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He came home one winter evening. It was dark and walked through a small park in the rush hour.

He passed an area of bushes when something caught my attention. Among the vegetation it peeped what appeared to be a wallet.

I picked it up and saw it was a book of those that are used to hold CDs. Without stopping, since a hurry,

I noticed that no one was near the eye or who ask for the owner. I went to stop there and once I opened it looking for identification to return,

there was nothing. It contained several discs labeled with an event in a place and a date.

So I decided to wait to see the content for a document that would allow me to return the purse and its contents to its owner.

Once home, after dinner, I took the first of the disks, labeled with party and the name of a people; and the date, August 2008.

I introduced the CD into the drive and opened it. It contained two folders, one of photographs and other videos.

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I entered the first containing numerous photographs and ordered from oldest to most recent. I opened the first one and then several random;

I got nothing useful, were photographs of groups of people, eating at a large table, dancing or watching dancing on a verbena and others of those same people drinking.

then I went to the video folder, opened the first and I was surprised what I saw. A white woman having sex with a black young man.

The quality was not good, poor lighting, and probably recording apparatus operator inexperience did quite poor, but you could see well the scene and hear what they said.

The woman whose face could be seen without difficulty was certainly beautiful. His eyes were closed and the man was on her in the missionary position.

I saw the entire video and the following.

Then I returned the photos and saw all. There were other different from what he had seen before.

Some of those photos were taken at intervals between recording and video recording.

Then, when you query the metadata I realized that everything was made with a camera that met the make, model and even the name of the owner.

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After viewing all the videos and photographs have seen all I could do a pretty good idea of what had happened.

It seems that during the village feast titling the CD, two women one of them comes out in almost all the pictures and after a moment, in all,

alone or accompanied by a young black. He dressed out in some but in many naked and having sex, but the best are the videos.

Two women, the author of the photos and videos and we will call model. The author is a woman in her thirties, blonde,

dedicated to the task of photographing and videotaping everything I tell you.

The other model is a woman of the same age but appears somewhat less. He has brown hair, curly locks and very worked at the salon,

is very white skin. It has very nice features and very clear and clean voice.

The other, who fucked to the model, is a peddler, in the photographs is seen offering jewelry model.

Then in other pictures look to the model with the guy walking along a road. In one of those photos on the way, the woman turns and winks at the camera.

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What I will tell you is what I assume happened. After leaving the verbena,

The trio goes to a kind of shed where the young man offers the woman and she tested various necklaces and pendants.

At one point, the woman naked chest and left alone in pants and shows the camera a pendant.

In other photographs, the woman is left knotting back another pendant, has beautiful breasts, well-shaped, large pink areola and just nipples. .

Another photograph shows the woman offering her breasts to the man who looks at him and the next stretching her hands to touch them.

Where they are then the woman turns away a man who massaged the breasts and her expression is to be having a pleasant time.

In succession, the woman is undressing and embraces the boy who kisses her on the mouth.

The last picture of this batch is leaving the woman lay on sacks and was taken from the door.

The time code indicates that spent a few minutes from the last picture and the start of the first of the videos.

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The east, the woman is lying on her back on the sacks, with legs apart.

The man is over her, supporting most of his weight on her and movements indicate that is penetrating.

The camera starts recording from the door and then approaching.

The woman opens the eyes and sees his friend and smiles.

The boy also sees and stops but she encourages him to continue Go on sky, do not stop.

The camera is placed in parallel to the couple to get a better look intercourse. The contrast is very strong, her very white he very black, hugging her back and arms black boy holding her too. The contrast was accentuated by poor lighting.

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The woman seemed to be enjoying it, had a very sweet and very serene expression.

Sometimes the zoom camera focused on the expression of pleasure that spread across his face,

his eyes were closed and smiled gently. At one point she begins to speak.

-Despacito Honey, let me more slowly.

I’ll do it as you like best, ‘he said with difficulty dealing with Spanish.

Slowly, slow, deep, and so, ahhhhh

She began to move under, to wriggle to rub against the boy’s body to press against the boy.

Panted quietly, his breath quicken and groans that increasingly perceived better, longer, stronger and more intense.

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-Ooooooooooohhhhhhhh Said she still shuddering sky, still, do not stop.

At that time the eyes opened and stopped by stopping the boy too.

Take off the condom.

-How? Missed the boy said.

Take off the condom to fuck me bareback.

‘Are you sure it looks that …? That was the voice of the woman who ran the camera and did not finish the sentence.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure Said by gazing on the camera I want to fuck hair-and continued going to the boy

Take it off and fuck me without a condom.

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The young cleared, placed on his knees between her thighs, condom strangely left aside carefully removed.

The white body of the woman shone in the gloom being mounted decidedly attractive.

She stretched her arms to the boy when bent to shove and drew him toward her.

He started moving, pumping and she again asked -More affection slowly, more slowly.

And he continued speaking with a voice full of pleasure, desire and sensuality.

Fuck me very slowly sky.

As ask you he answered the boy.

-Muuuuuyyyy Despaciooooooooo he groaned as he returned to squirm, this time the boy accompanied her on these movements.

She continued her exclamations talking nonstop.

Fuck me deep, put it far into heaven … aaaahhhhh.

-So so…

Oh mother dust! She cried.

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He stopped smiling to open his mouth without making a sound to quivered while the rhythm of waves of pleasure ls beginning to feel.

-¡Préñame Sky, knock me up! She said clearly.

-Oh God! And a shudder said his body tensed.

Fuck me, fuck me, very slowly … aaaahhhhhhh.

The expression of the woman was a great pleasure to be enjoying remarkably, the guy you can not see his face,

only her gasp was heard with increasing intensity.

‘How dust, dust …!

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And uncontrollably she began to whimper, to flinch, to gasp, exclaim sometimes unintelligible things and other expressions that expressed her pleasure.

-Préñame Sky, knock me up I want a child of yours. And he continued, ¡Ay God! I said these things, if I see my mother.

And laughing apostillo- and others who would be here on top of me fucking me.

More, more slowly, deep inside, asiiiii, máaaaaaaassssss …

His voice sounded forced, as drowned-and I can not stand, I’m – I said while tensing the body in orgasm.

-Córreteme Sky inside, deep inside, leave everything inside, deep inside, do not let anything leak out. Preñes want me.

And she hugged him tightly as he kissed repeatedly and effusively on his face.

You’ve been like a champ. He said taking the boy’s face in his hands and kissing her gently on the forehead and asked,

What do you think?

-A lot.

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Well we will have to repeat if not preñas And I wonder in the face of the boy and his friend added, if I preñas too.

You’re crazy sounded the voice of his friend.

The boy was removed and she was on the sacks, his naked body stood out in the gloom.

She was lying with outstretched arms and thighs when her friend suggested he grabarle pussy with semen out of her vagina exclaimed with firm-No voice,

And I want everything within lifted knees clasping her thighs. And so he stood panting tired and regaining strength.

The guy already dressed approached the woman, took her ankle and put an ankle brace, then a bracelet on the right arm, the farthest from the camera,

we also placed a chain with a pendant intone the belly and finally He puts a collar with a medal that hung between her breasts.

She hugged him and kissed him anxious.

Fuck me again my affection -e told the boy to undress again and placed on the sacks to get it over.

The young man looked astonished the friend of the camera that warned them not to continue recording, and cut.

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In the video that follows, the gasps of it placed on him are heard, hip moving up and down, rotating in circles, from right to left and talking nonstop

-Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, This is really is fucking …

-Menudo Dust are throwing me sweetie.

-The Tits, touch me the tits.

-¡¡¡Ayyyyy Díoooooooooooossssssssssss !!! And he tensed.

‘I come, I come …. Hold sky, hold on …

I can not, I can not, ‘he said.

-Córrete Inside the house again, everything to me.

All for your wife whispered.

She pressed her hips against him that said holding her close with the last shudders of orgasm.

‘You really want your son to me? He asked the stroking her back.

If heaven, I would much rather have a child of these powders.

You’re crazy Said the friend- You know what you do and recut.

The following is a picture of nude woman with gifts that the boy had done.

download video bokep indo gratis

Finally, another video, and in a room, shows the naked woman showing those gifts, he does for parties, slowly like a sensual game,

lying on a bed shows the motif ankle, the camera opens up and shows the chain belly gently through the pubis shaved except for a very small triangle of hair cut just above the labia.

Then, the camera focuses on the left wrist bracelet to roost in hanging chest where it stops as she leans back and caresses her breasts so sensual.

This was the last of the videos of this CD. There are also others like it, including DVDs because the content is broader.

In other videos, also similar, the camera is another of better quality, a specific video, and sometimes is hidden,

it is discovered because it does not move and does not fit quite right. It is always the same woman, more mature but more delicious.

For the dates of the files, videos, photos, never became pregnant, anyone.

He watched every file I doubt came to do.

If you continue to investigate and return them coming to have to face it and even risk a lawsuit, or stay with them and not say anything to anyone.

download video bokep indo gratis

I chose the latter.

Recupero this story because few days ago, while on a terrace with a good friend, sat on the table next to two women, did not pay attention until they spoke.

The recognized then, were the two women of the discs, which recorded and the model.

The model is more attractive to the natural but those clothes not particularly favored.

Surreptitiously I paid attention to the conversation and managed to get enough to identify the model and send the first of the discs, which I describe here.

I should clarify that copy.

Ah, so confused, I am a heterosexual woman. Perhaps being a man or lesbian would have returned the hand.

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