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1. I am a woman. I am 44 years old, I live alone and I am still free. So free that I would like to be tied up from time to time, to give me pleasure.

Although, of course, I have been the active part of most of my relationships.

They have been left to do. I like to take initiative, try new things, ask, propose, surprise, …

2. I had a dry season, when I decided to join one of those sites to find friends … My Mother!

To which I connected to the chat, I had a lot of announcements to start conversation.

Looked at each profile before chatting. If there was no picture, I did not bother to start.

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Some were very nice, nice, good vibes we would say …

Others went straight to sex. I was also looking for sex, of course, but first I wanted to meet them, to have friendship

to know a little more of them, to see them in person.

3. I found everything: married, I took them off immediately; (Sick), disappeared from the chat and blocked them;

some piled before me on Skype; Liars, they offered a first coffee, but they wanted it with happy ending, submissive, their obsession were my feet …

One only spoke of licking feet, had no other subject. I got tired of watching him on the webcam and never wanted to hear from him again.

4. When I got tired of this type of contacts, for the time that is lost chatting and without leaving home,

Then wanted to erase my profile from that web. That same day, while he was thinking, he appeared. I took the time to respond to your chat. I visited his profile,

and seeing that he lived very close, I thought it would be easy to see us and have coffee. I answered.

so He told me his story, the reason he was on that website. I told him a little how it was, and decided to stay the next day for a coffee.

5. We like each other. After breakfast, we had dinner. That day we met a little more.

7 years younger than me, recently separated, with a baby of 10 months, leaving a city to return to the town, to the house of his parents, with his parents inside …

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