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Carmela, I have been informed by the Director General that you are the coordinator of this service, and therefore my subordinate, and as such I will understand our relationship.

So I beg you to avoid the tuteo, that I will allow you when it deems convenient. I also ask you to leave your site so that I feel.

By the way, I think it’s the best way to get started.

Carmela was completely cut off, apologized and picked up her papers by putting herself on the other side of the table and waited for the managing director to sit down to do her own thing.

“I’m sorry if I was abrupt, but it’s good that things are clear from the start. I’ll talk to the rest of the employees in a little while.

All of you will address me by calling me D. Adolfo, Mr. Managing Director, Mr. Sag or simply, sir. I give you a choice.

Good education with superiors is something I appreciate in people, especially if they are subordinate women.

Please do not hesitate to ask permission to enter my office or to get up, for example. “Carmela was pretty violent,

and she understood that even though that man was abusing her position, she had been reckless at first, so she added

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