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Some time ago I told you of that basketball player whom I met at an event in which neither was willingly.

Him because he had to do because contract and accompanied a couple eventually had asked me to accompany him,

I guess to show off to me. Neither the party nor the company were much to my liking so sorry inwardly cursing my bad choice.

In these it was when taking advantage of an oversight I slipped through an open door into a dark courtyard.

I was surprised to find there a towering man who muttered something to me in English if I understood.

I apologized and told him I just wanted a little peace and finish my beer in peace.

-You want? I said, offering my beer.

He accepted the offer, took a long drink and gave me back the bottle as he leaned against the wall and let out a sigh as tired.

-All good? I asked, pulling me to him.

He said he was uncomfortable, he was not used to situations like this. He told me several things, he confessed to me,

he missed his family, his friends and his girlfriend. It is a very young boy,

just after the university had accepted the offer to play basketball in Europe and was disoriented.

He liked my good English and was surprised when I told him my age.

He confessed that he seemed younger. For flatter him told him that he seemed larger, more mature.

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At the time of conversation, and finished the beer, he asked me to come for a couple of them and I told him no,

that if reentered my companion and I require that I wanted to be in their company.

Do not you want to be with your friend, then why did you come with him? Between puzzled and curious she said.

I imagine that with some little intention confesable perspective. I explained that it was a circumstantial partner,

it was just an acquaintance. The not satisfied and not caring the privacy of the question continued ‘Do not you sleep with him?

No sleep with all the men I go out I said I’m quite looking to continue to choose the man chosen to fuck me.

We were silent for a while that broke a determined voice saying. You -¿te lie with me?

If I answered in the same tone.

-When? he insisted.

Now continue after a pause-and studied Take me wherever you want and fuck me.

We eloped away with the complicity of one of his companions. Another more accustomed to those soirees American basketball player.

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Running more than walking, we quickly get to your apartment, modern and impersonal building near the pavilion where he played.

We climbed the stairs stopping at each landing to eat us kisses. I arrived at her door with bare breasts and a mad desire to fuck.

He opened the door as he hugged and rubbed my tits against her body for her mouth like a bitch.

I’m not sure how but I did go in and shut the door with ass to let me go back pulling him towards me.

I took off my panties right there so hot it was. I curled up on his lap as I squeezed hard.

Only he separated me a moment, enough to undress. He whistled to see me naked, I turned slowly to display you my body.

He hugged me from behind and covered his huge hands squeezing my tits and making me feel real pleasure.

I turned to undress, but the shirt he took it off, it’s too high for me. I cleared my pants and I was amazed with the bulge under the boxer.

But that was much more amazed when to lower the underwear, that big, black, hard and huge cock sprang free clothes being up to my face.

Obviously I sucked, I made him a blowjob somewhat compromised, he had never had such great as that cock in my mouth.

Big, fat and powerful embrace it cost me with their lips, so I thought it would be like that inside my vagina.

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And instead of scare me I got excited much more. So much so that I left unfinished a blowjob asking him to fuck me right there, standing against the door.

Fuck me now here.

And then I fucked her there. You know I’m short, and much more compared to that black tower.

He took me by the waist and an impulse I raised enough to put your cock between my labia,

and between the upward movement of the hip and the natural decline in my body down penetrated me slowly but in one movement.

I thought that dick hurt me, hurt me penetration but such was my horniness and lubrication so intense my penis came into my body like a hot iron in butter.

I felt impaled, with my feet dangling, held by the buttocks and impaled on the huge member.

I moved as I could as I could, with my legs around his waist, my arms around his neck, his hands on my buttocks moving up and down with that huge cock inside me.

I was happily skewered by that dick. We were outrageously noisy, between my gasps, moans, cries, purrs,

all exclamations I always say in my orgasms and knock on the door the entire building should have been aware.

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We ran in unison, on her first orgasm with me, I was the sixth consecutive. You know I’m very generous with my orgasms.

His ejaculation was abundant, as my secretions. We went to wash between gasps and kisses. We ended up in bed,

exhausted and falling asleep naked on the sheets.

I woke up with a very nice feeling, the basketball player stroked my belly and my breasts as he stared at my naked body in the darkness of his room dimly lit by the light coming through the window.

‘You really have to have the years you say? he asked as he gently ran his big hands on my tits.

If heaven, I have those though less apparent. I take care to taste.

Well, you got it.

And he kissed m. And I warmed. I got really bitch, the people like my uncle says. I pushed him back, I kissed the testicles,

a good meal of eggs, until I got that dick that was available in its true magnitude, at least in the dimension that I want.

I got over it, I took my time to put me, quite up, I took his cock and walked resolutely between the lips of the vulva.

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And slowly, very slowly, I let myself down, letting it get inside my vagina. I reached down, I shoved it all and I was impaled.

And I ran only with notice. But I did not stop and moved like all desire. Up and down, back and forth, turning the hip,

feeling inside that hard and huge mass.

-Acaríciame Tits, ‘I asked breathlessly.

And those huge hands covered my tits and I know that big. They covered me and caressed me, pressed, massaged,

kneaded and brought to the last drop of pleasure that I could provide. I ran maybe a dozen times, filling her crotch vaginal fluids.

Then he ran into me again and again while I.

I dropped to one side and spread my legs because I asked to see his semen out of my pussy between folds.

In those we were when his friend came the night before to remind you that in two hours would have to leave for a trip.

He not seemed surprised to see us in that situation, with me on her back, naked and with legs apart and knees drawn up;

and his friend between my legs with a finger in my pussy looking inward. Yes, I looked carefully.

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I showered to go while I dressed and we exchanged the cell number to be again. Unfortunately,

the good season he was doing made her fichara a great team from another city so we did not have occasion to repeat although we’ve talked by phone on occasion.

Anyone who has tried is his friend but never had occasion to fuck him but not renounce it. In fact,

the basketball player told me that his friend wants to fuck me. I also his friend but that is not what I said.

I really want to feel that feeling of a big cock inside.

I never want to feel impaled. I want you to fuck me over and squirts poniéndoseme with a great run in my pussy. I want stringing me.

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