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I stand up like an automaton, look at Klahan and Sunan and go down to my cabin without saying a word …

leave the shower, I have returned to my normal state, under the water I have remembered this wonderful dinner,

am happy to be able to live experiences like these. I tie my body with a cream of honey and coconut singing “la vie en rose”, Hmmm! I love it, I think of Stone,

I’m anxious to tell you what happened. I pick up my hair in a casual bun and choose between several garments perfectly lined up on some glass shelves.

choose a short, wide white shirt and a white Flemish sarong with red polka dots. I go up to the main deck where the outer salon is located with a striking fiberglass rod inspired by the natural mineral forms,

it seems to be carved in crystallized quartz, is a faceted geometry with a huge cube filled with ice cubes and champagne in The top.

Its lighting embedded in the fiber creates a tenuous atmosphere. In front, four fabric and leather sofas surround a glass table.

Dani is sitting with his left leg spread out on a couch and the other hanging, his foot resting on the rug of marine rope.

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approach and I feel the knees collected in the free little hole, almost above his left foot. He tells me smiling:

You’re fantastic, you look like a shy girl – Why do you sit here?

dont know! It was instinctive he replied shrugging his shoulders with an air of “have I done something wrong?”

There are many more comfortable places to sit, but I’m glad you’re so close to me

answer with an accomplice smile, closed mouth and a look that speaks of a history in common, a very close relationship that we have had in each encounter

Dani vocea:

A little champagne, please.

Instantly, coming out of nowhere, Klahan brings us a bucket with another bottle of champagne inside and refills the two glasses before disappearing

cross Dani’s gaze, he raises his glass in my direction:

Did you enjoy dinner?

bite my lower lip before answering with narrowed eyes:

It was the most pleasant dinner of my life, I thank you

Hahahaha, the grateful one is me for having the privilege of contemplating a beauty like you.

As I speak I look at him seriously, the cold look, the frowns slightly frowned, is a little frightened and asks:

Are you okay, Tsumi?

do not answer, I am absent, but my gaze continues to analyze, this torso knot, a light coat of hair covers his chest,

is not bad for his age, still has an entertaining musculature, from the waist down wearing a black pareo,

Has an unbearable sex apple. I drink a drink of champagne to maintain the slightly dizzy state in which I am while I let my right leg crawl inside of its pareo.

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He brushed his cufflinks, his thighs and gently stroked against his balls.

Bringing his glass to his lips he says with a half smile:

Mmmmm! I’m really glad to have you so close.

keep looking at him with the same evil intensity. With the big toe gently massaged his penis, he felt fat and lengthening at a great speed.

Before its size prevents me I fit it between two fingers and masturbate it

You are beautiful! I’m mumbling about a little champagne

No change of attitude, eyelids slightly closed, face inclement, lifted my glass and dropped a little more sparkling liquid in my mouth squeezing his erection.

For the size achieved I can not keep it between my fingers. I let my left leg unfold to follow the same path as his twin minutes before.

Already very excited when I put my penis between my feet, I still masturbate.

Between smiles and grimaces his face is animated, it pleases me,

he looks like a clown suffering from pleasure, he babbles as he undoes the knot of his pareo to uncover his intimate parts:

Dear Tsumi, I am not going to fight against you, beforehand I know that I have lost, so I prefer to give up already


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