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Excuse me!”


That voice take Ray surprised. She has been fantasizing any longer. This time he was on the beach — something like one of his last vacationinhabited by young femalemay mate in skimpy swimsuits; not that they should go in the sea. He stood up slowly, its back reminded him that he was no longer a young man and that it was not interested in him doing the gardening.


Head of a young woman peeks from a wood fence that divided his money from thatof the empty House next door. She smiled openly at his discomfort was surprised. It’s not a smile taunting but, almost naive, friendly candid response.


Take a few seconds to recover Ray, clutching his chest and
hoarse, “kill the old man why don’t you,” his face breaking into a smile creased the width. See the concern in his face he was sorry his histrionics; She seemed to look younger now and he wondered what the child is doing in an empty House. “Are you…” he nodded home in the back of a young woman.


She turned to look at, a long black horsetail flicking back and forth then turned back to Ray. What?” Then his eyes hinted at that she caught the meaning. Oh … Mum and I just moved on the weekendI guess you‘re going I’m at University for a week, home on weekends?. “


Ray customize assessment to accommodate her age of twenty
something. Move to the fence between them he drew breath. Flawless face neatly made in the subtlest tones and his thoughts go back to daydream beach.


His “Hi”, brought him back to the moment. “I am Maddie, and if you ask, I will deny the brief for Madonna. the laughter in this Maddie cause hair rising on his neck. Hewas hesitant waiting for Ray to introduce himself and when he did he went on, you would not be willing to help with my studies, right?


Ray could not answer for the second, his request surprised him. “I I didn’t go to University, so I doubt that I can help you … sorry. ERM, Ray, I’m Ray.


Young Maddie faces this beautiful smile beaming. So much the better, Ray.” he hurried on in case he had offended, “less chance of prejudice. Take a look at, simple, really it is. You tell us your spontaneous reaction to something I Say. How does that sound?


Ray insouciant. But what harm except maybe to show his ignorance?


Socks” are Maddie waiting. Ray stared at him full of hope. Socks, Ray,
socks. He waved giving spirit. When she didn’t respond he repeated. “ Socks. Come on Ray says what comes into your mind!


Feet.” He replied.


Maddie is both relieved and encouraged that Ray finally responding. He’s happy that she’s already understand, at least he thought he did.


The hat.


Ray laughed and replied “Head. He liked how eyes twinkled when she was a young woman accepts that he had got the idea. They continue with single words for a time. Ray is sometimes confused to think of words that are suitable and Maddie make a note every time it happens.


“The Jerseys.” It says flat almost clinical and Maddie is not lifted her eyes from the logbook until he did not answer. eyebrow raised in question and his eyes fell again.


Ray felt his face colors in unexpected words. He should feel freestockings, or moreso that the feet of women dressed they almost No, it was his talisman, from late teens. The sound they made as a woman’s legs; sexy sheen of them and of course the excitement of seeing a glimpse of naked flesh at the top of the jerseys on occasion. He regretted the day when more women wear tightsoh yes, the same texture and sound but that Flash of flesh were missing. A closed crotch Tights women and should be pulled down or, if left will be torn aside. He recalled with relish the thrill of stocking on the naked flesh as her legs gripped by a horny woman.


sighing impatiently Maddie woke Ray from lamunannya. “Meat” he exclaimed and quickly corrected to erm, walk.”


The young woman looked up from his notes and grinning. It’s all true Ray of your instinctive thoughts was that I wanted, thank you. Maddie put the notebook down and stared at her with a serious interest. “Ray? Do you still have their minds? Did youknow … His voice disappeared. He thought for a moment and then said. We havea situation in the sixth-form at the school where we are prohibited from wearing a uniform standard for the younger students. It was explained that the young adults and that the fashion is to short skirts that some students in danger … well I ask you.Maddie looking out his record.” Whether you have just five minutes Ray? Without waiting for an answer he gave.

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