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Some time ago, a follower of this website wanted to know the opinions of other men and women on the issue raised by the owner.

Number of answers that have come to be uploaded to that post shows that it is a topic that interests and fancy many parishioners?

Will be honest, I have censored a few comments because they did not express or express their yearnings and fears in a polite way, but:

Simply intended that this became a page of contacts (nothing further from my intention,

That there are many websites) or judged In an insulting way, and, whenever I can (= realize),

will not publish anything that seems offensive to me. I can be wrong sometimes, but this is my house and everything has a limit.

The discrepancy is admissible, but not bad manners.

Explanations given, the impeller of that debate has written a comment that I have decided to upload as post.

” And I want to record the progress in my life since this post was published.

Would like to try to make many men see that yes you can, that is not a chimera although it does require work,

communication and patience in abundance.

Because now I know that there is a true legion of husbands or half-oranges that feel boxed in their conventional marriages and that they resign themselves

(at best, when the thing does not happen to worse), to a life preset by others,

Those who dictate what is lawful and normal and what is not.

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When I wrote this post, just a year ago, I had long dreamed day after day, with my sexual fantasies Cuckold / Hot wife.

In those days my wife had already begun to understand me a little. But it was not spontaneous.

Had to arm myself with patience and make it see, very slowly but without pause.

At first she made slight concessions during our intimate moments letting those ghosts emerge and giving them life figuratively.

This small step forward was a huge glimmer of hope for me.

But again the thing was stuck there for a long time, because she was still full of doubts of all kinds.

For about three years the only thing we did out of the ordinary were three or four sessions,

which we offered each other, from massages as a couple.

She with a boy and I with a girl, both together, watching us under the delicious pleasure that the expert hands of beautiful strangers gave us.

Simply brilliant. You should try it all.

Here is the fact is that my imagination went much further, too much for her.

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