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Karen is a woman of a beautiful face and an enviable figure and also was a single mother when she met Camilo a young worker who fell in love with its beauty and its voluptuous attributes to the point to take her to live with her son to her home in a fifth of the city.

Karen felt he had finally found the perfect man and loved so much had a baby girl they love.

In the fifth he befriended Karen Paola, who lived with her partner both July and had a child,

but Julio had other children from a previous commitment.

Karen did not understand how a pretty girl like Paola was set in July, was a little fat, dark, balding and not that attractive to say the least,

in addition to how complicated your situation with your former partner.

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sometimes Karen had noticed that Julio looked from head to toe when she was not looking and even believed notice something strange in his eyes that made her uncomfortable but nothing more.

A block party for New Year, everyone went for drinks and Camilo fell asleep in a chair, while Julio did not take long because I had to work the next day.

Karen danced with neighbors and see Julio sitting invited to dance, which accepted embarrassed.

Once Karen was dancing under the influence of alcohol too stuck Julio looked surprised that

July -Aprovecha time, hold me, I know you want to.

You’re drunk Karen, besides your husband he is there and my wife can see us.

My husband is drunk rather help me to take him home.

Without waiting, Julio Camilo helped load up his bed and once left him sleeping there, but Karen was out in the hall and invited a drink

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‘I can drink a lot, I have to work

Then do not drink, but I want you to tell me how you did well to seduce Paola

It’s a secret Karen, and it is better not to know.

When trying out Julio Karen held strongly that lost balance, falling both down, Julio Karen above the eyes carefully looked at and Karen told

Show me your secret …

July kissed with such passion that he had not expected, his hands detracted clothes with surprising ease until she was naked.

His hands roamed every centimeter of her body and her mouth kissing each piece of skin into the vagina where it made him feel things you never dreamed,

reaching orgasm several times, then he introduced two of his fingers, wanks in a way so effective than a few seconds Karen newly discovered female ejaculation with a cry of passion.

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I want your cock !. Karen screamed

-Not yet. Julio said as he continued with his work. You -first have to suck

‘I want suck you off! Give it to me now! You’d I’ll suck like never before!

July cock thick but it was small and offered it to Karen, who stuffed it into his mouth as desperate sucking the head,

trunk and even the testicles sack. Then he turned and shoved his huge ass without notice

You have a delicious ass, it seems that Camilo does not use it.

Oh, still, this ass is yours and it will anytime. Camilo does not know me all this, you drive me crazy

Now you know how it fell to Paola

Karen was enjoying that destroyed his penis thick white ass, then he lays down and Julio Karen sat up, moving so wildly that both ended at the same time.
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