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I continued to express my desires. Thinking about them was almost the only thing that excited me, and in what way!

Time passed … and finally it happened in a somewhat unexpected way, albeit a priori sought.

Yes, a paradox, but let me explain: I asked for a massage appointment, as we had done before.

But this time I went one step further, for I already had many certainties that she was desiring and willing to try;

She just needed me to take her by the hand.

When I asked them for an appointment, I wrote to them by email explaining that we would like this massage to be as close as possible to what is a cuckold / hotwife fantasy,

I asked them what possibilities they offered.The answer was very clear and concise;

In no case did they perform any kind of explicit sex or interaction with masseurs.

Only tantric massages, that yes, very pleasant and delicate, reason why they felt not able to attend my requests.

I did not tell her anything about this. I accepted and determined day and time,

forgetting my pretensions, and willing to enjoy the massage as a couple as on other occasions, no more.

When we arrived, they apologized because in that room there was no shower or bath, so we were offered to take turns in another bathroom of the house.

First my girl would go with her masseuse and when they finished it would be my turn.

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I stayed totally alone in the room waiting about 20 minutes for them to return, and there my nerves surfaced at the same time as my suspicions and the morbid.

They entered the room, she came in blushing and smiling, went to his mat and lay down as he prepared next to her to begin her massage.

It was my turn for the shower, I went with my masseur and we returned in about 15 minutes.

Then I realized why she pretended a couple of difficulties with the cold water that made us change the bathroom and waste time, so that they would stay alone in the room a few more minutes.

The massage was 50 minutes long. I was anodized with the constant moans and sighs of my wife but I was still naive thinking that nothing extraordinary had happened.

That uncle’s hands carried her over and over again into ecstasy.

To me at that moment I gave myself the same massage. I just wanted to watch my wife and listen to her.

Finally they finished and left us alone. It’s the usual, 15 or 20 minutes courtesy.

Approached her mat to hug her and kiss her.Then he whispered in my ear: “My love … another guy fucked me ..

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“. The surprise took my breath away, I did not believe it, I needed to hear it several times. I asked him, repeatedly,

if it was true and not a joke or figuration of any kind. She confirmed it over and over again. My excitement, even though it was already capital, shot up exponentially.

I was happy about the event, but at the same time I could not help but think sadly that I could not see it directly.

Masseur, dark-haired, muscled and handsome, had penetrated her from behind, standing in the shower. She told me then that she had her run, at least once, if not more.

And then in the room they continued fucking while I went to the shower.

Then, during the massage with me in front of him, he continued in a more subtle way, making love with his arms and mouth.

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Since that day I have only imagined everything in my head, but assuming that I was seeing them directly.

It turned out that the boy acceded to my requests but only half, as if by precaution or fear of bad reactions of mine or she would have preferred to do it without my direct presence.

Maybe he did not fully understand that that was what I wanted. I do not know his reasons, really.

For several days he was permanently aroused. She also confessed to me that she was out of breath remembering that encounter.

To the point that I suggested to have another meeting with him, or another. She located an escort masseur.

We met at a hotel, and this time I did witness how they put on their boots while I masturbated like a possessed man.

For her it was not as satisfying as the other time, but that did not stop her enjoying and having numerous orgasms.

The best thing about seeing my wife having sex was to observe how she enjoyed, how she shivered, heard her moan in a special way, or watched her eyes whiten.