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Cayley, him again and he’s looking for you, he seems disappointed that you’re not here. Chloe acts like eager schoolchildren.


I knew immediately who he means, police bike, but I acted innocent. “Yes, that is, many people are looking for me, they are after one thing Chloe.”


my co-worker put up face frustrating. Yes Cayley, okay, you get the guy you want, but this one is special, and You know too.


I was careful to look bored because I’m glancing through the hatch from the kitchento the restaurant area. Yes, him and my gut turned out more with excitement and anticipation. He should be one of the shortest in the Police Division but there’s something about him that I have been interested-sexual.


Cayley Schultz, that I was a white woman who married aged forty-five years. Married, Yes, for a bum. He’s not working on any laws and I don’t want to know what things are illegal. He always has money, I know that, but she was complaining of povertyso I had to work here in the restaurant on the edge of the city.


Don’t get me wrong, there are benefits by becoming a Cook/waiter and tips is the smallest part. Okay, I got the reputation. I put it around; my ass was. I like the guy, I fuck and I don’t give two fuckers who knew it. Parents? Sure he knows and he doesn’t bother. He even asked me about my latest fuck as we go at it on the bed. Make him hard and strong. So I get two fuckers for one; people and then the parents.


“Yeah, whatever, Chloe, look, if you want to make love with him going forward, I would even ask him for you if you’re too damn scared. I smiled to myself because she’s going to pee your pants if a man makes a move On her. “I’m happily married and love! ‘ he would say. Yes, as she doesn’t fuck guys before she met Danny. This willchoke if he was to know that I had fucked her-well before they met after they met, and … well, best to leave one.


Chloe as always offended and struts off but I do know that her little wet coochie forsome male customers. He doesn’t seem to know it but when libidonya ride him like a bitch and broadcast with the scent. I think people recognize and tease poor bitch, steal her hand and grabbed his ass. Why did he stay, I asked him-‘ need money -she is located. Listen, this guy‘s not the only gender that love to fuck.


I looked again through the hatch and I caught the eye of police. She smiled but I just stared at him, it didn’t pay to be overtly friendly to the law in this area. And my parents couldn’t afford for me to be good.


Oh, Yes, I would fuck her but is not close to home. So I have to work out a code with her and some people are just not a sharp knife.


Walking through to the restaurant I was greeted by the local lechers, most of which, it must be said, have been screwed me at one time or another – both when we were in school or before I got married. I smiled and shouted replies in accordance with their comments.


The police were sitting waiting at the bar. I dropped the Cup in front of him and fill it with coffee. “Hi handsome, I offer my usual greeting to all male customers. He came back with the old, “if I said You had a beautiful body would You hold it againstme” line. I grinned, holding my ‘ bored face on for the benefit of the others in the House to eat it. I kept my lips are still as I can and say, “you better want more than hold for you Mister or you waste Your and my time“. The police it was a pro she keptsmiling even though I saw in his eyes that he was surprised by my response.


“There is a time and place for everything Mom.” He smiled wide. By the way what does not at the time this place close at night?” Knowing as he did that all night diner.


“Ten pm or so if I have my way tonight, I am going Bowling.” I hope that he is the one that is sharp and works that at 10:00 pm I will be at a bowling alley.


He grinned and saluted mock. “Fire three hundred.”


I just hope that he will score a goal I am perfect at 10:00.


I am begging some perfume from Chloe and do their best to mask the smell of the kitchen in my clothes. A generous application to my vagina in case the guy got inventive and decide on the intro. Me, I‘d love to feel that in me police, hoping his Dickas thick as his arm.


Chloe gives me that ‘ Geeze what a slut look but I know that it won’t belong before he followed me
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