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Everything in life is designed so that, whatever we do, we end up being unhappy and unhappy.

I was married to a beautiful woman pursued by all men and who “fell in love” with me as I did of her.

The passion lasted for about ten years, something that I have seen through comments

is something exceptional since seven years is already considered a lot and has lately spoken for three years as a deadline for the spell to disappear.

“The thrill is gone , Baby “… that BBKing sang.

My wife and I, we had an extraordinary sexual life, it was enough to barely touch us to wearily interweave our tongues while my penis hardened

as the rock and his pussy was soaked as it opened and closed in convulsions,

eager to gobble and lubricate My stake, which happened next, leading us both to marvelous ecstasy.

She was a multi-orgasmic female who could have up to three or four orgasms during intercourse without prior stimulation of the clitoris,

just for the pleasure she felt in doing it with her man,

tightly clinging to him while imprisoning him by the kidneys with his thighs at Time

that crisscrossed the legs in his back in order not to allow his recoil and to receive well inside the manguerazos of milk burning.

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This last one took her, on many occasions, to get another ecstasy that was joined to mine and those who have been lucky to experience these sensations,

know that there are few better things in this valley of tears than to remain embraced exchanging kisses with tongue after Of having run,

still feeling the fluids of both while that happy relaxation invades body and soul.

There is a lot to continue counting but it is too much to turn everything into a single delivery,

I will return here to reveal my story that maybe, just maybe,

help to understand something better what happens to humans, as I said before, we are doomed to The almost perpetual frustration

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