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It feels more woman and causes me every time he comes. Loose her dress and walk around the house naked without clothing to footwear;

You know that makes me crazy and my hands and tongue despair when walking their beautiful and firm body,

mutter sweet insults and she refuses me his mouth in a game of madness until the volume of pear and opens her mouth to receive my tongue

massages my fly, opens it, takes out his cock and bends to suck. Come to bed, she gets off my pants and jerks off,

take a ponytail and picks up her hair as well tell me Look at me when you suck and you want to tell me, I want you to be proud of your hembrita.

I clean below the glans with the tip of his tongue and savors up and down,

I suck balls making noises and moans of pleasure looking at me sideways and I am the king’m laid back watching that asshole beautiful I suck dick,

I can not practicing black kiss me but after massaging her head filled his trompita milk, half as long reproaches me nauseated and I made what I apologize arguing that the fever is beyond me.

I ask for a glass of juice to taste removed. When I return this lying face down with a raised leg semi thereby highlighting its beautiful tail.

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Take Cute I say while my other hand stroked her buttocks, yogurt drinks and asked if richer than my milk,

I reproached with returning my gaze glass.

I lie in bed and amid slow but intense kisses I feel it in my lap and she perversely wags his tail on my cock taking my hands to her tits and moans asked if would not want to burst her ass and be the first in everything totally.

I ask please that street that’s enough suffering and when it feels like my cock hardens leaves above me among prevented and sadistic warning me if I seriously think I’m as old as I have an early cock back and asks me to tell the most sluts whores I took.

It arrecuesta on my chest and hear anecdotes pajeándome not know when but all end up that like her no.

Liar -sentencia- I do not give you the ass ase I’m not as good as the other.

The kiss tenderly and under my tongue full, the all suck and get down open well legs and savor that pussy single-use which is already dilated and swollen,

the volume of the buttocks and lifted filling my mouth vagina and flows, and I turn my nose opens buttocks and suck her magical arito while I repeat your name in small intervals and fills me with longing that beautiful little ass.

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I question I want and I answer that I can not suffer more than desire to penetrate promising to be soft, if not lose her forever,

I respond if seriously leave and insist that suffer overmuch that feel so mine that do not tolerate more,

all amid the ass and sucking of their revuelcos; I take his face between her buttocks and put in four Give him but slowly.

The spoon and ensalivo put a finger trembles.

No small quiet relax, Daddy is with you.

She weeps saying he is afraid that it will hurt and answer that for anything while my burning cock way between her buttocks opens and begins to enter,

pass the anus and she moans and writhes squeezing the tail and I suggest a deep breath lifting your leg and another push and so slowly goes all while crying and I thank you for your kindness and she asks me to swear that never going to leave and that is the best woman I’ve taken;

and swear while pumping and she throws whimpers of pain, and full of milk and not stop kissing her neck and I listen to their insults,

and I took off her body and see mourn wanting while my milk drops its legs,

and I look vowing that hates me and the volume of pear, spit in his mouth and suck well the snout,

and the entire handling and tell him to shut up or not lame anymore and asks me not,

the more touch and hands guide mine to go and durito that beautiful body that already belongs to me until I please.


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