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Do the Camino de Santiago every summer,

I spend one week a year to go a stretch and sometimes repeat steps have particularly liked or from the same town came to the end of the stage, or stage,

using alternative routes.

Sometimes I do it alone, sometimes accompanied either from friends or colleagues since the beginning or companions that I know during the journey.

The story I want to tell happened repeating some stages of Camino del Norte using an alternative road through remote areas and it is not practically run by any traveler.

As on each occasion, had prepared thoroughly enough to make the trip, it was well-equipped food,

equipment and supplies since cut through villages but just enough that you want to have everything planned for something to happen that trastoque.

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The first two stages had discoursed very normal, had even advance road and stopped to spend the night in what would be halfway to the third stage.

In a small clearing in the forest, something of the way, very close to a crystal clear stream that ran through a dense forest calm of unspoilt shore.

I set up camp at dusk, a small tent for two people, I did not buy another, and went down to the river to take a bath.

The water was freezing but appreciated the freshness and especially the clean feeling I felt when I leave.

I dined quietly in front of a small fire that I turned out to sleep in the tent, slept peacefully lulled by the song of the river and the forest sounds.

To resume the way, to just a few dozen meters where he had spent the night, the road forked and one of the branches continued to follow the river.

Quickly I checked my map and saw that the road linking later with the other. I decided to go by way of the river.

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The road under the trees, accompanied by the sound of water, was a delight. He walked slowly enjoying nature

I stood silent at times to hear the song of the many and varied birds that inhabit that environment.

Suddenly a noise and splashing in the water. I was scared thinking that it could be an animal and began to let go of the backpack lighter to run away or climb a tree.

Those few seconds I waited for the alleged threat will manifest could hear the splashing continued as babbling.

I ran forward and in the backwater formed by the dam of an old mill a person trying to get out of the water with great difficulty because of the steep slopes of the river on that side.

As I’m farsighted carried with me a little rope to which I fixed tie a knot and threw myself into the person I helped raise.

She was a young girl completely soaked and shivering hiccuping was right to say nothing.

I quickly dropped my backpack, pulled out a towel and gave it; but it seemed so blocked that could not manage to do with it.

So I took it and placed it on rubbing shoulders to get warm. As I did I saw a small clear space between large trees,

thick underbrush and alignment of large horseshoe-shaped rocks. I did go there and quickly prepared a campfire.

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The girl looked scared and completely defenseless, was not able to do anything for herself, only obey my instructions.

As I walked into heat with fire, I set up the tent, I opened the bag and pulled out a sports pants and a shirt that I gave to the wet clothes off.

All this without hearing his voice.

Still I did not react well to remove the towel and indicated that if removed her blouse she wore.

It was then that I saw that had stuck to the skin and that water had become almost transparent.

I saw some incredibly beautiful breasts, then I looked up and crossed eyes.

Thank said with a thread of a voice that struck me as sweet and delicate-You saved my life.

No one did anything that had not replied with the most unhurried of my intonations.

blouse off, I stood up and took off his pants leaving only cover if you can so to speak, by a tiny thong whitest.

Shirt She dressed and realize that the thong was wet it was also removed.

He did not put nothing, just my shirt, the big occasions in the Way, which led always clean for special occasions and that more special occasion than this.

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Meanwhile I put a container to fire with water and prepared a hot cocoa drink I offered when it was ready.

He took the cup with bowl-shaped hands to take the heat while drinking a short sips.

At the time, I picked up his clothes and placed near the fire, spread over a rustic frame made of twigs.

-¿Se Has taken you cold? I asked to see their hard and sharp marked after the tissue of my shirt nipples.

Not entirely but I’m very tired, want to sleep said with a small voice.

Lie down if you want to store in the -propuse.

-Do not care? I Said looking up from the bowl and with a mixture of exhaustion and stupefaction in the expression.

Not at all-and I added rest you need.

Middle wobbly walked the few steps from the entrance of the store after rejecting my help.

No, no, I only said with a firm voice.

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He knelt to the front door and entered crawling, the sun lit up the ass and the delicate sex peeked between her thighs.

But that vision that another time I would have been unequivocally exciting, this time only inspired me a curious feeling of tenderness and be doing things right.

He had discoursed a good part of the morning, it was time to prepare something to eat and the girl gave no sign,

I went to the door and noticed his calm breathing so I decided not to wake her.

I prepared a hot meal prepared by rehydrating a leading me and I left a part if awakened.

Meanwhile I searched his clothing some identification was something in his eyes that seemed familiar.

I just found the car keys and a mobile phone obviously crippled by water.

While waiting, I did not want to get away from the sight of the store just in case the girl woke up,

I gathered dry wood and green branches of shrubs to make a parapet or windbreaker and a covered,

task in which I spent a good part noon before the hottest hours spent dozing nap in the shade under a makeshift roof of branches of shrubs.

I also opened the store closing for ventilation and prevent the inside was an oven.

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Evening came without the girl woke up so I went. Being a quite small size store and be open only one side of the front,

I agreed crawling and the incipient gloom I could see the girl sleeping peacefully, completely naked. I did nothing,

just watched her, a delicate body, very beautiful, almost perfect. I admired its beautiful formes,

the golden color of the skin, small breasts, pubic shaved delicate, slender thighs. Gently she breathed, slept quiet,

so I stepped back and closed the store. I lit a fire and ate the food that was reserved for him. I let the fire go out while lying on his back,

watching the endless stars while thinking that this unknown beauty who slept in my tent could only be an angel or a being of the stars.

He did not remember ever having seen such beauty embodied in a person. Her eyes were fixed on my retina transparency of her breasts.

I prepared a little one refuge, I took the sleeping bag and lay down in front of the store.

I awoke at first light even with the memory of the previous day and itching of the family memory of his face.

I stood still for a while inside the bag, not moving when the closure of the store and a beautiful little head appeared with inquisitive eyes opened.

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-What happened? he asked in a tone of distrust.

I summarized, had fallen into the river, he had taken, I made a fire, had given dry clothes and a cup of cocoa,

put to dry your clothes and let her sleep in the tent.

He reentered the shop and went with the shirt addressing the clothes she had collected and arranged on the neatly folded backpack.

I was still lying when decisively approached the bag, he took off his shirt and I was able to see his body, this time standing and back

as wonderful as when I was naked lie down face up in a store, has a delicious ass . He dressed quickly while I got up to prepare some breakfast.

Breakfast sitting on the floor in front affront. She looked at me with a mixture of concern and doubt.

-What did you do to me? He asked looking at her.

Nothing, did not do anything-and I added, trying to be convincing Why would have had to do anything to you?

I stood up, turned, unbuttoned his pants, opened it, put his hands between her thighs rubbing sex and showing me surprised turned slightly outstretched hand

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It seems true, you have not fucked me suddenly asked -and And photos, you made me ?, denuded photos

-¡No Gosh! I said certainly be affronted The photos do not do who sleeps in my store.

Although I regretted not having done but at the same time at that moment and for the briefest fraction of a second I was convinced that no photo could capture such beauty.

-Do you know who I am? this time his voice had changed, still as sweet but looked between satisfied and amused, had lost mistrust.

No, I do not know And I added You remind me of someone but could not tell you who you are.

-¿De I really do not recognize?

No, not willing to know ‘And then- asked Who are you?

And I said it, seemed amused by my expression and even more, so that gave a laugh with my stupefaction and I guess the stupid face that should have at the time.

Excuse me, I should not laugh after what you’ve done for me said he is smiling and wonderfully splendid.

He would’m done by anyone.

‘And you did not try or did you desire to do anything to me being naked in there?

He said ahead towards me when I confirmed I had seen her naked when I came to see if I was okay.

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-Only Admire confessed somewhat embarrassed.

He finally forward and dropped to his knees, kissed me on the forehead and a tremendously warm voice whispered Thank you, you’re a good man.

I confess I was flattered, a beautiful woman, well known and much object of desire for men had told me that.

I was proud. But more proud and amazed, I felt when she hugged me so hard and so unexpectedly that I lost my balance and fell dragging.

He was on me, even with arms around my neck and laughing.

He said nothing, only kissed me on the lips, was a very delicate, very soft, almost ethereal, but sweet and tasty kiss.

I answered his mouth but I jumped, broke away for a moment and stared at me thoughtfully.

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‘You asked mobile phone firm.

Yeah, but I got off, I use it only for emergencies answered.

Well this is an emergency And Did I leave it continued?

I plugged it and gave it marked quickly and stepped away, enough to softly hold a brief conversation and smiling back his steps.

Will ya out to dinner and to spend tonight with you? He said in a voice that struck me as sensual.

It goes without saying that I accepted as not foresee what later happened.

He completely stripped the firelight throwing games of light and shadow on her spectacular body.

He undressed me, hugged me, kissed me slowly, slowly down my body, starting with the lips,

and ending in my fully erect penis inserted into the sweet mouth.

Never in my life I felt so much pleasure and so much satisfaction.

Especially when unable to hold back the more I let go cumming on her tongue.

I bent down also by kneeling to kiss her across the face,

hugging her and remained so until it is restored erection she moved to stand astride me and penetrated her.

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It was soft, sweet, warm, the fire illuminated the scene. Never a dream could be so real, we hugged us, she twisted her body pressing against me.

She could feel her hard breasts, her belly, her hugs, her mouth kissing the face, neck, shoulders you, his fingers clawing back.

I still remember her undulating body pressed against mine. It was almost perfect, my pleasure was immeasurable, simultaneous orgasms,

mutual pleasure. Both still we remained one embraced by the fire while. Then I spread a blanket and not go to bed watching the night sky.

‘You have to be there I said with an outstretched arm pointing to the largest and brightest star.

Thank you, you’re a sky he Said snuggling next to me.

We slept in the open air until the coolness of the morning took us into the shop where you went back to sleep just as naked and cuddled

I opened my eyes to feel a caress on the cheek, she stroked me and looked gently, tenderly.

-You’re an angel. I muttered.

Thank Said before bringing his lips to mine and kissed me gently on the mouth.

Before I go I would like to again love-he said in that voice so honeyed and sensual.

This time I put on her and penetrated her as gently as I could while his hands roamed my back and his lips my face and neck.

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I was gripped with legs in one of the most delicious prey that may exist. I went very slowly, all you can. I ended up inside,

without worrying about anything other than enjoy the delicious young as desired by millions of men and she would enjoy with my modest person.

The words whispered the keep to myself.

I want to say one thing, I want to make clear that we fuck no, no, there was sex, and much, but it is more proper to say we made love,

with consent, with feeling, with need and longing, like two lovers.

Breakfast dressed only for a few shirts and then decided that despediríamos us and it was even possible to come back to see us.

Lego she got dressed very slowly, as not wanting to leave; and I offered, to follow me, but I declined.

I have things to do, wait for me today, and continued with a sweet, clear and steady gaze But I know we’ll meet again.

I’d love to, I’m looking and I confessed without looking away from those spectacular eyes.

I decided to walk her to her car and on the way I made the observation of the transparency of his wet blouse.

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He laughed happy and fun.

I -Guardaré this blouse for you-I he said giving me a kiss for a brief career reach your car.

I waited for him to leave and continued the way.

I recovered the lost time, partly because he had won the first two days time, especially because I wanted to end soon.

Upon returning home, for several days I suffered from anxiety, restless, irritable, sad, melancholy and lost,

he could not find accommodation in anything or anyone. Until one night, someone knocked on my door, a familiar call,

any neighbor, I thought it would be the grandmother next door, an endearing little old lady who had adopted me,

always offering pastas and cakes. I opened the door, I looked down, expecting to see a tray of pastries famous neighbor when my eyes fell on a white

elegant, fine white blouse. My heart skipped a beat, was it, my unknown Delicious Way, my angel, the girl of the stars of the stars.

We did not say anything, just hugged, kissed and made us love.

The next morning, with light pouring through the window, I wanted to ask,

-How…? ‘I could go on, quickly he puts his finger on my lips.

-Chissssssssssss … Do not ask the angels know everything.

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Now, every bit, someone calls with his knuckles on my door and my pillow acquires the delicate scent of the stars.

Grandma knows because we were surprised saying goodbye at the door, we winked and keep our secret because he recognized,

now brings double serving of pasta when my girl knows that the stars are at home.

In the last interview he did on television was asked by her boyfriend, journalist insisted so much that my angel raised his arm skyward and pointing to where would be the brightest of the stars He’s said there waiting for me …

Is that a star like you? He insisted the reporter.

It’s more than a star, a sun …

I smiled so long that even at work noticed and grandmother hugged me in the elevator with undisguised satisfaction.


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