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Carlos felt remorse, his lovely wife suspected nothing and his friend Daniel either,

had sex with Daniel Nena second time and loved it, could not get her out of his head.

Mafer meanwhile after that second time with Carlos, wanted nothing in the world to be with him,

to be his lover and being penetrated every day.

During the morning Carlos received a call from Daniel:

Hey Carlos, I had to travel with my family emergency and will not return in three days.

Any problems Daniel, I can help you?

If friend, so I called.

Tell me, for that we are friends.

My Nena was alone at home and I’m afraid they want to steal.

-And what can I do?

I need you to go at night to see if you need something or something happens.

Ah! good friend is okay, do not worry, I’ll go.

Thanks Carlos, you’re a great friend.

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Those words hurt Carlos, was betraying the trust of Daniel but his passion for Mafer was stronger.

Carlos called his wife to tell him of Daniel and soon come to make him a “favor” to his friend.

Mafer waited anxiously in the window the arrival of Charles,

had called his father to ask him to accompany her for a moment because I was afraid to be alone.

Mafer Carlos came and hung on his neck kissing him desperately, as he held her tightly, her lips and tongues intertwined fought each other.

Without a word he completely undressed and turned off the light,

loaded up one of the furniture and sat him standing running, his pants unbuttoned and Mafer did the rest,

released the cock that was just endurando and proceeded to suck and caress the testicles with frenzy;

Carlos took off his shirt and had already stiff dick like a bat while Mafer still licking its entire length with wild desire.

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Carlos laid her down and proceeded to kiss her vagina and clitoris while stroking his thumb and index played vulva at the entrance of her anus.

Mafer felt in paradise and experienced strong orgasms, Carlos raised his tongue through the navel, breasts and neck as the head of the penis drew red circles on the labia.

Mafer desperate moans indicated it was time to penetration and Carlos got slowly and patiently thick cock got, drew again and put a little more to put it all down.

Mafer enjoyed the most feel every fold of the cock entering her, the walls of her delicate shell stretched to make way for the odd member,

which gave him a sense no more space inside, the slowness of each penetrated allowed him to feel and enjoy every millimeter of his cock inside.

He was totally committed to passion. Carlos meanwhile had to go slowly, slowly,

not wanting to be accelerated to avoid ejaculating not wanted pregnancies, and had another destination in mind for their milk.

Still pumping slowly feeling that this young pussy squeezed his cock, then he changed the direction of his thrusts levering up,

felt ecstasy orgasms Nena and knew that was coming at a time.

Just before ejaculating withdrew his cock and sat Mafer directing the head of the penis into her mouth,

she opened it and when his tongue felt that abundant, thick and hot liquid that came out as a jet.

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-Trágatela Said Charles.

Mafer obediently swallowed the semen he could, but some remained stuck in his mouth and throat,

Carlos offered a glass of water so you can spend all, then she continued licking the remains of milk cock until it clean.

Carlos looked satisfied, he sat beside her in the cabinet and kissed each other with tenderness and passion.

‘I love you Carlos, you make me feel things I never imagined.

-even’re A girl, you have far to go.

I want to go and learn with you, I’ll do anything you ask.

I’d like to spend a whole night with you Baby, I want to make something more daring.

You can stay if you want my love.

I can not, my family waiting for me at home and I have to go.

All right my love, go with your family, tomorrow you come to seize the last night I’ll be home alone.

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Carlos kissed her again and she got on top of him, caresses produced a new erection and this time it was she who brought the rate of penetration,

up and down on the cock, while lying Carlos caressed and pinched her nipples, then he charge by weight and stood with legs intertwined Mafer his waist,

grabbed her buttocks and lifted and dropped on the cock,

Mafer could not more, wanted to exploit passion and exploded. ejaculated violently on the cock of Carlos and his legs were released,

Carlos followed her up until she felt shrink testicles, climbed into the cabinet, he withdrew his cock and ejaculated on his chest Mafer.

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After cleaned, dressed and Carlos goodbye with a kiss Mafer, tomorrow again, they both knew and will dream of the time.

Carlos had something new to her, but Mafer also had a surprise.

Mafer is home alone and s at his request, his father calls his friend to accompany her.

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