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And you had mentioned on occasion that had fucked with the head of one of my friends so that it could promote in their work.

It is assumed that that makes the concerned but where you look, I did, it’s what is called a delayed rise powder.

It all started one night of drinking, my friend came to me with the message, his boss had taken a fancy to me,

I knew to have coincided with my friend taking the appetizer on more than one occasion.

More or less he had asked to exercise to pander to get to sleep with me.

-Q, My boss wants to sleep with you.

What else tell Mary? Maria is clearly a figurative name, although it has the Mary also because his name is compound.

My boss has a crush on you and wants to fuck.

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‘But where do you get this madness?

‘I said it this morning, while having an appetizer, you were there.

He added, have long knows you and is eager, has even promised me a promotion if I can get you access.

-¿Un Rise for you? I understand that I would propose, but you know I’m very special.

‘I know you’re very well-behaved but you have my word, and the boss, not transcend and nobody will ever know.

I said ‘Do not doubtful.

Not that it’s a prude, offering for my friend was important. For me only dust.

The head of my friend is almost fifty, care and athletic, tanned skin, small, tall, well-dressed gut, with ways of man sure of himself

But it’s not my type,

I affected, still accepted and agreed with Mary what we might call structural excuse not to look like I wanted it so badly, they did not want.

What I fortunately left is men who fuck.

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The case is Mary did all the paperwork, for denominate well and let it do with increasingly curious about her boss,

I began to know that was considered in some quarters as a great conqueror.

The plan was simple, coinciding with a commercial event, which we would go the two, as chief and as a consultant,

would agree in the same hotel and would fail.

On Friday Acorado, to the late evening, I waited at the railway station of the city of destination and accompany me,

taking me luggage to the hotel. It is logical to think that would be the same room and only had a bed,

however I got a little surprised face, I like to play dumb.

If you want can give you a quick shower and change to go to dinner at a restaurant that I booked.

I did, I went into the bathroom, I stripped, showered, I covered myself with a towel, quite terse and went to the room.

On the bed she had arranged a nice red dress.

For you, that you put it for dinner.

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I took the dress, I turned back to him, I dropped the towel, whistled to see my ass, I got the dress, I adjusted it and turned.

‘Do not you wear panties?

Now, as to tell me if I look good.

‘I is fabulous. Panties can wear them if you want but do not get support.

I took some white panties and I put them back quickly turning away.

I put on my shoes to match the dress came up to me and also took the red bag that was on the bed after putting in the most basic objects.

Cell phone, glasses, lipstick, toothbrush and toothpaste, condoms, lubricant, anyway. The most essential for one night. It would not need to tell you the face of astonishment that I had when I came back and told them.

-Let’s go?

The luxurious, quiet, discreet and full of couples like us restaurant. As if the trade event promotions for Steel Wheels supusiera many friends.

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The food was rich but was not unlike other modern kitchen facilities.

The conversation began to be pleasant and even became quite intimate moments.

I continued with my role as inexperienced, modosita and a little silly girl.

The return to the hotel was quiet the night was a little cold, so the boss covered my shoulders are his jacket.

Which I was grateful, especially because it gets a perfume that I love men.

Perhaps the wine, the warm atmosphere of the room, the accumulated fatigue during the week but did not really want to fuck, so I stopped doing everything out for Mary.

I undressed, something very easy, because the dress was easy to remove and I helped a little; my panties ended folded on the dresser.

He placed me four on the bed, very still heard him putting on a condom and I entered some heartily was careful,

I slipped it slowly, carefully, and was careful until lubed enough, he noticed and increased the frequency of their lunges, and strength.

Also increased my gasps, I had an acceptable orgasm.

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I was surprised that suddenly her out and was surprised to hear a kind of roar and then notice how threw his semen on my ass and back.

I turned my head to see him as he shook his cock on my body and condom beside my left knee.

I had never done so, even without a condom, retiring never fit into the plans of my men although one of my nephews has pajearse fantasy over me and dropping his cum on my tits and my belly.

One day I’ll let him do it but just for the pleasure. Me and give it to me sometimes fucking me so masterfully as he fucks me.

We aseamos and returned to bed, I put a nightshirt finite and short. I went to bed and fell exhausted.

I woke up noticing movement and weight. Still half asleep and a little disoriented I let the head separated my thighs,

it will be placed on me and the tuck.

It is very pleasure time was more,

he had some erotic dreams and powders mañaneros I especially like it because all my senses are ready and besides,

my body is fresh and rested. I moved more than the day before and hugged him.

Although orgasm was higher than the previous mitigates my gasps, I did not want to think it was a wonderful fucker.

It’s good but not as much as you want to believe it. In the dust I relaxed, I started to enjoy and enjoyed.

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This time he had no condom and cleared just before he came and dropped a generous splash of cum on my navel and pubic hair.

We agreed that I would expect him at the hotel or in the room, and went to the event that had brought us there.

I waited a reasonable hour and called my friend and told her what had happened, without many details.

She had the grace to ask how I was and if I had had a good time, did not lie when I said that if he had enjoyed although exaggerated enough to confirm who had been one of my best powders.

Nor I can hardly lie on this issue especially when she thinks follo little and badly, but you know I’m a zorrona.

I showered, had breakfast in the hotel cafe and went outside. The city was splendid on a sunny spring morning.

The streets without undue people and the wonderful shops, bought me some things, gifts for Mary, my nephews,

my uncle and me. I gave us an intimate set consisting of a vaginal Chinese balls and other records.

That’s the gift that will teach all my friends, which show only a bikini very colorful and very cute panties.

I arrived at the hotel before the boss and I undressed, I had gone exciting as the day was spent and I wanted a good fuck.

If the boss had taken some time I had done fingers.

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You can imagine the face of astonishment of the head when he came and found me naked on the bed.

Literally he ripped clothes, his shirt ended hung on the lamp. He did something he had not tried it yet, I kissed the breasts,

and I encouraged him to continue kissing me.

-In Whole body like kissing me and then if you want you suck.

I made a good meal of pussy that caused me a couple of good orgasms.

Then I made a more than acceptable blowjob, I I fear that one of the best of his life.

Then as soon as I noticed you dick got up again I put up, I got me without letting react I started to move, I wanted to fuck him.

-The Tits, squeeze my tits.

And I let out a, as long as the long orgasm moan that grew from my pussy until my throat like an unstoppable wave.

That unspeakable tingling that both makes me enjoy my body.

Divest Thyself of Thy, get out!

He said hurriedly and I obeyed, I left enough for the sperm out of his burning cock and sucked him bending down to the last drop.
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We were both exhausted on the bed and remember the evening program. We had dinner and went to dance.

In the ballroom the atmosphere was very nice, we dance between the shadows of a corner, we hugged,

I stopped playing, his hands down my buttocks and held my breasts, I wanted to fuck.

Around the hotel was impetuous, we stripped anxious, I love to fuck, we let them down on the bed and then the boss made me a confession,

long and detailed. His wife is a great fucker, do everything, even acrobatics. They have fucked her in the most unexpected places in the world.

But the boss wants something else, wants to fuck without any formalities, put it, come and gone. So I chose

I thought I was inexperienced and I would do.

And I let myself do, I lay on my back, spread my thighs, and spread his arms crossed. He put on a condom, shoved me, I fucked her.

As already knew his motives I relaxed and enjoyed the moment. I closed my eyes and sighed sensually, that further inflamed him.

This time he ran inside the condom, or removed it or out of my vagina, did I like that have come inside me even with a condom.

I was late I sleep thinking about what we talked about, the boss wanted foliarme because I thought I would be worth anything, that as I knew story of sex,

my inexperience I would just open my legs. That’s not what I like.

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I awoke again in the same way, I let myself do as opposed condom and there was, ran over my mons. Before he left to wash up,

I told him that if want to return to sleep with me would do it my way.

He accepted warning me that I could never fuck as much and as well as his wife. What know!

Upon returning to my home was to visit Mary, she asked details, even the roughest.

I explained the reason for my choice, he surprised asked.

But good fucking?

-Pssssssssss Average.

You know-what!

If she knew. With the conversation I warmed a good time, I undressed, I spent naked in front of that window,

I waited a few minutes until the phone rang three calls and then silence.

I put on a dress, with nothing underneath and went to see my neighbor sixth to make me a hack.

I not think I should tell you it was the best weekend dust.

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My friend she was promoted, has a good job with a good salary.

All the years for my birthday, my name day and Christmas makes me good gifts, once a delicate set of bed, transparent and short

I’ve already released and you know with whom.

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