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I do not know why some people think it is healthy to say everything that comes to mind.

No, in the mind they happen a lot of things that do not need to externalize and you you have to not have sex fantasy you had with the bank teller at all,

nor will you have to say stuff like “that ugly sos” tosomeone. I think even there we all agree.

But in bed sometimes they say things they should not also say, but remain in the mind that thinks.

The other time we talked about those points of “no return” when he or she say or do something inappropriate in bed.

That is, you will excitement anywhere. Sometimes, after a few minutes you paddle and continues, sometimes it is impossible

Of course not all the same annoying, I pull my hair that can be an act of no return, and others may excite them.

But something I discovered as a point of departure from the excitement is being told “dale, over.”

Of course, if I’m sucking the 15 minutes I want you to finish, but I think and do not say.

The “dale, FINISHED” is not half-hearted, is a phrase when the type no longer gives more,

but you still you end up. If not always happen at the same times and sex is not a machine where we press the red button and a magic trick appears.

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The dale just may have a version phrases like “what now ??”.

Did you happen? What other conocés point of no return?

The dale just is so no return as “I did not realize you had finished,” are not only of no return,

but these things happen more by a lack of full consideration, say things that you think no filter, these only they do children,

madmen and drunkards, in the worst if not the group mentioned, is in a fight Brital which you know not Volves because you do not care about anything.

If sex talk, I think you can always help the other, in a thousand ways to bancando the situation without being condescending, if we speak of a “stable” partner and it is,

not to say things that we know in advance say say as fuck. Such members who spend saying “sho!

Say what I think,” is fine as long as you have a filter it, and these generally do not have it and I end up falling badly,

you should always have a minimum of respect and care, obviously there is always a context for things,

but I think the premise is not to tell you and / or do to others what you do not like to say and / or do to me vos.

Si not Petea mine as well as other I will not mention about it because I do not like being told that juancito is made him harder or bigger but still had a good time.

Those things are a way maybe slow and long but safe return,

eg “monica and we spent the day, evening and night coogiendo” digase monica jose, mentioning that does not give


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