberated woman is much more fun than a sanctimonious self-conscious living embittered criticizing everything, that in the latter case, give anything for too.

How often could see that women, like men, have mental representations that keep in constant state of sexual arousal,

which is why, although not realize or do so involuntarily dress so that unconsciously wake , let alone the illness, but the delight of all men, like me,

we like to see them on the street, in public places, parks, shops, with waisted pants drawing their thongs, likewise when they dress with too short skirts

just do not do it with the intent to see them and admire their legs and even in many cases their buttocks,

or blouses too low-cut or open the front left almost out her voluminous breasts; That’s eroticism in women, feel seen, admired and desired.

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And thus, experiencing all kinds of romances in which fumbling and wondered about why they agreed to have sex without existing formal commitment,

and checking increasingly the woman also heated when he sees a man who attracts him, and do all best to get him into bed,

I turned twenty-seven years traveling from one city to another, with women of all colors, heights, beautiful, others less so, finally,

I could see that like us, they also have their erotic fantasies and , like us, in complete privacy while they are masturbating to fail intercourse with whom they wish.

And precisely at that time was when I met Viky, which is now my wife, at that time she was the daughter of the owner of the guesthouse where I was staying in my constant trips;

of medium height, white and even left not see much, guessed, between Baggy clothes, which had good figure, however,

and I say honestly, it was not what I love; modest family, I could know, well educated and educated in nursing;

I could see that it was very clean, very religious family and good manners; In conclusion, a decent family.

Accepted in principle not be my girlfriend then argued that by traveling so much I did not know how many women would have had,

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however, and both insist based gallantly and care for her and her mother finally accepted. It was a romance as six months old-fashioned

flowers, candy, walks in the park, the theater and the cinema a few times, on these occasions, always with his mom.

When we were alone only tender kisses were no closer, then immediately moved away Viky not giving our bodies a chance to feel each other,

nor accepted that prolonged kiss her or neck trying to arouse her; sometimes he approached my cock very slightly to her pussy and feel immediately separated

just as if burned to feel her breasts looked for any excuse to get away.

This way of being and behaving Viky instead of rooting me away was her feeling the need for their presence;

I, I thought, I’m falling, because nobody had rejected me and to get what he wanted, walked away immediately,

but Viky was different; she did not slacken and yet increasingly felt love her, so I decided me and almost turned eight months boyfriends, and during dinner they offered me,

without haberselo proposed to my wife, asked her hand directly to her mom saying : lady, Viky and I and we will meet the year of dating,

I feel that we understand according to our interests, ways of being, thinking, well, I love her and I’m sure she also to me,

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well I fulfill almost thirty years old; Twenty-eight Viky what already reached the maturity to make sure our life project.

The shape, having communicated first to his mother, gave the desired result, logically Viky silent, but his gaze accepted my request;

his mother was pleased and certainly flattered, said if my daughter does not mind, well …

I was delighted and we set the date for two completed months and are dedicated to making plans for the event.

Leave of Viky, a little out of the door to the street, asked if she was happy and determined to carry out our marriage plans, he replied, yes honey, do not know how much I wanted you decided;

We broiled us very happy, now I do not reject my long kisses, passionate, responding to them with a little more freedom, fogosidad;

I hugged her waist and pressed my cock to her sex, and not separated, however, when I wanted to make a slight movement to rub immediately said to me

not my love is so good, so soon, do not spoil my illusion my first time with you; now she pressed a little more embracing me tenderly and pasting your sex to mine said, that’s fine, for now,

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I love you and do not know how I want to be with you, but for now, so quietecito is fine and we went back to kiss ;

allowing you caress her neck with my tongue slightly, I hit a little more your cake to my body that was the full extent of his erection;

she felt very soft and said in my ear: Juan so then we’re married I’ll give a surprise on our honeymoon night, have patience, although I also want you to enjoy should restrain our first night.

The following days, weeks made me endless and just looked forward to the wedding day, or rather, to deny,

to fuck my girlfriend so on some nights that put cachondo me, do not hesitate to masturbate imagining myself as serious Viky naked, as would your cake,

her breasts, her legs, because as he always wore baggy clothes loose and also below the knees, nothing could be seen but sensed that beneath all that was something superbueno soon find out.

And finally came the day; lega ceremony, religious; party, single family friends, mine came from afar; my mother,

my sister had already married my cousin, also married, was very good and did not hold back when the opportunity primea told me you remember me ?,

John has not forgotten me, and do not lose hope again repeat. OOPS! I was surprised but I recovered instantly and I said sure, I promise, soon I will visit you with Viky and I will comply.

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Noon began the wedding lasted until nearly midnight, as they talked, now with my wife Viky, at nine o’clock in the evening we went for a walk to what many say to him,

“Our Honeymoon”. The trip was planned for five days, so in the first village, about three hours away, I told my wife that I felt tired and,

well wanted to rest to continue the next day the way, she, with a coquettish giggle told me: IF mY LOVE, aND iS wHAT yOU wANT “laughed, laughed and continued,

I also want to rest, so I headed to a hotel that had visited previously and knew it was very pleasant,

isolated beach and one kilometer from the rooms but a beautiful panoramic view of the sea was achieved.

We arrived at the hotel, checked; the bellman took our luggage to the room and headed to the bar,

then accepted the invitation of courtesy that made us the manager to toast our wedding and stay in place.

There were some people, well the need to feel that there was good atmosphere, the waiter brought us a bottle of wine and helped us to our first toast, health, love,

you dje, she said, health affection, and hurry content ; Viky said very rich, very good I replied.

The music could be heard playing lilting, so I took her hand to my wife saying we dance ?, of course answered and headed to the track.

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I took it with my right hand on his back to his waist; now it will no longer resisted the approach of our bodies practically alone approached her sex to my member who reacted immediately

I saw him. her eyes, she also with a sweet, tender look told me:

“I LOVE YOU JOHN” now if I already want to feel; he opened his mouth sensually offering his lips; I went and we melted into a kiss full of passion,

I felt his tongue in my mouth, that I rushed to succionas delicately, she did the same and corresponded me; I felt her pussy pressed over my body,

which was already completely stopped; slightly moving it from left to right, she felt very slightly did the same,

kept our mouths together enjoying this first moment of passion, pulled her a little closer to my body and I could feel in my heart the warmth of her breasts.

The music ended; we parted silently to go to the table, again I poured the wine; We provide and ah gee,

plus tasty was a little strong alcohol because I started feeling pleasantly a little dizzy Viky too, as he told me and go to the room darling,

of course, I said, wait my love leaves lean as the vinito and I get dizzy. We headed to the room.

Nice room said my wife, of course; very clean with a vanity with panoramic mirror that fully reflected the width of the bed;

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and the right end other than accomplices reflect the images of our first passionate encounter;

in cornerback a nice bouquet of roses to the hotel manager in response to our wedding she had placed giving a touch of delicate intimacy.

Take Viky shoulders pretending to bring it to me to kiss her with his right hand up to my chest she stopped me and placing her index finger on my lips told me

wait my love, let me prepare, do not eat craving affection wait a minute and he went to the toilet with a suitcase in his hand;

I sat on the couch, turned on the TV for entertainment; I took the phone and called the administration to order a bottle of wine,

water and a postrecillos; service came I put it on the table room and poured the cups; I heard the noise of the shower,

probably Viky was taking a shower; my love said, you’re taking, I’m coming baby, do not despair, do not be impatient, now I go.

It took even still about ten minutes until finally appeared. WHAT A BARBARA, I thought, I kept OPEN MOUTH!

There it was in front of me just three meters, she looked radiant with hair combed and tied back with, not as they say,

baby doll, or white neglillè open front and up to mid thigh; beautiful thong that just covered the triangle of sex but trasparentando the delicate mantle of her pubic hair;

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I thought that delight, her breasts very good size pointed to me; his aura crowned by a pair of erect nipples has seen,

probably because of how hot it was and my wife; That good, very good is my wife !, I thought, my cock reacted immediately parándoseme in full size

(well, the truth is not very big but I felt so);

with a radiant smile, lewd and innocent coquetry extended his hands to the front inviting me to approach;

He said: see my love, do not just stand, look, while heading toward me. We were very close together,

his body gave off a perfume dream became my waist, still silent, still not out of my spasm, we locked eyes her with great tenderness,

I do not know what to do, to say, it seemed I was living a dream which did not want to wake up; We approach our mouths;

I could feel her warm breath; we kissed passionately, as delicate, leech all our languages, our lips, kissed his eyes narrowed,

his cheeks, my tongue stroked her earlobe; his neck, feeling my touch whispered Ayyy JUANITO, MY LOVE, I LOVE YOU NOT KNOW HOW!

I also finally managed to say, out of my marasmus not know how much I wish Viky, I wanna make you mine,

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IF LOVE TODAY I’LL BE YOURS !, I’ll give my virginity, you are the first man who comes into my body,

if John, it’s your gift, is the surprise that you had prepared today for the first time, with all my love, I give it to you, take me take all of this is yours.

I continued my caresses on his neck practically surrounding it in its entirety from left to right down a little more until her left breast;

tenderly kissed the top one, then the other, his breathing sounded a little agitated; Now she rubbed her sex with me more pressure;

AYY MY LOVE, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU !. With my right hand I pulled him one of her breasts, kissed him long,

I opened my lips and finally started giving savors her nipple with my tongue circular motion, gently chupándoselos as if they were exquisite candies;

I continued my work with the other, I felt tired in the standing position so slowly we approached the edge of the bed,

I sat in front of me, simultaneously, I took off my shirt as she loosened the belt;

He unzipped my pants and dropped to my knees; I felt the closeness of his face, his mouth on my sex, I to take it off,

I undressed alone being in trusa, the lay on his back and carefully placed me on her body, she spread her legs to accommodate me among them.

Again I stroked her hair, her cheeks, with my index finger parted her lips to kiss him and delicately inserting just the tip to stroke with his tongue;

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we kissed in most fiercely felt his excited breathing, now arching his body below his waist up to touch,

rub more energetic sex my cock and his breathing was agitated;

I opened the babi doll to completely remove her breasts that I rushed to kiss sucking her nipples and lentando as possible to my mouth;

I went down towards her waist brushing my wet tongue every centimeter of his skin; I reached her navel introducing my tongue delicately whispered only:

ah, ah, ah, ah, oh my love, oh my love, Ayyy Juanito! I got a little more my head to get in my fac

your precious cake that behind his transparent thong expected timid receive me,

receive my cock, I rubbed my tongue their English for a while, I went down slowly, just as kissing and tongue brushing my legs,

I got to his knees, I made my way to his feet, with delicate movement I pointed silently turn around upside down it; did;

now back, from the bottom up, slowly, slowly I walked with my tongue the way down to her buttocks Barbara!

Again I thought grandecitas rich buttocks has my wife, without exaggeration, but duritas and well stops; I rushed to kiss,

licking my tongue every centimeter, nibbling delicately; precious, I said, now I have them for me; again I had to turn around on his back;

sex again stood before my face; with my teeth hold the edge of the top of her thong,

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I pulled in delicately pulled down she understood my intention and arched her body up to facilitate that gradually were down,

helped now to remove it completely, continued sex in front of my face, managed to smell a delicious aroma,

with my index finger and thumb lightly I touched, Viky immediately felt my touch and


pride themselves a little more, just a little more to realize that was already wet; I cracked open slightly to see its beautiful clitoris; well erect, good size, rosy;

I put my lips; the half opened and barely touch it carefully with my tongue!



For some time I continued my caresses on the sex of Viky, I went up to have their breasts licked again, kissed, sucked,

and in most fiercely, until finally my wife said almost delirious: My love’re driving me crazy, and I want you to feel, and take me,

I want to feel inside my body Juan, and please. I reached my hand had the bureau to

take some lidocaine ointment saying is to minimize the hassle of your first time my love,

if lovingly and gently told me slather it between the surface of the vagina; a bit deeper he shuddered at the touch of my fingers over her sex;

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again we kissed to allow time for about two minutes to take effect ointment again my touch went to his neck, back stroked her breasts,

I was on it between her legs, I placed a pillow under her buttocks, I I took off my bathing suit,

I placed my cock just at the entrance of her cake, she shuddered again; and my love, put me your thing, your chili,

I took my cock between my fingers rubbing, brushing lightly over her vulva, she shivered again,

I’ll be Juanito, and do not make me wait, and metemela;

I made a first attempt and oh gosh, I thought, because if it really is Miss,

I pushed a little more but slightly Viky rejected me; it is hard or do not atinas affection, he said, and with his right hand grabbed my cock,

Gave some circular movements to find the dimple saying, now if my love, the three push, one, two and three, I pushed, she also and end of one,

the third push my cock reached the bottom of her vagina! AYYYYYYYYYY mY LOVE, AND I’M yOURS, yOURS, WOMEN MAKE mE YOU jUST!

Hurts love, I whispered, not affection not feel very nice, and began to implement my extensive experience in the amatory art,

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so I started my movements, first slow, slow, gently he slipped it and pulled,

He gave light circular movements; she alone with his eyes narrowed just as agitated breathing: ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!

And so for a ten or fifteen or not until it exploded few minutes; Yaaaa my love, move faster, he said yaaaa, yaaaa, yaaaaa, yaaaa,

move more, more, like licking your thing Juanito, tell me, you can tell cock, cock, trunk, iron, as you like, then give me more cock

maaaaaas cock my love, my love, give me more cock, I’m already yours, yours, I’ll be your whore, your puuuuuuta, all fuck me

metemela up in honey, now she moved with force, aayyyy Juanito my love, I’ll be your slave, I will obey you in everything you want,

all that commands me, but always give me a lot of cock, great, now I am all yours, yours, ask me, me you will ask what you want and I will obey you,

but give me more, more, maaaaaaassssss, sped up my movements in and out, circular, felt next the

arrival of my orgasm so with their cries I was also coming, shout, shouted, ayyyyyyyy I come, I come, shouting, I come,

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I I veeeeeennnnnngo! Aaaaayyyyyyy !, I felt like your vagina inside contracted squeezing my cock like not wanting to take her out, I liked it,

slightly puffed head of my cock, I’m also coming, ahhhhhhhhhhhg !,

also I came. He stood very still with his eyes closed,

completely drenched in sweat, I very agitated until our breathing was returning to normal.

I kissed her tenderly, again her eyes, her nose, her cheeks, her lips, two, three minutes, and we adormecimos us slightly.

We stayed for about fifteen minutes in silence, her face up on his back, I beside echo with my head on her arm toward her with my eyes closed,

I felt moved, as you feel my love, I asked, well and very happy, he said,

was fabulous darling, turned to me and kissed me on the mouth,

I reciprocated and again in very hot and passionately kissed, and I began to excite, she noticed the feeling that moved my instrument;

wait dear, I must first clean up, ah, of course I replied; he went to the shower and listen to the water jet shower.

I straightened up a little and I noticed a blood stain confused with vaginal discharge my little woman, if indeed he had received Miss virgin;

I was the first truly; I got up and went to get me to take a shower with Viky,

the perta shower was half run that allowed me to see my wife holding the

expanse of water attached to his cake and stifling her moans of pleasure,

just it was coming ; It was causing a new orgasm.I walked silently back and I

sat back down on the couch saying, and my love?

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And honey, and while I finished with a towel appeared surrounded her body from her breasts. Okay, I said I too am going to take a shower.

I finished and out the found and dressed in a skirt fabric very light above her knees, almost half of her thighs,

a blouse that contrasted with the skirt and the three first free top buttons that allow practically see the

top half their staying in a bra breasts transpires that allowed see the areola and nipple slightly of her breasts.

Wow, I said, you look beautiful, thank you my love, as I said a moment ago,

from today I will be your wife, your friend, your lover,

I love you so much I’m willing to do everything you ask me, and

what better to change my image to make you feel happy and proud of the woman you have it,

you like it? He asked, if, if, of course, but surprised me with your change so radical.

If my love, answer, but I told you so much what I love I am and I’ll be ready for anything.

Well, for now if you like, let’s dance a little bar, you hear that is very lively, clear, she said, so I dressed well, for you, to please you and I presume.

On reaching the bar, the music was at rest, so that the lights were lit, the

waiter walked us to the other end of the track so it went on for a moment the center of the eyes of all present,

and especially men who ate almost gaze at my wife,

I realized and felt an extreme sense of jealousy, but at the same time excited because my cock began to straighten;

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we sat down and ordered some food and a few glasses of liquor, when the waiter retired I told my wife: dress like you watched?

Almost transparent, under your skirt, your thong lines, not my love, I did not realize, but I imagine, bother you?

I ask, if you ask me, I never dress like that again, I told you EVERYTHING YOU ASK ME WILCO!

I was thoughtful for a moment concluding, it is returned to their former way of dressing, no, because I do not like,

better to continue with its new image, immediately I answered, not love, does not bother me, it’s more, if I may say,

I even feel tremendously excited by the way you looked, probably wanting to be with you, pardon my love,

I replied do not know if my comment bothers you, no honey,

of course not. The waiter came and left again for the service we provide our new life,

for love, she said, for your wife that you’ll be happy in whatever you ask me, health.

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