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Again the question of whether there could be love without sex, assuming that it can be sex without love came in a commentary.

I personally believe that love and sex are two separate entities.

They can be together or not, but of course the ideal partner is love and good sex. But in the complexity and within couples spend a lot.

And also remember that the sexual issue is more hidden or lies.

And perhaps for all that, there are people who take years a medical / psychological / sexological consultation shame.

The truth is that there are couples who love each other and remain with a dysfunctional sex.

From men who are not up to anorgasmic or women with vaginismus.

There are even unconsummated marriages also remain, although clearly not the best way,

because it is a reality is that sex is not everything in the couple, but is an important part.

The other day, one of you (think Malena) wrote the question I was doing me at the same time:

“To those who say it can not be love without sex do they let love their spouses if they have a sexual dysfunction? “.

on TV a while ago, I saw a guy, I think it was the husband of Ethel Rojo, but I’m not sure.

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The issue is that the man said he had operated for years not to know anything and had become impotent (do not know if at the moment or what).

The issue is that he had a wife at that moment, he felt lowered as a man, he said, “I operated on me with you.”

Interestingly this view of sexual problems in a couple are of the two.

This does not mean take care of what we have, but we know that sexual problems clearly affect both.

I also know a few close couples for reasons of diseases of him and medication, he was powerless.

A split (it seems that was the straw that broke the camel), the other is still together and sh

says she would be with him all tivity although he did not improve.

And another couple in which he had an accident and was for months without toilet training, and she was in charge of change, etc.

Today he is recovered and all its functions in full, however, she says not being able to be with him sexually, because it says that after “wipe his ass” lost all sexual interest in him.

Although he says love him greatly and in fact, take care of him as he did was an act of love and do it again. two years ago they did not have sex.

Pulling the latter case, it is very complex, I think in other cases catapults the issue of social assessment is

excessive sex and penetration has estimated that, taking it as synonymous with sex.

If that were not, it would be easier to have sex when there is a problem of dysfunction.

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