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6. The first night she slept with me, she had to call her mother to tell her.

The first night we did not touch, so he asked me, because his separation was recent and he was still thinking about his ex. I respected him.

At midnight, he told me that he was leaving, that his conscience would not let him sleep.

I convinced him not to leave. He stayed. We only slept.

7. During the week we would talk about whatsapp. It was tireless. Pesadito. I felt sorry for his life and his present.

We met again. Then it was he who proposed me sex. He told me he had little experience with women.

He had practically only been with his wife (12 years of marriage). (It’s worth remembering that sex does not embarrass me.)

I’m passionate and I always experiment in my relationships.)

To tell me that made me morbid, it made me want to teach him, to tame him, to make him see sex as something exciting and fun …

8. That night, he stayed in my house again. He got into bed with socks and some slips that might be his grandfather’s.

download indo bokep terbaru

He said that he left his glasses (of glass) because if not, he did not see.

Even so, I had not been with an uncle for so long that I cared little.

Naked, I stood on top of him, I kissed him, I licked him, I was all passion and desire and I drove him crazy.

When I decided to practice a fellatio, I trembled with pleasure … Ugh! I asked him not to finish, that before he wanted me to dedicate himself to me.

9. I lay down. He was going straight to penetrate me. I stopped him, and I told him that before he wanted me to touch him,

to suck me, to make me enjoy with his fingers and his mouth. He was serious,

in front of my wet and pounding vulva, between my legs I saw his glasses tarnished by the sweat.

He did not react. I asked him if he did not know how to do it, I told him I taught him. I pressed her hand to my clit and missed her,

she told me that she was wet, and that she had never put herself like that before a woman or her own, and that it made her sick to touch it and even more to suck it.

Flipé! I could not believe it! I told her to get dressed and leave. Both guy willing to sex on that web, it goes and I play this one.

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