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Do you have to reflect exactly what I look like? As my girl in the mirror can not you… oh, I don’t know the fog rises a little until I get back to normal?


I don’t s’pose you can tell me how I got home … No, I don’t think, girl you really don’t understand.


Let me think, at least the hangover was gone.


Go? So fast?


What time does now. 4:00? Okay hours don’t play games today what is it then? Hrmph, you don’t do the day you.


I just saw in the bedroomum … I’m not too sure that I want to know what’s going on there, and I certainly don’t make all of my own mess. Thank goodness Seb away; Although I have to clean carefully only on the remote chance that I … um not alonewhen I get home. And NO I will not do something wrong even if a guy brought mehome. You know me better!


You know what? I hate the Office party. But I said yesterday thator is it the day beforeit doesn’t matter because I will say it again I hate the Office party.


I am not ready to comment the other woman from kati. I have dressed up for the party not to work. You remember, the black dress with cut-out to give you a glimpse of the boobies? Yes, I know it’s a glimpse of great but I can’t help that I don’t make dresses right? Yes, Yes, it is short, we went through all then … um … that night and I happen to know that men find very sexy nylon clad thigh. I have so why not flaunt it?


And the pants? Well I have been looking for them and I think I have them somewhere; I just can’t find them. I said when I chose them that to hell with that, if I lost themthat there are consequences.


Gosh, you know what? I think I remember something or another right now. That afternoon – we’ve drunk a lot during lunch I think. Anyway that George in the maintenance, one with a big belly? Yes, oh gosh, she cornered me in the basement of stationary. I honestly can not do anything.


Well, she cornered me as I say. He has a sprig of mistletoe is not him and he did not take the answer No. She’s quite cute really and oh my, what a kisser. I was surpriseddefinitely alcohol because nothing, because surely I will fight, and not just a peck on the lips he almost ate me. Then my tongue just seems to find its way into her mouth and immediately we kissed like two teenagers in love-sick.


Don’t look at me like that; You know that after a few drinks my resistance is low. However, he has hands like shovels and his fingers, omg; I swear his middle finger is the size of the chicken a couple of men. Actually I am sure now that he just pulled mypanties to the side while thrusting figures in me. Yes, it’s just ’cause before she made me cum a person comes in the room and we pretend it was just an innocent Kissunder the mistletoe.


I still have my pants when I finally leave the stationary space though, and God knows how, there’s finally a queue of people all want to kiss. It was surprising that the whole pants after tearing the side so often. Whew! Yes, now my beautiful pants slightlywet soaking actually, ha, ha.


Now that takes me back to my first year working for the company. How much is my age I don’t remember and don’t care. I am very glad that I was invited to a barbecue party night like it was doing. But, the details are not important, it’s when I have ageeky guy was revealed to meas if I needed it.


So, he wanted to look around the Office. Why, d’eh? He asked to see my Office, andI show my work in public offices but did not delay and ask to see my desk. Idiot! I say that the table is table. Not if a girl fucked on the desk of his own he said.


I said no way, no chance, get lost.


Oh my God, he did it, he really fucked me at my own desk, can you believe it? I almost pooped my pants when someone comes into the room but quick thinking I pulled my clothes on my face, I’m sure I’m not recognized.


So other women who are a little cold for me for ages after, just jealous I guess. Or they don’t like blonde attract.


Back towhen? Wait; Let me see the kitchen calendar.


It did not help but radio did a Week and gulp, ha, ha. SEB is home tomorrow and I have so much to do, and my hangover is … well actually, it was still hanging-over.


Not long after I am back in the Office commonlook black from all the women-thantime

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