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A friend asked me senior center renting the apartment from the side of my house to his daughter and new lady.

He joined with a Paraguayan who has a pubescent daughter named Justina, his wife discovered in the infringement and sent him to the street.

Somewhat reluctantly accepted although deep tempted me some extra sleeves and while the houses were connected;

I did not lose my freedom.

The day I arrived rigor visit and met the lady and her daughter. They were well prepared and I could not stop looking at the girl slyly,

14 years almost twenty something body, which is almost normal among people of morrudas calls.

Days passed uneventfully until an opportunity Justina brought me a bowl of soup Paraguayan her mom sent,

received it and since his parents were working in those hours looked talk with her to look better.

He was loose and cheerful and so began a friendship in the days grew. It was so cool with some guys but striking breasts,

nice legs and a tail inviting the delirium. Almost always wore short-tight jeans and sandals solerito.

Gradually was nosing my belongings and an opportunity to show a houseplant I took her by the waist giving the impression not bother my hand on his body,

as he explained the characteristics of the kneaded his arms plant, I returned to take her waist and even stroked him casually back.

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That night I slept with the probability scare in her innocence she told him hugs and even I regretted it enjoyed;

for two days and he did not show a lot of doubts assailed me. He reappeared and I began to fear more distant.

-Annoying? I ask hesitantly.

-How can you think? -slide.

No, I thought you’re serious.

That tuteo disarmed me and regained my old green sixty long he had slept. I told him to sit and he did crossing her legs for the enjoyment of my sight,

I was in front of her so close that must have noticed my nervousness and started to ask and tell things in which I laughed and took the opportunity to touch her thighs as circumstances .

He never reacted badly and on one occasion did a light massage on her thighs while I named.

-Justina Said tenderly.

-What? It -Contestoó.

-You’re So cute how many will want to be with you like me now?

He smiled and to my madness squeezed my hand on her leg without allowing removal.

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Thank said rubbing his fingers in my hand but he went on do not be angry if you do not mind and is among us need money to buy credits for celu,

I swear I’m going to return.

But as no child and no one you will know … -and caressing her thighs in a silent treatment.

I put my hand like crazy when I wanted to kiss her but refused.

No touch me whatever you want and dressed but not kisses.

I caressed her breasts and crotches and tail and panted and she stroked my head, I kissed her on the arms and hands.

Am I the first virgin you play?

I replied súperjuro’m not my wife had her way.

I followed her back and did not stop until I asked more money and left. I was happy, pendeja touch rich and if he could get more.

They spent a couple of days and reappeared, tena a short dress and a shirt up, was so fresh.

He told me that he had been unable hang out silver and had run out of credit over again, put baby pouting face and called for him to sit on my lap.

-You’re not angry? -I ask.

A little ‘I said and stroked her thighs bringing my hand to her buttocks running the dress to discover his black bombachita in meat brunettes.

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I started looking inside of his legs and after denial spread her legs to caress her plump, throbbing and mojadita shell;

she moaned and hugged me stronger shuddering, I kissed his shoulders and when he kissed her breasts above shirt I noticed he had no bra,

I whispered his name feeling an erection as he did not have time. There is no better viagra to be with who you like.

I repeated his name and asked ‘What …?

Let me suck you love, you can not just suck me suffer so

Will ya gonna do a little gift?

If affection but let me just suck.

Both were lost, I doubted her virginity on how I wore; but the trembling of his body and the search for security in his voice showed me something else;

had a hembrita unworn at my disposal, deep down she wanted and I was chosen.

He pulled his shirt leaving my sight two rocks Limoncitos spectacular events which Dragonflies gently stroked my head feeling like.

I have Daddy scared but I like what I do.

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I looked tenderly and assured him that just do what she wanted and that would allow me to enjoy it with my tongue,

got up in the air after pulling off the bombachita and carried her to bed depositing it there as she tried to cover with her dress their little ,

swollen and juicy pussy.

-Justina Sky teneme confidence, proba and you’ll see that cute.

I kissed her calves and started up with the quality that has always characterized me,

I plunged into her hard and taut thighs and my pride herself began to open my legs and I get there,

took a deep breath and the tip of the tongue opened their lips looking a clitoris that soon appeared,

fiddled with my tongue in and she first began to moan; I intensified my oral action and began to squirm taking the sheets to assert their movements.

After a few minutes she was moaning stronger and sucked up the ass massaging her tits and I could feel just the second time.

Little tired left between her legs and looked at her smiling,

she continued with her legs showing her pussy swollen and shiny leaning on his elbows at me and something happened that made me decide not caring nothing more;

a lock of her hair fell over his forehead and eyes made my wife. I felt renewed my erection and I went looking for her mouth.

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Nooo nooo please, do not do daddy.

The tender kiss with passion and kneaded his face with my hand while taking penetrating position.

Nooo repeated.

But I went in and she arched sinking her nails into my shoulders and I felt like her vaginal walls attempted a defense and the warm blood of the tear and at times turned the man believed lost and she hung from my neck in a sob insulted me and accompanied my pumping vowing not wanted and that was an old degenerate would die suffering and took the cock pulling milk in his stomach.

He was angry and sent me to bring napkins to clean it, I did it slowly into her eyes and kissing her in different parts sweetly.

I went out -sentencio- now sure not going to love you more and you get no taste ?.

-Lack I said sticking my tongue into her mouth and cleaned once dressed her feeling her reproachful look and admiration.

I walked her to the door caressing her sweet tail, we said goodbye with a passionate kiss tongue and asked if he could return.

-All Times as you want and I answered very carefully if you walk very splayed say that you sprained ankle.

Old man smiling-fucking fucking said.

More than 50 years separated us and she was contorneándose while I played his ass dick looking and thinking everything you do.

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