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After a while that each one played with the sex of the other asked me to have anal sex since her friends have commented that it is very good to which I did not deny since it was a new experience for me,

we started with the divine Game of excitement until the two to be a thousand lay on the bed turning

my back I could observe that delicious little ass that I was going to eat is so I lubricate with my hands grab the waist and lift it resting on his knees

protruding Her ass in all its splendor, lubricate it in the little hole of her anus, start my work,

put a finger in it, move it in a circular way, once it has set its anus, I introduced another finger, I was hurting,

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put the lubricant on the limb and put it on the anus I began to intrude very softly complained,

consoled it would hurt a little but in the end I would enjoy it very much,

introduced the head of the penis leave it for an instant So that her anus dilated, kissed her and with my fingers massaged her clitoris,

again penetrated very gently stopping for a moment to get accustomed to her anus, at the end I finish entering all my limb in her ass take her waist,

Pushed it very slowly I was approaching it very gently so that I did not feel pain from a little I began to rise in speed my pumping lasted a long time she just like I moaned like crazy since the new sensation was spectacular both came the excitement That we finished again at the same time I downloaded all my semen inside her ass,

I wanted to remove my member she did not allow it wanted to feel it inside itself, little by little it was getting limp in the end we fall asleep after an unforgettable sex session for both.

I hope the story I have described is to your liking, for any comments or contact I can write

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