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The day passed with the same tedious and laxity of the previous day with the exception of the effects the sun on the skin of my friend, visibly flushed.

modosita and undisguised, applied a generous layer of sunscreen and also,

you know that I have the skin tanned by the sun baths and sunlamp sessions I usually give me

like being all brunette. know that you also like it is.

Luchy reappeared accompanied by those two specimens of the whitest smile and marked musculature. We dined four in a commotion of people and then we went for a drink.

One was because I took my friend took them all others with great joy of our companions.

The hotel just these two plasticized apprentice seducer.

Luchy kept going from one to another putting his hand under pants and manoseándoles cock.

left to me by one of the two difficult to distinguish by the similarity between the two, then I knew they were brothers.

It was obvious that they wanted to fuck anyway, triumph last night with my friend had encouraged them to repeat and also with two women.

So soon we were both naked, on all fours on the bed, facing each other and a cock in and out of pussy.

In one of the swings I touched my face with my friend the next onslaught kissed me on the mouth tongue ducking everything he could.

It was my first kiss woman. The two brothers realized, put us and tempo for his thrusts so that we could eat the mouth.

They ran fast; only had time to orgasm, even Alfonsito is so fast. Luchy even ran. So the two, excited and dissatisfied,

we continue kissing and getting closer to our knees.

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Luciana down kissing my body to the tits that ate me to get me the sweetest orgasm.

He had barely recovered when we breath the two brothers returned to place as if we were dolls, swords on the bed, her legs and pussy crisscross one against the other.

was felt the touch and the two started moving, rubbing our.

The caderazos Luciana were strong, pushing hard, as if to get her pussy into mine.

Meanwhile, the two boys of the dentifrice smile they put us cock in the mouth.

Mine also squeezed my tits as if to turn up the volume of my moans.

That means lesbian polvazo leave me a bit disoriented despite the pleasure it produced.

had repeated immediately if that guy had not ducking cock in the mouth and tormenting the teat.

As I could I went without a shower or anything, was such a rush I left my panties.


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