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Alfonso is the brother of one of my best friends and Alfonsito uncle whom I have already spoken.

It has a couple of years younger than us and know him since we were very young.

I spent many moments at home as a child playing and doing homework with her sister.

Then when I went to school and went “the grains” are still very good friends, a friendship that has been strengthened over time.

His brother was the scapegoat of our evils of evil preteens, we were especially cruel.

Then time passed and the middle child silly became a very graceful young man and then a handsome leading man irresistible to the female gender, for me too although I would not admit.

Although for many it’s just Sito or Alfonsito,

I prefer to call Alfonso, not to be confused with his nephew with whom I share but unbeknownst to them, or so I believe it.

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The first time I had sex with Alfonso was in my room, on the table, I made a meal fable own expert I then show that it is,

manages the language virtuously, only surpassed by some other person I’ve already said and I’ll say.

He presented an evening at home with an excuse, wondering what such Alfonsito his nephew behaved in classes that I gave her.

Actually I was quite surprised and thought the guy would have told something.

The fact is that without really knowing how he ended up undressing me and knocking me on my back on the dining room table,

I recognize that not only did not resist but you may even incite it.

He placed a pillow under my buttocks, I parted her thighs and began kissing the clitoris said was about to burst, and it was true,

was very hot, bitch. It was my first big meal of pussy, I’d had before, but nothing like that, until then, then I made them very good; me and still do.

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I just close my eyes and get carried away by the very pleasing pleasure that gave me that warm, wet and playful language.

I had a string of orgasms that were in crescendo, intense to very intense running down one intense,

so great was that tensed both muscles, arched both body and pressed both thighs that Alfonso had to ask me laughingly that not crush him head.

Since then I compared with the praying mantis.

He left me gasping on the table and went to the bathroom.

I was expecting then a blowjob, a powder, something to him that there was no;

I heard the front door close and I was surprised, a man who would not fuck me. I did not know react.

The next morning he called me to apologize, I told him at that time could not help you, who pass by home evening.

Everything else you can imagine, we repeat the food the day before, on the same table but this time was not limited to food,

me panting and wanting more, he pulled me by my legs, my body slid over the polished wood the table, brought me down,

I turned, rested my arms on the table, I parted thighs. I felt like undressing behind my back and put as the condom, he got me.

It was an extraordinary powder, it is one of the best fuckers that have gotten me.

He did it with depth, strength, power, pace, control and persistence, it was a very durable powder.

If my previous orgasms were very intense, they outscored the dust. I do not know how many times I ran to me,

maybe half a dozen, did not count, I just got carried away by the desire and pleasure closed my eyes, I spread my thighs,

I had set foot, I raised my ass and I let myself do.

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It ran with a purr like mine. While his body relax, he brushed the hair from my neck and left me a very sweet and gentle kiss.

-He had really wanted to fuck you murmured.

I too was eager -and I added you I have at your disposal to fuck like today times as you want.

And we held very strong, we ate the mouth and went to bed where we let the madrugara find us.

I had a few nights like that, there was no part of my body that had not been kissed, fondled, licked, gets blown, not his.

It was a long night of orgasms.

It is true, since my teens, when Alfonso became a tall and handsome boy, blue-eyed, handsome face and athletic body excited me the idea of having a fling with him,

but her sister would have prevented me. Although I really did not think much as that day,

I thought only in a straw that is what my young imagination but then allowed me wish. This powder exceeded all expectations.

Then there were many others, in the most unexpected places, in all positions you can imagine and more, we fucked hard and well.

Has gotten me all over the place, I would have eaten everything and I to him,

more than once we have finished saliva covered by mutual meals, licking and sucking. It has one of the cocks I like to eat.

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Now we’re a couple of friends with benefits, even if there is no formal relationship and we have not made official or unofficial,

are many of our friends who do not doubt that we went to bed regularly, even her sister, my great friend.

In some other social or even family event, we have presented as a couple and if the act is in another city shared hotel room.

When Alfonso need a partner for some celebration turns to me. I was delighted and behave naturally.

His sister once asked me about sex with your brother, I made a pout I bit my lower lip and winked, since never returned to ask.

Even when Alfonso asks the villa on the coast for a few days of beach with me.

I love taking naked beside the sun and more I extend the sunscreen, throughout the body. Someday I’ll tell you.

Alfonso drives me crazy and makes me love like few others, is very good fucker, a great lover., An extraordinary partner.

He loves my ass where you try metérmela when you can. We only use condoms the first time we fuck and season contracted a fungus.

Go you know where he would have gotten. It is as promiscuous as, or better liberal.

Despite consisting me his constant sexual adventures and conquests, he never told me anything, not intimated, but he has never hidden.

Neither she has ever asked me if I sleep with others or do when I’m not with him. Neither asked me more by his nephew Alfonsito.

It was never intended to endorse me, perhaps because he knows that I am a little longer.

Perhaps if formally asked me I would go with him but I would not know to give up my other men and women.

Sometimes it makes me very intimate gifts.

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