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Let me introduce myself, my name is not you going to say for reasons that everyone will understand,

I am 22 years old and this happened to me makes one, until that sexually time was not an expert,

virgin was not but because they compete in mountain biking I do not have much time for girls,

although to be fit and be guapete as occasionally fished something,

until it happened what all the guys want, I slept with a woman,

One afternoon finished my training mountain-bike I went to my house,

once you get to the portal call intercom again and again,

it seemed that he had gone to spoil the handset, as it should be my little brother at home,

coincidentally arrived my neighbor Marga shopping and prepared to help her get the purchase, but refused my help

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Thanks, but you must be very tired, you have to do is go home and take a shower, that you look very sweaty,

today’ve run muchisimo- with what I set out to climb to house and take a shower, I had hit me good beating.

Call and called but my brother was gone and I had left hanging because my parents did not return until several hours,

so for some time I started doing stretching exercises on the landing, but fortunately again emerged figure Marga,

she is 43 years old, but my mother cared, all my friends we were quedados with her, was short,

but kept the line and had tits returning us crazy, his face still had a youthful look, but with a touch of vicious,

he had small legs, but they were fully fit.

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He asked me what I was doing and I explain it, asked me because it made him home and said I had left hanging,

so he invited me into his house to get some water and rest,

and that given my clothing few things could do because my cyclist wearing brightly colored suit,

shoes, glasses … ‘to go to the park to wait !! In! tré in the kitchen and I offered you

-who has seen and who sees you, if nothing were a kid and here you are, a man-made

looking a bit lewdly, but I thought that look was only in my imagination,

at which time a button blouse she wore off, and began to take things out of the purchase,

when picking things not bent, but that made him top, leaving bare her breasts, being pretty loose blouse,

even in one of those gathered, back to me, I gave a beautiful vision, beautiful ass,

being able to see the end of her stockings, I was already starting to rant and I was starting to get rolling pin,

and as he wore the shorts I had to sit not be surprised.

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Once finished putting everything in place he told me that I laid aside the top of the suit,

which would bring me a towel and a shirt, to which I agreed, I indicated that was me the room and saw the TV,

she it would change and return the shirt.

Once in the room I started to look at pictures and I remembered that Marga was divorcing her husband,

and started to come to my head all kinds of ideas, but of course I was the head …. until I saw her,

it had only a wide shirt that covered her hips miracle, so in a momentín put me back playful cock.

She gave me the shirt and sat on the couch with me, stood on the other side of the sofa, made me,

with legs on my knees, I could see her panties, it was 100 and was afraid I would surprise with my excitement.

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We started talking about the typical, my studies, friends, and asked me how I was going my cycling career,

until the time came when he asked me if I hurt when I pluck, I said yes,

that was the worst had she asked me the next time she would depilase me, now look like would not hurt me,

because I had more time doing and warned me that I was lucky.

At the moment, not as I began to suck one of his feet, slowly, finger by finger, giving a massage,

when I raised my eyes and she was touching her boobs and getting a finger in her mouth,

she watched as he watched and started sucking his thumb as if my dick,

so I really got the verge of a stroke of good he got up and pulled down the shorts, and started magrearme cock,

slowly I was in heaven, I started noticing as his tongue ran my cocoon and began mamármela,

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put my cock across her mouth, and began a somewhat aggressive suction,

saw that had long without trying one of these when I noticed that I was going to run, time which she began to suck even faster,

I pulled my cock from her mouth and I ran across her face,

she began to collect all my semen from her face and suck, when you take to take away the whole culotte ,,

she was squat when I took her hand and went to bed at her feet COMENZA! We kissed again.

Come, follow by Diossssss-.

At which time started screaming so I thought that at any moment would come a neighbor to see what happened,

I think it came, because it demerged from his rabbit one liquidillo quickly sucked and sucked,

at which point I pulled her face your rabbit, he began to touch my hair, and whispered in his ear

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-This is all- .

At that moment I remembered that I had not seen her tits,

when I took the opportunity to remove his shirt and began to massage her tits very aggressively,

while she ate me a little lips, then started again to kiss and my mouth he started down,

go through your cleavage and took a few nibbles on one of her nipples, when I blurted

n Let’s see if you manage cock as well as the tongue. n She took command of the action and again I sucked,

when he saw he was hard enough, she opened her legs and without saying anything I started to shove,

I do not cost anything because we were both so excited that our fluids sexual facilitated us all,

I felt I had a totally wet and excited for my wife started asking me to do it faster.

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n More, more. nn When I noticed that I was coming, I grabbed my ass and gripped tightly to whether,

preventing could, noting how compressed the pussy again and again on my dick,

I leave you free again and continue with fucking and again asked me to came to the bottom, something I could do,

I began to touch the breasts, at which point I pushed violently and turned me around,

when he started jinetearme jumping like crazy, my god,

the vision of her boobs loose jumping from side to side exc me! he Ito much more.

From the way my life has changed, we maintain a small sexual relationship hidden from everyone,

so that you can get an idea when I see it from my yard and wearing my culotte means that wants war and now on my new computer already smell something,

because she comes to visit me in many competitions, and it shows that it is not my mother or my aunt,

I just say it’s a family friend, but nothing is further from reality.

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