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A revolution is a terrible thing. Be the their origin,

men become beasts and they come to the surface untamed animal inside them.

I was a soldier in the 16th Regiment, but in the disorder that followed the sacking of the city managed to escape easily. That city was mine so I quickly went to my house to see if anything had happened.

It was terible. Sitting at the door was Antonia, our girl crying. “Oh Master! She said as she could muster,

“It’s been horrible. His father would have taken and they told me that they have shot,

with many others and the lady have led the council with several women,

distribuirselas say to the people! “.

I ran toward the desolate town hall. At the door yet there were few people. A revolutionary stood guard at the door.

Where do you go ask me?


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You come to a woman? Have you been told that women have for everyone?

Well, you’re the first pass and you can choose from.

I climbed the stone stairs feeling that someone was coming after me.

I heard noises behind a door and entered entrabierta. The show was terrible.

At the bottom of the single eight or ten women they pressed against a corner.

Near the entrance there was a group of three militants evil faced, ragged.

One, short, bald, fat big lingotazos drank a bottle of anise.

What a kid! You come to a citizen? Choose the one you want, you’re the first.

And he handed me a paper that said “Bale by a woman” – for a while or until you get tired of it. Hala! Choose!

I later confusing to the group of women who tightened more between them.

here was everything high, low, thin, fat, young and not so young

Among them was my mother who was the oldest populations and probably far less attractive.

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I was born a little late, so she had already turned fifty years since.

It was -and is – tall, blond, rather thin,

with large breasts to medium and slightly fallen and those horrible rimmed glasses candy clear that then wore on his long nose.

He looked stunned and hopeful.

I took a step towards women squealed and wrist COJI

This! – I said firmly pulling it.

It said one of the militiamen Awared.

Take her. – Stopped for a moment – But boy! Are you going to take the oldest and ugliest with chocolates there?

These so young kids (I had not yet nineteen) said another militiaman like old hens.

Let’s see. See said the fat, bald runt with voice Really drunk quires that old bitch?

Clear! I said if he had chosen another.

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And what will you do with it?

Well, what am I going to do? What it is done with a woman …

A’s see. I want to see some of what you do with it. I smell something weird in here.

I was stunned. Mama looked at me very scared.

What do you want to see? – I felt almost bare – Look!

I returned to Mama to me and slammed a hard kiss on the mouth.

And that’s it? the fat man insisted Come, come touch his tits.

Sideways I took one breast Mom and I moved a little, not knowing what to do.

Mom was so scared that his role seemed very credible.

What is that guy? said another Wow! Make the most of tits who see them.

I looked at Mom was very frightened and his face reflected nothing more than just a basic horror.

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Two militiamen were watching us salacious and two others,

especially the damned fat and who had been in the door – with suspicion.

I looked at Mom was raw then looked blouse daily, he knew so well and I yanked it.

Some buttons were released and others jumped into the air.

Follow, follow! They shouted one of those big beasts and looked at me curiously.

I realized that this could end badly and with a curt nod Mom him down the hombreas of the combination and the support to the waist.

His long breasts dangled a little crushed completely naked. I turned to them for them to see well

then I turned to me and started magrearle breasts and kissing her.

wild cries of enthusiasm he heard “I also want!” shouted algien for my terror.

Well buscate yours! I replied trying to be strong.

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Well, kid, Well! they all shouted. And I felt comforted.

Good! But who the fuck a little, I want to see how the old run.

It’s reason! We want to see Varios- they said and then you take her for you ..

A little ma there on the floor and then you take her!

But how would you have smearing with you looking like wolves. I protested.

Come on. Fuck her for a while and you take her.

I backed away a bit with her and pushed her.

There was no choice, but I feared that I was gonna be not possible. Legs buckled and fell back.

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Although hold slapped his head. I knelt beside her,

almost could not look at his pale face and her tits inespresivo that now cain one on each side.

Le lift her skirts and took off her panties.

Open the legs! I said aloud to hear. And then in his ear that pretended besar- cloaking,

Mama, there’s no choice.

She spread her legs and knelt between them, I dropped my pants and underpants and lay down on his body.

cheers were heard but they did not see my penis hung like a clapper.

I started to move in despair over her, saw that this would not work and then could happen.

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Le magreé intensely tits, suck her nipples, kissed her on the mouth, I did open it,

I stuck my tongue and kept moving against her pubis, her pussy.

Move on! I said strong to hear. And she began to move, first slowly,

then more rhythmically and then the miracle happened.

My member began to grow, it was stretching, I felt like lashes in my veins and acquired its required size.

I did not know if horrified or happy but had come to the erection and was willing to go all the way.

I denied myself that I felt like it, but he had lost control and I already liked her nipples,

her long pendulous breasts and thighs her tongue.

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I put the tip of my glans and pushed. That was dry and could not enter. I insisted. I kissed her hard,

I got the league to the throat and then told the hearing: “Mama Just once, just once.

You have to pretend “But it was I who was already finjiendo. Mama, with half glasses falls,

lying on the dusty floorboards, half naked, I was by desiring me more than any woman in my life.

His rumpled liked more meat than any colleague who had tasted.

And suddenly, I felt heat on the tip of my instrument,

Mama hips up a bit and some moisture came to the lips of her pussy.

I went hurting and hurting. The beasts realized and cheered. We were going moving us more and more.

I was getting stronger, she put up with me getting better, the blood flowed to her cheeks that were now very red,

we were eating more than we kissed, I sometimes had caught one of her boobs, sometimes the other.

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I looked very flaccid, but deliciously soft. She began to complain, breathing hard,

and dripping legs down and getting stronger, stronger, with more courage,

I felt my was coming, she felt her breathing labored, enjoyed, enjoyed it with passion,

hard wild and at the time he screamed and stiffened solte him in her womb the biggest jet of my life.

There was silence in the room. Only a woman lloriqueba.

Who had given me a voucher for a woman who looked like the boss he said seriously.

Come on, kid! Whether it is good and forgives. If you want to take her.

I raised my mother, half composed as I could,

the OCOG hand and took her home. She bent down to pick her panties.

Antonia was gone. There was no one

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