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On the following days I wrote a lot with this man. He was a very sociable guy who knew perfectly well what my feelings were.

He had already met enough couples in similar circumstances, and himself had gone through it years ago with an ex-partner.

The months passed, and we repeated another couple’s massage in another different center with two delicious beings that left us floating once more.

Three months ago I contacted a young Senegalese and after collating a little I invited him to come home.

Then he turned out to be a nice and gifted young man, though he was too impulsive for my wife.

Although it was not what she dreamed, it was an hour long making her moan and run in multiple occasions.

Now she is open to those things that I have imagined with other men. I hope this is just the beginning.

Because the amount of possibilities and different situations and games that I have dreamed of,

especially through internet talkies / captions, give for a lifetime of strong emotions.

Because I can love her, even more and with more reasons if they fit, when she is sexy, morbid and hot

As I said at the beginning, I would love this to serve many couples anchored in immobility to spice up their sexuality and free themselves from boredom.

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It may not be the only way, surely it is not.

But anyone who does a little research will see that it is perhaps one of the most common fantasies of men: having a hotwife wife, I have no doubt.

Another thing is how many dare to recognize it and take the step.

About the series of posts “And you, what do you think ?.

This section was born because, often, the parishioners send comments or write me emails requesting to know my point of view and that of other people on topics that interest or concern them.

(It is clear that if I write something about it will be to add information, not to comment.)

My intention is to publish a “And you, what do you think?”

Every time we come to any proposal that creates that we are forced to reflect a little more and even to think outside the box, because there are questions and stories that do not accept answers from Yes or no, white or black .