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When I got home I did not tell Viky my conversation with Toño so I arrived on Sunday and prepared to go to the appointment; my wife put on a skirt called inverted V line,

only about 15 cm. above her knees-white and thin fabric kept insinuating discreetly she wore her favorite thong, bottomless,

allowing him slightly bring the division of their already prominent buttocks, an open front very discreet but suggestive blouse her two breasts housed in a brassier that only served to levantárselas more,

since hardly could see the aura of her breasts and that if looked her two nipples that early were fully erect, high shoes that gave the touch perfectly well end of an exquisitely seductive body. And with casual pants and a T-shirt fashion.

punctually arrived at the hotel, where already waiting for us Tono and Sarita, his mother, seeing us get down the stairs to get to my car, what a barbarian, then I talked my wife,

Toño wore a sports pants style of playing tennis , blue sky and thin fabric and front was drawing, leaning toward his left his cock and without being erecta, he showed himself a good size Viky saw it, I touched his elbow saying my love , you saw ?,

donlot bokep indo

did not have time to answer because I got out to greet and welcome; Sarita, as always very elegant one-piece dress lightly on his knees, V-neck with the first loose button, very thin fabric but walking between her buttocks could be seen also wore thong, then slightly got into his through its beautiful buttocks.

The walk was wonderful first lunch as we left; it was a place on the field quite nature and motivated us to talk of a thousand and one thing until too late so we went back to feel appetite,

courtesy and knowing that, the invited us to go to my house to eat something, but of course, before we had to go to the supermarket to supply the pantry of the week and would take advantage to buy something to prepare, we were very happy and laughing back,

towards the city and my home when Sarita told us, you know, I feel tired, I let me upon entering the city, take a taxi and you can follow in your house Juanito, I’m in a taxi;

when I realized what I wanted Sarita so I interrupted: Well, that seems to them if I leave Toño and my wife at the supermarket, while shopping the pantry I take Sarita to the hotel and back for you to, my wife also got the message so he came forward to say: do not worry, my love,

Toño and I can go by taxi, so you do not pressure with traffic, he added, must be heavy, I think good idea interrupted serves that if they go ahead the first snack or snack, so well brought agreement and arriving at super Toño and my wife got out of the car and drove away, Sarita head over here on, it did and headed to the hotel.

During the trip, which lasted about fifteen minutes was remembering how my wife settlement, as it was Sunday and day, he said, only a simple arrangement,

donlot bokep indo

however her cheeks radiated a natural color wet; his lips barely noticed sensually colored fleshy; his state of happy, cheerful mood, we had fabulous, Sarita said you Mejer, John, is really lovely, and go if I knew it, and Toño his presence was simply seductive, every word, expression or body movement exuded a halo of delicate eroticism and without saying word, practically he was delivering ahead of us.

These thoughts and what they would be doing at the moment I began to warm after that I started to stop the cock; when you think he asked Sarita, how nice that I find this reunion,

I lied, however, Sarita also looked spectacular, yet their close fifty years know Juanito continued, I am eager to be with you, as I mentioned by phone since my husband died I have been in total abstinence, we, I interrupted you raise me? he asked, of course, I said and after parking the car, we went to his room.

Just shut the door Sarita approached me, looking me straight in the eyes tenderly; John, you are no longer that boy, we already know; his eyes watered slightly, walked over to join her breasts to my chest and the ear whispering told me, fuck me John,

take me, do not know how much I want to have a cock inside my pussy, put your lips to mine, he cracked open ofreciéndomelos, I loa accepted and we melted into a hot kiss, she sucked my tongue, I sucked my lips for some time, his breathing sounded agitated as we unite our sexes,

donlot bokep indo

palpitating expected to be rewarded; kissed him, and facing his neck, my tongue was rosando her throat, I went down to her breasts, and can not stand Juanito told me, ayyyyy happy I do, ayyyyyy !,

turned his back to me and repaying hard their buttocks my cock, I continued with my kisses on her neck, in her ears, was already too horny so that the bottom of his back with both hands you take your hips to lean and paste even more my cock in her buttocks on her dress,

Sarita took my hands to her breasts posarlas, OOH! that the surprise felt good size, nothing hanging, is the pet sobe the dress while, she just moaned; I was releasing each of the buttons, slowly, slowly, until I could open it completely and what BARBARA SARITA, IF THESE GOOD GOOD!

In the same position we were ran my hands to waist Sarita. and pulled her towards me, I felt her buttocks making my member who seemed to jump out of pants that was so erect,

posarlas got my hands up on her big breasts and gently imprisoning I asked you like Sarita? you is nice clear ?, I reply, do not know how I need, I pressed closer to my Sarita while.

He is rubbing her prominent buttocks my thing; I kissed her ears, licked the tip of his right ear, now I took her hips, lower hands to her buttocks and kissing and rubbing my wet tongue his neck contorted delirious with pleasure, moaning and her breathing He told me: and Juanito, fuck me,

I want to feel your cock and your eggs inside my shell !.

That what they were seeing beautiful my eyes, in the panoramic mirror in front of us the most exquisitely erotic image he had seen, Sarita was reflected.

donlot bokep indo

She wore a beautiful black, transparent bikini; the thong, that although black, let see that dark mantle of his abundant pubic beautiful but delicately cut in such a perfect triangle he had ever seen; her breasts were two volcanoes still imprisoned by my hands,

shyly hidden in a brief release wanting to support and submit to my touch. Sarita. sighed, she wailed: ahhh !, what a treat, that make me happy Juanito.

Sarita turned to me and taking me with his right hand on my neck, pulled me toward her and her lips between open I offered them, while his right hand grabbed my testicles, my body and stroking it gently kissed my lips ardently he sucked my tongue introduced his my mouth;

I wailed hot, lustful, lowered my face to her breasts Sarita lentando the right, as I could into my mouth and tongue gave circular motions to her nipple, feeling this Sarita shuddered and delirious almost shouted: no pairs Juanito, my love, these clouds up to me !, not even that rich suck me !, mámamelas more there! Let me breasts tasty !.

Then Sarita detached my belt and slowly lowered my pants, part of his cheek almost with his mouth brushed my penis,

I shuddered at the thought that I was going to suck, but continued, he took off his shirt and now gripped my breasts, kissed her long, alternately licked and taking each of my nipples he also got into the mouth, returning the game nibbled, he licked his tongue giving a circular motion.

donlot bokep indo

I went over and lay down on the bed his body seething with desire, passion; I went to Sarita who greeted me with her legs wide open, completely naked;

I kissed her eyes closed and was moving toward the center of your pleasure, we kissed again in the ears, neck while whispering so lovely that was the size of her breasts and her rich bizcochito, and so continued my caresses wet, went through her nipples sucked her breasts prominent lentando as possible in the mouth for a long time until they were in a state of full erection.

Finally, you reach the coveted place: Sarita.

He took me by the neck and made me dip on Mount Venus your bizcochito, instantly Sarita. spread her legs and what I saw made me almost came, his precious framed in a black kills abundant sex beautiful, it was the biggest and most delicious he had ever had; delicious cake that have Sarita,

I said as his hand on my neck I push her saying: Juanito Take it, it’s all yours I eat it make me happy!

I put my hands under his exquisite buttocks turned my lips to this rich delicacy and passion and desire I rushed to kiss, lick and bite feeling an inexpressible pleasure, while she writhed with joy without separating his right hand was neck, while He left frantically stroking her breasts.

Tongue slowly savored every corner of exquisite vagina and she entranced me with both hands pressed to his sex avoiding withdraw me.

donlot bokep indo

Only R. touching her clitoris befell the first and most violent orgasm that had touched me cause;

He began moaning and mumbling: thought I would never see you again Juanito it, follow me you’re doing very happy.! Ah, ah, ah, that rich you do me !, that beautiful, still, do not stop, you’re sucking me divine !, oh, that rich !,

Oooh what a treat! while he arching his body to fully eat me your cake.

Finally, he asked: metemela and, please, I want it all in! Make me yours! I want to feel you inside of me! I wear a long time waiting for this !.

I immediately placed the condom front spread her legs took my cock between his right hand and leading him hurriedly introduced to the bottom, disappeared completely in her wet and hot sex.

I started my game; He slipped it and pulled him toward a circular motion, input, output, in and out! circular motion again came to the bottom of his ass feeling that came to each envestida were long minutes to enjoy Sarita. in this position;

donlot bokep indo

I took it to get it out with his right hand and masturbated his cake, whispering Sarita asked me: do not take it out! Everything !, fuck me all up inside, how nice these fucking me, you are what both wanted it, follow maaaas move !, máaaaaas !, put it all !, all! and almost drives me crazy when I said hold still! and he gave me a good dose of vaginal contractions that gave the impression of wanting to eat my penis, which delight that amazing feeling to feel his throbbing sex imprisoning my body, I continued moving slowly, enjoying that beautiful feeling to see, to have Sarita. completely naked and giving; venting his repressed passion; I was accelerating the pace as requested by Sarita:

Juan faster, Faster … more … more, more, maaas !; How rich feel!

Let Juanito rich catch.! you are the best!!!! ah, ah, ah! I come papi! I come I papacito you, you, you rich! Maaaas! Máaaaas! Everyone put it, everything.! There, there, maaas! How beautiful you do me !, that rich you take me my love.! move more, fast, fast maaas, put it all maaaas! Everyone mmmáaaaas! ! AAAAAAAyyyyyyy !!!!!! !!!!! AAAAAAAAyyyyyyyyyy !, is coming, it’s coming, it’s coming! PAPI I WILL COME, COME ME, AYYYYYYYYYYY !, yaaaaaa.


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