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The vein that is pronounced in the penis until arriving at the eggs getting one by one in the mouth massaging them with the tongue,

after sucking all my penis eating it completely I started a mete and takes out of his mouth, I felt an enormous pleasure,

I looked at it to Her eyes which denoted as if she would find herself enjoying a pacifier,

grabbing her head pushing her to my pumped body quickly until I could not but I was going to run I told her she did not make me pot and explode inside her mouth filling him Of my milk,

I swallowed everything, leaving my penis clean, she exclaimed: PAPITO QUE MILEN RICA !,

exclaimed daddy, it’s your turn to make me enjoy it, exclaim!

My Queen, prepare yourself for the best you’ll ever feel!

We removed the clothes she was wearing a bra that denoted nipples paraditos, a thong that thong?

I put on my boxer and lay on the bed I started to kiss her and explore with each hand of her body

discovering her points of excitement, safe her bra I could admire a few small round breasts,

nipples rozaditos and well Excitement, an aura around these rather small,

put my hand in her mouth I suck my fingers leaving them with saliva,

with these I grabbed her nipple and squeezed very gently she writhes in pleasure,

grab your breasts with each of my hands,

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I put them completely in my mouth biting their nipples I could see that it gave him great pleasure as his eyes went blank,

I started to draw a path with my tongue from his breasts to his pelvis with my hand

to notice that his tanguita was wet For her vaginal liquid,

with her teeth remove her thong showing her beautiful and a vagina that screamed to eat it at the same time emanated the delicious scent to woman,

it is to that I concentrated on her putting the tongue as deep as possible ,

With my fingers separating her lips and exposing a beautiful clitoris with which I

played for a long time at the same time I started inserting a finger in her vagina this was very hot,

watching the pleasure that gave my action and suddenly arched Her body emitted stronger moans

what I denote that ended up accompanied by much liquid coming down from her vagina.

But the night of pleasure does not end there my penis was put to a thousand again

this time I put the tip of my member in the entrance of her vagina rubbing it with

the same she started again to excite this was denoted in his breathing more and more

prolonged and me I asked that it not be bad to be introduced since I wanted to feel inside her,

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I crossed her legs behind my body tightened them tightly what produced that

it will penetrate it in a single blow I could denote that it had narrow and we started a mete

and dry Slow at first to slowly increase in speed could feel as with her muscles of the vagina

she pressed me the member at the same time denoted her pleasures of pleasure, kissed her,

with my hands took her breasts I introduced them in the Mouth biting her nipples she finished again, I felt that it also ended,

we changed position immediately I lay in bed she trepan enzyme mine to start

an indiscriminate cavalcade we gave ourselves so much pleasure that by twisting the body we ended up together,

being out of breath tremendous session Of sex we had.

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