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Dawn was breaking, the first rays of light coming through the terrace, reflected in your face. You opened your eyes,

you were half asleep and confused, did not remember exactly where you were, you look around and you begin to remember.

I even still asleep, I looked and felt like you touch me, kiss me, throw yourself on me, but decide to let me rest a little more.

You went into the kitchen, looking through my stuff to make coffee. The minute I woke up and looked to the side and were not,

I got up looking for you. I came into the kitchen and watch you. These back, have my shirt on and nothing else,

I can see your body against the light, I look at your legs, your ass, your arms, your tousled mane. You look extremely sexy,

so I decide to go for you. I catch you by surprise and almost without feeling I have behind me retire hair and start brushing my lips on your neck, you turn around,

look me in the face, you look at my pleasure eager gaze. You travel out of my body in a second.

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I’m in boxer and I can see how the -sonríes cock and fuck me questions- Want ?.

I do not answer in words, but you just have to look at me to know that I have very hard, and I want to feel it inside you.

I lean to kiss you, but leave a bit, you want to play, make me suffer. I return to find you again, and let me rub your lips,

I stick more to you. I see your nipples show through and lifted the shirt, that makes me a hundred. I start quitándotela gently under the gaze willing to suck the teats,

but with a small low movement and begin to lick your lips. Your tongue draws the outline of my mouth. You push me back,

now I’m with my back against the wall. You drop my face in yours, look at me and kiss me again while going down your hand on your abdomen.

Looking my dick behind the boxer, scuffles your hand against the fabric, cock squeeze me over the boxer and spend your finger on the top line of boxer shorts.

Looking the tip of the cock, you feel wet and that excites you and you get hotter.

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You me catch the sujetándomelas hands and start to go down, suck my belly button, and continue to lick my English,

are looking with your tongue groove remains free on the boxer and that makes me moan with pleasure, low to the ground.

My erect cock hits your face being at the perfect height, so you start to lick while looking at me. You’re enjoying it,

and I have my eyes closed, fists clenched, excites me hold you down there with an angry face sucking cock.

After a while I decide pulling your hair, I climb girándote hard and support you in the kitchen counter.

Your hands resting on her and giving me the ass that I like. I have one hand on your waist and over in your head,

grabbing hair tightly. I seek your pussy with my cock until I find the site, step all over your pussy fluid mixing your mine.

I can see your body shuddering, and I ask please that the goal already, you want to feel inside.

I clench my hip and noticed how easily inserted through your vagina, your ass moves in circles, forward and backward,

you want to feel it all inside you. You look at her and see my face excitation. I lean over you to access your tits,

pinching her nipples with one hand while the other stimulation your clitoris. You do not stop moaning with increasing intensity.

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I decide to stop, and taking advantage of the position, I kneel and begin to lick pussy is very wet and I love it,

enjoy its smell, its taste, and I can not stop eating it.

You turn leaving us face to face, I will fuck you in your arms and surround my hips with your legs,

my cock gives the first with the entrance of your pussy, and gets a strong start shows.

With all the excitement we drop what was on the table. I support a little on the table, and keep fucking you,

you will move faster and faster and then stop for a while making me see that you follow your own pace.

I get up in gillnets and now I am leaning on the table. You’re still stuck with me over you push me a little for me to sit, now you feel me well.

I start to squeeze my face against your chest, lower your tongue to my mouth, bite me, kiss me, I lick the ear,

and you start to feel stronger. -FOLLAMEEEE, FUCK ME NEED STRONGER! – And you say those words excited me even more.

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We are sweating, very excited. You begin to tighten your pussy, I feel like you fuck me controlling lunges, you move your hips in a circular

slow movements, then inward and outward. I stand leaving do and watching the show from the best seat. Having sex with me,

and how. Almost can not stand, I ask you to give me stronger now and start pushing. You raise and lower very quickly,

you feel almost like moves in and out my cock inside your pussy.

You are screaming very loud clawing on my back, and that produces more excitement in me. You are about to cum,

I’m feeling and finally arrives and notice how your walls are pressed against my cock, as arching your body and start to shake.

Noticing and before I let you rest on your pussy and quickly start lamérmelo, so richly to return to cum.

I saw you and made you satisfied with your face gesture as if to say, suck my dick. You took me pushed into the living room,

I tumbaste on the couch and saw my very hard cock. That excited me even more. You threw me over your tits brushing my mouth,

and your tongue began the road leading to my cock. To be kneeling on the floor you get into the mouth and started to suck,

you played your hand with eggs. You lost your tongue traveling from eggs to the tip and you came to shove in your mouth whole.

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He could not take it anymore, felt my spasms in your mouth, I could not help but groan as I told you how much I liked it ate me.

I waved my hand to you retire, because I knew that already came. But you kept your dick in your mouth,

did not care that I ran into your mouth, face and breasts, indeed, is what you wanted and wanted.

He left a jet shot your face, what you opened your mouth thoroughly letting these jets were direct to your throat.

I’ll tragabas all, with the ultimate jet started to suck my back to leave it perfectly clean. We cleaned up a little face and then fell upon me tired.

We were a wordlessly cuddled when we get out and recover, I looked and I said how much I fuck like me and you FUCK HER.

When you react looked at the clock and seeing what time it was said you had to go. I looked at you and said -¿Ya, so soon,

but if we have not done anything? -We Started to laugh.

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But it was late so I got up, got dressed and aseaste. When you were ready, I was still on the couch, naked, watching your every move,

had no strength at all, and not feel like you left, but I knew it had to happen because we both had our lives and we should follow them.

When you were headed to the door to leave, then I got up, I grabbed my face and kissed her passionately.

You left out for a few seconds until you decided separarte.-I’m going “.

Leaving the landing I told Wh. you think we’ll see?

I do not know, I can only tell you that I love this story.

Starting down the stairs asked -¿Nos will see ??

Girándote with a nice smile and said Find me on the subway every time you go up, maybe one day it is.

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