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My wife ever looked cuter and beautiful; elegant to the environment neighbors and coworkers, however all the weekends we take as usual go for a walk to parks, museums, malls self or just walking around town but with my complicity, or rather to me taste, said Viky,

he liked to wear either shorts or pants thin fabric and tight that made him look their increasingly bulging buttocks revealing well marked their tiny thongs,

to say nothing of their necklines that housed now in brassieres very short and clear her breasts almost wanted to leave, good heated we shook just to see how many men they ate through the eyes and back home to discuss the events we put on good raunchy,

and take as if it were the first time. And so, when one of these occasions I reminded him that we had previously talked about the meeting with Damien;

I replied, my love I told you that what you say and I will dispongas to please you and me to where you want to arrive and kissed me very tenderly, adding, whenever you want and dispongas love.

And just a Tuesday we were back home, in the city center !,

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Oh what a surprise, we find Antonio, my childhood friend, was with Sarita, his mother; we were very happy, after all this time, as thirteen, see each other again; present to my wife, Sarita was glad to meet you, and certainly Toño, who very politely said: I congratulate Juanito,

you have a really beautiful wife, I tell you with respect, ma’am, reaffirmed, you are very gallant Antonio , my wife replied with a slightly flirtatious smile; Sarita and as 45-year-old looked gorgeous and although age-appropriate clothes, not lost its appeal,

Toño, I barbaric, took me fifteen centimeters tall and as he continued with the sport of swimming, his body looked moderately athletic. after the greeting were to see us on Sunday for a walk so I said goodbye with a commitment to see us promptly at eleven o’clock for lunch.

Back home, on the road, Viky silent, affection happens ?, I asked, I see quiet and thoughtful, if my love answered, I come thinking about your friend, oh yes, what happens? impressed you look ?,

yes, is very polite and attentive, and very attractive, and her mother, say not very nice; and I spoke of the great friendship we had from guys, of course, omitting the secret between Sarita and I were silent for about ten minutes until again interrupted his silence to Viky, you keep thinking about it,

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he immediately said, well I think I was impressed at the time that I asked him my love, and if I asked you coquetearas with him to take you to bed, would accept, my love, she said, and expected me you asked and clear if it is to please you, so as I promised,

so we continue the discussion by agreeing how to start our first erotic adventure, of course I mentioned that I would be present and given the situation, to participate, she gladly accept saying, my love, not know how much it will please you and if I have to do with the two, you will fulfill your taste, I told you what you ask me gladly take pleasure. So we got home.

On Thursday I contact Antonio hotel where they were staying, he replied Sarita saying he had gone out, that did not take, so while we talk, of course,

I replied, so I commented that her husband had died a year and medium, always remembered me and gave pleasure having found that since I was alone had not been with anyone, good man said, you will remember that if my husband was hardly ever;

Juanito if not commit any problem, but I want to be with you, now you’re a real man and the truth still liking me, but I see complicated, right?

Sunday Sarita not we go for a walk, and will be an opportunity to separate ourselves from Toño and my wife, okay? okay, I said, ah, arrives Antonio,

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you step horn, gave me pleasure to greet, soon, soon I replied. Hello Toño said that new Juanito, nice to say hello, hello, I said, apologetically that is reckless, it’s almost ten p.m., not going, said Tono, well,

I told him is that I promised my wife call I insisted much to ensure that there were to cancel our Sunday stroll, no, it seems that you impressed much; I talked about how good friends we’ve always been and every time I ask who you are? where you live, with whom, finally, I’ve noticed.

as stated somewhat riotous, well Tono, excuse me for platicarte this, but as you go and you will remain my best friend does not want you incomodaras so I’m telling my wife, and purposely wanted shalt not take offense if she will shows your liking, well, you’re my friend and I for one would not inconvenience is more, I would like that not will reject, of course, as far as you wanted to reach,

for one sole desire to please my wife fantasize about you and where appropriate, only if you want it, give it a little close attention, I understand Toño ?, of course she does not know what I’m commenting, of course I understand and believe me for me will be a pleasure, but Juanito, regardless whatever happens, we will remain friends?

clear answer him, friends as ever. we are well on Sunday, and after lunch there if we go somewhere to share the day with Sarita, your mom, of course, on Sunday, BY see you.

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