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It was a night like any other, after dinner I went to my room and as I always sat in front of my PC. and I hit me a notice jumped, did not know the mail, but I accepted.

I heard once the alert for a new message, such Guille greeted me, was my new contact. That night we talk about us, we introduce ourselves as we did not know.

We try to get to know how I had with my mail, but after a while that issue was forgotten.

In short, our talks were were doing custom. Every night I needed to talk to him, I had fun,

I liked and already we were having more and more things, until one day, the chat was plaguing ulterior motives and double meaning, both redoblábamos the bet.

Until we crossed the line and we relate directly to us in detail what we liked at the time of sex, positions, experiences, fantasies.

I confess that night remains quite upset. The next night had more to talk to Guille expectations.

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The “Hello how are you?” and always a quick confession told me how much he liked to have spoken so freely and that was something that should not take offense but had warmed me,

I told him that something had happened. Anyway, from that time so were almost all our talks, sex dominated us.

So one day before his proposal started with the cybersex, it was not the first time I did. So I gave cam and accept his and realized that he had not lied in his actions,

he was already totally naked and masturbating. I put the headphones to hear and thus make it more dynamic

‘Turn around and show me the culito- was the first thing he said.

So I turned and lifted the shirt he was wearing, I leaned forward slightly to give a better view.

Coming up to my bed and putting in four, her moans could be heard.

-Let Me see toda- asked.

As I stroked whole, I ran my hands through my tail, my legs and went up my shirt.

He fondled my breasts and squeezed. He is seen as increasing the speed in which he masturbated.

Agitated Give him said, sacate all, let me see, you have recaliente- me.

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I went slowly running out of anything, removing the first and last rower my thong.

For that moment I felt on fire so I looked for a toy, I habilité my microphone so the well could hear me, I warmed to see me.

The finished before me but continued warming me with dirty things, while I was enjoying my toy,

the recounted every thing that would make me, I ended up lying on the bed, exhausted and very satisfied.

We talked a little longer, it was quite late so we said goodbye and agreed for the next night, and the next.

For almost 10 days we repeat and always with the same desire.

One night at the time of rest, we came up with that if we were we could realize everything we talked about. Win left over us.

So although we lived in different cities we established a neutral place, a place to stay halfway for both.

‘Do you think this Saturday? -, I ask.

Yes, perfect- I replied.

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The next day, I received a text where I said it was all sorted.

“I booked a room at a hotel, tonight happened to you the name and address” and so, after our necessary dose of cybersex, I passed the data.

It was Thursday night, but wished it was Saturday and wanted to meet him !! ‘

And finally the day came, I got up early, grabbed my purse and left. I drove almost two hours with much anxiety and excitement at once.

I searched the hotel and upon arrival immediately recognized him, there he was waiting for me at the door.

I got off the car and went to him, like old acquaintances, we melted into a hug and a passionate kiss.

We walked quickly to the hotel, no longer aguantábamos.

We checked in and no more we went into the room, there began the fondling, kissing.

Baby, you brought the disguise ?.

Yes, I have it in her purse I replied.

‘And you’re waiting to wear it and start?

He had promised the schoolgirl uniform, so I took out of my bag and went to the bathroom, before going in,

gave me a box with a gift, inside there was a cute lingerie set, excellent for the occasion.

I left the bathroom with my pollerita a well cortita ajustadita pictures and my white shirt belied my bra.

Guille began acting, treating me like one of his students and had the fantasy that was forced, so I followed him around.

I played the innocent teenager, but provocative. The little game was setting me on fire, I did the retreating offended me and Guille act immediately grabbed my arm.

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I -Vení for pendejita here.

He cornered me against a wall, as he ran his hands all over my body and rested her pelvis on my tail. I asked him to let me go.

-¿Soltarte What ?, if you like you think you do not see, as you like to heat your classmates and teachers ?. It is not good to walk warming at all.

He kept talking to me and ducking hand climbed up my legs up to my thong, which fell quickly. He tried to reveal, to push him, you difficult to control myself, I clutched.

‘I’m looking forward asshole, I want to catch it all.

I put it against a table, spread my legs and began to kiss and suck my tail, he pretended he did not want, but I was delighted and he became more and more.

I felt like I was accommodating the head of his penis and pulled out the first cry of pain and pleasure as he felt he was getting into me.

Her out and again put it a little deeper. I still moaning.

-A Little more, and you have all inside- I repeated. – !! There, there estáaaa !!.

He stood and began to nalguearme.

– THAT !!! RICA, WHORE SOS .. ME !!! encantas

It began to move, penetrated me hard, I hurt too much, but I liked it.

-supports Arms on the table, I ordered.

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Still entering me and manoseándome tits, put a hand under her shirt and squeezed my nipples hard, her breath quicken, I spoke to the ear, whispers and moans.

He stopped, felt like leaving me. He took me to the bed, and putting upside down, lifting my pollerita and after a couple of spankings rode me, entering me really hard to finish.

He lay beside me and after a few kisses went into action.

Without being asked to clean his cock went down, so take it to a new erection, this time touched me ride.

I moved in the wild, strong wanted to do well and enjoy it. My shirt was already open, his hands on my breasts, squeezing them really hard.

My moans were high, my orgasm was coming and he ended up hectic.

But we did not want to stop, four powders were followed, trying different poses and where no shortage of moments of oral sex.

We were tired but wanting more, we took advantage and asked for something to eat, we were naked in bed,

we hug and between us we sleep but waking up was the best, dust sweetest day, as opposed to earlier in gently,

very slowly, looking into his eyes, with our clasped hands, with almost simultaneous orgasms super long,

we were like other people, but quickly returned to normal, to extreme horniness.

We took a shower together and could not avoid the sixth under the warm water. Already by almost eight hours we were locked and we had to go back,

but I proposed last dust that was one of his fantasies. I knew it and accept it.

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So your bag notebook bag, went to a page that is user, we prepare and begin to transmit the illness put us thousand,

watched askance as they passed the comments and we still harder.

‘Turn around and let me ask you again col- I said.

I got well in four trying to prevent the cam would capture my face and so remain until Guille and I just.

Morbid curiosity immediately made us set ourselves the number of spectators, nearly two thousand five hundred people had seen us, hundreds of written messages.

Fantasy fulfilled, we closed all we dressed and went, Kiss goodbye and until next but when I got home neither could avoid temptation,

we met again through the cam, we talked about what we had done together, I had the pleasure.

I could not resist so I undressed me and started to masturbate for him, after finishing we said goodbye.

we keep still finding every night chatting, and our second real encounter is coming.

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