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We look at each other smiling, her sex with swollen veins stuck between my feet. Very slowly, his hands come to rub my ankles, caress them, shiver.

With the palms wraps around my feet and accompanies the movement of masturbation. He whispers to me:

I love your feet, they are perfect, fragile and so exciting

I cross his gaze, he is fascinated, his tearful eyes marking his crow’s feet with a faint smile at the corners of his lips. Slowly under the eyes towards his crotch.

I say drowning him with pleasure by squeezing his erection:

Mmmmm! Thanks for the compliment, they are show feet, they work for a great shoe firm

But your whole body is a sign of what human perfection could be telling me by compressing my feet above your erection

A little semen escapes from his foreskin, I run my big toe over it and spread it along his burning skin.

Between two gasps, you shout, this time with the voice almost inaudible:

Klahan, give me a cigarette, please.

As if coming out from behind my back Taï appears, puts a cigar between his lips, turns it on and once again disappears like a shadow, no noise

Do they always act like that? I ask Dani

– Pfff, pfff! They are faster than the air, they are the perfect pair, they do not look, they do not speak and they hear everything, hahaha!

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But they seem very clever

Yeah! I’m kidding, they are very discreet, but they know everything and they know how to take advantage of the opportunities

His hands caress my twins. I ask her intrigued frown:

What do you mean?

He answers me with a crooked grin:

Mmmmm! We can say that more than one of my guests has tried their massages with happy ending

You mean invited!

LOL! Do not! I said well they are all terrain

I look at him with a puzzled smile:

Are they bisexual?

Totally and very available for those who need it

You miss me a lot, they seem so … shy and respectful

Hahaha! But that does not prevent bodily pleasure, they are not insensitive

My mother! I did not think I could excite them to see us like this

Hahaha! And caress you before?

Not really!

I think he makes me blush, he holds out his arms, I take his hands, he pulls me towards him.

As I get up, he turns a little, puts his feet on the rug, and positions me between his legs.

I am impressed by his safety, he does not hesitate for a second of what he is going to do and he does it naturally, this man magnetizes me.

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He takes me by the hips, turns me around and unhurriedly undoes the knot of my pareo that falls to the ground.

Slowly he carefully caresses my buttocks, I feel his cheeks and his mouth touch them, kisses explode on them.

His tongue wet my anus, he surrounds it slowly, I have chills, I gasp, he is so sweet that I do not move an inch,

I let him fondle at the horizon, I shudder at every lick, sudden nakedness, excitement, caresses, light Breeze …

form a coctail that gives me goosebumps, gives me another twist:

Ohhhh! What a pleasant surprise, he tells me touching my sex with his fingertips

A fantasy of Stone, whispering massaging his skull with open hands

love! A heart-shaped hair flush with skin, makes you the most sensual stripped pubis I’ve ever seen – Mmmmm! And it is he who has created it on your skin

Yes! Until I saw myself in the mirror I did not know what I was doing

And how do you see yourself?

HMMM! I like it, it’s different and … pretty sexi I think …

You think so? But … but, it is … the most sensual, the sexiest, the most erotic, is … unbearably provocative and at the same time so sensitive …

I worry, suddenly I feel very shocked, as if I would cry:

Dani! You’re good? I ask him by caressing his cheeks

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