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Carlos is 42 years old, a beautiful wife and a child of 12 years, sex life with his wife was something worn over the years,

and the few times they had relations was always dissatisfied, and she wanted more.

In his work used to do business under his breath with Daniel, a former colleague and friend, for which looked for safety outside working hours;

in such activities they arranged to meet at the home of Daniel. The doorbell went to meet a girl aged 17,

tall, thin, caramel color huge eyes and a wide smile he discovered a large white teeth, her delicate child’s voice invited him to enter as he waited. his father.

Carlos was impressed with the tender beauty of the girl, although her slender body was still a child, had sensuality skin deep.

After the business, Carlos came thoughtful, could not get out of your head cute creature that you just met,

I knew it was crazy, she could be his daughter. but it was not, as was the Nena called Daniel.

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After that event, his visits became more continuous, monthly upgraded to bi-weekly and even weekly, all for seeing Mafer,

the sweet daughter of his friend, and had established trust with the girl, and more than once had seen embraced with a young man at the exit of his school.

One night Daniel came home and found none, but Mafer invited him to wait in the room, which he gladly accepted,

talked a lot and when the conversation got to the point where I wanted Carlos, began indirect courtship.

Your love seems something left, you deserve something more.

And you do not look her age my dad, looks younger man

Do not call me “you” at least when we’re alone, and youth stays with partner exercises.

-┬┐Ejercicios Partner? I had never heard of these exercises.

-Hahaha. perhaps your love does not teach you anything ?, Too bad you’re so young but I would offer to teach.

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Carlos’s eyes changed completely and Mafer noticed, she was intrigued,

at his young age already had sex with her boyfriend but did not seem as cute as imagined, and that exercises couple had caught his attention.

After that conversation including increased confidence, knowing glances, phrases and even two-way legerdemain.

Mafer was delighted with the experience of Carlos, and he wanted just that enchant.

The phone rang Carlos midmorning, Mafer had left early from his school and wanted to see him;

he asked permission to your boss for an emergency and went swiftly to meet him, as it was day he called to ask her to be alone in private and avoid prying eyes., she accepted.

He took her to a private room he had rented and invited a few beers, they talked for a while until she proposed to him.

I want you to teach me what you know.

– Are you sure? Once I start I can not stop.

Make me what you want, want to discover new experiences, you

Carlos hugged her and kissed her tenderly as his hands were caressing her gently, he took off his uniform gently and he stood in his underwear;

both in his underwear, he stroked her small breasts over the bra as her lips slowly kissed her neck,

her hands undid the brassiere and her lips they withdrew.

Carlos wanted to penetrate, his excitement was full but knew he had to please her first to her, she had to leave a good impression and a lasting memory.

I keep kissing slowly until you feel those tender breasts hard nipples, his hand slowly on to his codpiece,

playing with his fingers above and noting moisture and heat emanating from this young vagina.

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Kept kissing her chest down to her navel, both hands pulled the panties, leaving her naked and excited at his mercy,

kissed his feet and ran his tongue over his legs from the ankles to the thighs, the cries of the girl showed her he was on track,

opened her legs and started to lick the tender and moist vagina, but Mafer opposed pushing her head with both hands,

Carlos took her hands gently and held her firmly,

and without much opposition kissed the clitoris and he licked the entire vagina tasting her juices as Mafer screamed with pleasure,

licked from the clitoris to the anus causing him multiple orgasms to the girl. Once sure what he had achieved,

he proceeded to take off the underpants releasing his hard and wet cock,

placing it at the entrance of the vagina toying with her clitoris and labia with circular movements nibbling her nipples and stroked her buttocks,

then with a hand grabbed her neck and kissed her unbridled passion, with the other hand he grabbed her hip and penetrated.

Natural lubrication made it easy introduction of the thick cock in the tight vagina.

Mafer content yelped and hugged Carlos as he began with undulating to generate another orgasm mafer movements,

this time orgasm was more intense and exhausting that left exhausted mafer. Carlos had been fulfilled.

After they parted bathe together with an intense kiss, Carlos did not ejaculate but felt much more pleasure than if I had done.

They agreed to meet again and Carlos knew that after that morning, Mafer would be completely at your disposal for whatever you want. Nena already had an owner.

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