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A few days ago I took a short day off a week devoted to little sun bathing, reading, sleeping, resting, walking, dancing and fuck with my beloved nephews.

I was looking for a small hotel in a beach area when my nephew suggested going to the house of his parents, one little brick bungalow in a coastal area curd small coves and beaches uncrowded.

I accepted the proposal and how could it be otherwise, after meeting three who narrated you, the other also joined the plan.

As we like to use the time we left as Friday afternoon in the car of my nephew, sitting in front of me, with my pink dress, the generous cleavage, no bra.

I need not say that at the first stop at an intersection with stop, the skirt had been withdrawn and the driver’s hand fumbling between my thighs.

Nor is it necessary to list the times my nephew sitting behind put his hand on the neck or tits squeezed me handfuls.

Needless to say, I do not think they arrive, while you unloading the packages, services connecting gas and electricity,

provided the food in the refrigerator and up the luggage to the respective quarters, the other threw me an excellent dust on the couch.

In the same way I do not think the other interesting explain how I fucked her in the same place and the excellent way Ms.

And I have two nephews who know how to make love.

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That sofa excellent services provided during those days.

Dinner was fast and frugal, then the three to bed, every man for himself, that was the norm.

Although you imaginareis did not sleep until after making love with one of them after postpolvo left me his bed.

I woke up with another kiss wasted no time. I neither lost.

I awoke and saw him as both wanted the same thing I opened my legs to take a more than correct mañanero dust.

You know I love the missionary position, provides deep insights and allows me to work little something my stiff muscles appreciated.

The first day was amazing beach.

We went to a secluded and almost deserted beach, a couple of kilometers distant from our accommodation.

On the way we offered a curious stamp me in front dressed in a filmy dress and long white beach, buttoned ahead with large black buttons,

and covered by a large white pamela was followed by my two porters of objects of the most varied, from large parasols ,

to refrigerators bags and containers of victuals, plus the respective bags with bathing suits, towels, sunscreen and other beach accessories.

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The spectacular beach, enclosed by cliffs on the sides and a series of dunes that formed a steep slope covered with vegetation on the land side.

My nephews quickly mounted around a beach camp, where there was plenty of nothing, not even a colorful parasol shelter.

The site chosen was one end of the beach at the foot of the steep dune almost between the vegetation typical of maritime dunes, right.

It was the opposite of where the kiosk and lifeguards tower stands extreme.

In addition, among the elements of the camp, bags and other items, had formed a parapet, apparently to cut short breeze although it was getting hide the view of the very few bathers.

My nephews who were spread my towel on a plastic raffia mat in order to avoid soil moisture in the middle of both.

I took off my dress and I kept a discreet bikini, did not want to be outrageous.

But it did not last me much since. I started taking off my bra which was followed immediately braguita.

I admire that premiered depilated left only a thin line of very short hair adorned my pubis.

You know I like change of decoration in that part of my body,

I have the curse of being excessively hairy but in this case me very well, gives me enough work but change little drawing.

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I was generously slathered with sunscreen four hands, ahead and behind, nothing but prepare to sunbathe and whenever bathed me and I did several times.

Something cold water I barreling my nipples that harden me so rarely. My nephews told me that out empitonada.

And it’s true, the hardened felt as felt too hard buttocks.

Lying on the towel, flanked by my nephews whose hands through my body, yes, in an organized manner, one from the waist up and another from the waist down, the result was as expected, and soon began to moan.

They, behaving wickedly, followed with caresses until I ran with a tremendously long wet orgasm, intense.

I ended up sweaty and panting, so I ran to the water and when I returned I lay on his back, with legs wide open asking you to make love to me.

Who wants to make love to her aunt?

None answered because I had my nephew biting my mouth and tits.

The other watched.

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I was tremendously excited but a little intimidated by the stage, he had made love on the beach at night and day but were much more discreet places.

But I soon got carried away and started to enjoy.

Someone said the nephew arrives guarding.

-¡¡¡Acaba, Just he wanted !!!! – I said haltingly about to come.

And I ran, ran us both, while, as I like.

It was an intense run, with many fluids, mine and his. I think my orgasm was more intense knowing that someone was approaching and we could discover in such activity.

But I think my nephew also happened the same.

We had time to split up and get dressed, to myself panty bikini and a sarong. It was a group of friends that there was an acquaintance of my nephew, habitual like him who came to greet vacationer.

And send the fees introductions were made, we shook hands with the three without taking a single moment of my tits look. What my nephews became aware.

The three were produced a remarkable erection.

When the known retired by the group that had arrived, located a few tens of meters from our camp, my nephews made the comment I expected.

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-go As I watched Louis tits’ said my nephew.

She seemed he had never seen tits said the other that continued although clearly tits like our aunt never could have seen.

For a moment I thought you ate them -apostilló the first.

Well I think I hit you too pretty. Do you have noticed the lump that you had in your swimsuit?

-A Lot because we had just me not just to get laid.

Well to me has made me a motorcycle said the other.

‘I feel bad leaving you with’ I want I said.

And leave me wanting my aunt -remató.

And all three laughed.

The situation had changed, could not see me undress because between my guys but any other activity would be easily observed by those unnecessary neighbors.

And I was naked, hands of these two tireless recorriéndome the body. I returned with another straw cum but needed more, I wanted cock.

I said I want to make love with the most sensual of my voices, whispering between gasps as the last spasms of that pajillero orgasm shook my underbelly.

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-are Those …

Let’s go to house I said.

He will soon have not brought food and drink.

-Ufffff, I do not feel like putting up with me-and continue rotating the waist gas had.

‘Neither said my nephew got into the shelter, standing in the background after having removed the pant he said Aunt Come

Enter the shelter and put me back to my nephew looking penetration.

I did not need preliminaries, my nephew either,

both were so turned on that was the bigger and tougher than ever swanky and as mojadita as the most desired of my powders.

So much that dick entered the vagina as gently as if a hot iron through butter. And we were both red.

She hugged me, I was gripped with arms around chest crushing her breasts.

A similar stance which made my weird cousin. I noticed my nephew’s cock hurgándome gut and knowing we had people close,

I began to pant, to mutter, to let out of my throat gasps of pleasure.

The sea breeze did not let the neighbors hear anything, but if the other nephew, who watched us carefully.

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At one point my nephew gave me her breasts and clung to the hip. I slumped forward, elbows on the sand, half out.

The other nephew diligently put one of the hiding parasols rest of the beach.

Seeing him there before with such a large erection under the pant I could not tell him that unless

Come you suck.

He undressed, approached me and put it in her mouth was open and waiting anxiously.

And so we were, as I like,

one pussy fucking me and another giving me his cock in the mouth and plus excitation of being alone hidden by the thin fabric parasol and shelter.

That sense of risk of being discovered and being seen increasingly excites me more

If anyone else appears, even a stranger or unknown at the time, would have gladly invited to participate offering.

We ran, hard and well. Then we kissed tenderly.

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I tactfully put the panties and walked towards the sea,

I left a bit, and I got my ASEE before returning and with knickers in its right place, at hand.

Only my nephews who were waiting for me to return to embadurnarme sunscreen saw me in that guise.

An hour later the neighbors were what made the beach almost just for us. It was not yet summer season.

Only a small group of families with children stood near the bar.

Only newspapers tours rescuer and few of passersby altered slightly our calm.

While we were eating, my nephew, who watched during the second beach dust, movie buff, and not just porn,

dropped Aunt have to consider making a film having sex.

I was silent as he continued ‘I never seen anybody so good fucking, you’re spectacular. You have to share it.

– You got the girl Who is the guy? I answered honeyed hoping it was my other nephew.

-A I do not look at me that if my girlfriend finds me kills genius and you know you have.

In addition, this fall start working with his father-and continued to fuck aunt I love, what I will always you can,

but as I really like her discretion.

I do not mind us while we fuck but look out on video or crazy.

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And it stayed there during the afternoon, we swam,

I extended more sunscreen, get fucked under umbrellas and in the shelter, they are tireless and more.

The sun was low on the horizon, and no one was on the beach,

the last guests had left the stall when we made love for the last time.

This time not hide much.

We had gone to bathe, the last swim of the day, the three naked, the three playing, hugging each other,

kissed them all, I knelt to suck letting the waves bringing us down.

Excitándonos laughing and out of the water, with fingers in the vagina and embraced and kissed by the two ass.

Upon arriving at our camp I knelt between the visors to suck cock. After a while, he rode a nephew while the other fucked me the ass.

It is something they know me very well.

It was a long trio, as often lately, we are gradually mastering the technique, learn a lot from them.

I despite the salt and sand, enjoyed it immensely,

I ran several times before they, as good cousins many times agree, finished cumming in unison inside me.

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We had a good time without separate, kissing and caressing until we asked them to leave Or to take another dust here.

-Dispuestos We said one of them.

To leave me not dressed much, just put on my dress and only fastened with a couple of buttons, just those who close below the navel,

then you near to populated I closed a couple of them more above and two below.

The return was the other place,

we not walked all over the beach and the morning,

we climbed the dune in whose coronation wheel thick vegetation formed a small sandy area away from the view of anyone because the path leading to the beach that side was below and several steps away.

The three looked at each other and smile, we had a place to make love away from prying eyes and unwanted visitors.

We showered and dressed to go to the village to get some dinner and a few drinks.

I dressed in a summer dress with pretty flowers and discreet cleavage.

At the request of my nephews I did not get no bra or panties.

Dinner was light and fun,

then we went to a musical bar where the din of voices and music that we find Luis morning as he never took a second view of my chest.

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That warmed me a lot more than what would be normal. By not dare fuck with that guy, I asked my nephews back home.

At first it bothered them to leave the party but as we walked and opened some buttons on the neckline and left the way to penetrate in a grove where we ate with kisses,

suck them cock and undressing I offered my eager pussy willing to swallow their dicks.

There, with the ass in pomp, legs apart,

regulating atura for better fucked and hands on an aromatic pine fucked me my nephews who filled me with orgasms rush immense pleasure in long, intense,

frequent and numerous waves.

I fucked one by one, while one did I enjoy watching the other although some could care for me if I saw how much I was enjoying.

Only because it might appear a depraved aunt fucking his nephews nephews or perhaps a sadistic fucking her helpless aunt.

Neither of the two things is true but perhaps if a little bit is a bit depraved and helpless before the immense joy that gives me and sought consensual sex.

The truth is that never in my life had made love so much and that night as well as among those pines.

But do not think that when you get home things were very different, and I got naked,

my nephew was wearing my dress around her neck.

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Dust three sofa was masterful. Many powders made that day come took so long that my orgasms were produced by dozens.

It was so long we tried thousand and one positions, combinations of three, with their dicks all over my body, in twos.

My mouth, my pussy and my ass up were drilled by those intemperitas pijas.

What if it was different was that night no one came with me in bed before falling asleep.

The three just exhausted and slept soundly.

However, the day began as expected, with another dust on the couch with first one and then in the same kitchen table with the other nephew.

Then on the beach it was like the day before but this time Louis was alone,

without his group of friends and my very annoying nephews took turns apara him away and have fun while the other made me love in the clear over the dune.

Aunt, you have to fuck Louis to leave us alone, ‘said my nephew back home that night.

We had again found at the bar and had seen nipple with his shirt half open.

-I Would fuck me so but maybe that was worse solution, perhaps then not want to leave us more.

Besides, you know of my discretion

almost the whole family and acquaintances think I’m half prudish nun who has just had sex and fucks hardly ever

download video bokep jepang

Can you imagine what would happen if your parents, or your girlfriend, they knew that usually we fuck?

Neither he replied, just my nephew, in full scene sofa,

while starting my ass penetration said ‘We’ll do something for anyone to know and be able to get rid of Luis.

I paid attention just before cumming again.

I do not know what they did but the next day, on the beach,

Luis did not come or with friends, and at night in the bar, greeted by commitment from a distance.

What did you say? -I asked for

Do not ask enigmatic they said.

We laughed, we re-entered the grove and returned to fuck, but still better than the day before.

The same happened in the blessed sofa,

my runs were so many and so abundant that the furniture happy benefited from a deep cleaning with detergent and stain remover.

Never a domestic sofa collected both semen and vaginal fluids in one night until that time.

The rest of the stay on the beach discoursed with me naked on the dune to coming up after being covered with sunscreen and only down to eat,

give me some bath or fuck at dusk with my nephews on towels after together give us a swim in the cool sea.

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However my nephews came up frequently to fuck me, take care of myself saying.

For the first time I made love watching the clouds and I was happy.

And tremendously excited when we flew a helicopter while my nephew made me love.

Night in the grove and the sofa were successions of fucking, orgasm, cum, sex between lovers who wish.

My boys behaved as champions but the truth is that both lost several kilos, like me.

At this time I still feel it in the vagina a bit of discomfort but I would fuck both a year fucking like fuck that week.

The return, to prevent outside sad, it consisted of several stops to make love.

We even made love on the highway with the car circulated,

me naked, with my nephew in the back seat, metiéndomela well inside. I felt very slutty, but very happy.

They left me in front of the goal, and I said goodbye with a discreet kiss on the cheeks even if it

introduced a good part of my body through the window of the car leaving my brunettes tits in full view and told them

I want to be your aunt bitch and

I do folleís many times as you please.

‘I will, I promise aunt.

download video bokep jepang

And do you bitch …

I went home, I stripped dropping skimpy clothing behind the door, I showered, I went to bed, I lay naked and badly used by the week had enjoyed,

I turned to my little inanimate lovers, I ran several times, I got up,

I stood at the computer and wrote this letter while having orgasms like to cum wrote while remembering these days.

Then I sleep thinking about how rich my nephews have made love to me during those wonderful days of beach.

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