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And you had commented the proposal of my uncle the people to sleep with my cousin rare.

I had set myself the encontradiza for a weekend, that would leave us alone at home, if I took a powder, or it was,

and give him the joy of his life. Took to respond and although not usually take so long to decide at the prospect of a powder,

this is a special case, it is a family member, I know that my uncle and my nephews are also but for me is not the same,

We also remember as a child, very pale, shy until exhaustion and always under the skirts of her oppressive,

domineering and bossy mother. I have the image of that small child, black hair with bangs, black eyes, white skin,

black dress, black skirt caught her mother yet.

I accepted fuck him because he assumed childhood besides not had sex and you know that I love deflowered uncles and aunts.

When I accepted the assignment, I asked the guy to help me and planned a very simple action plan, our uncle would receive us,

accommodate us, would argue an emergency and you go leaving us alone the rest of the weekend.

With all that bothered me was the confession of my uncle I liked the cousin,

not crave crushes me because they often lead to undesirable consequences.

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The weekend agreed arrived on Friday afternoon, cousin come Saturday morning.

Uncle accommodated me in the guest room and only allowed me a blow job, would not make love.

You must be very willing limpita and tomorrow he said as pants down and put my cock in her mouth.

I did my best to the task and I swallowed it all making a thorough cleaning.

That night we slept each in his bed, naked as always, and the bed clothes, hoping that my uncle walked through the night and make love as he knows.

But nothing happened that night.

The next morning I awoke to hear voices, I put on a pretty thin fabric batita and went to meet the visitor.

It was my cousin who was no longer quite as he remembered, it is true that it was very black hair with the same even shorter bangs,

black and deep eyes, white skin, dressed in black but there was something different than I liked.

The expression on his face was pleasant and attractive. Well, also it is tall and athletic.

We greeted each other with a kiss on each cheek. I hugged him squeezing lightly against your body letting my breasts crushed against his chest.

I noticed his face flush and his eyes fixed when I left remained in the ways of my breasts under the fabric batita.

She blushed even more and was even more embarrassed when I started up the stairs ahead of them made the rooms.

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While undid the luggage, uncle and I went down to the kitchen and I trusted that he was very cut.

‘Do not uncle, I see very panoli not know I can do, I fear panic.

Do not worry, the times I’ve coaxed him he looked forward though timid said my uncle dismissively.

I do not know-and I continued not know if I’ll be up to it.

Of course you are, you have the experience and desire, you’re a good fucker.

But I do not think I’m the right woman.

No one better than a fox family to espabilarlo – concluded and whispering because the cousin and down the stairs.

I like to treat me bitch and call me a bitch niece, but only my uncle.

He had changed clothes, more informal and was not black, it was dark gray.

‘Why do not you wear and you are going to walk a while while I do some things? said Uncle.

I got a pretty light dress, with nothing underneath, and left. We walked all morning, slowly walked around the village.

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I jumped, I bent down, I let my breasts free move, which came out, laughing, the neckline of the dress, I let the wind lifted her skirt,

but nothing. Only she blushed, which made me realize I had seen what I had wanted him to teach and to react, but not enough, not as I wanted.

Nor he touched me.

We returned to the house and when I told the guy the result of the ride, Uncle reassured me offhandedly saying it was too timid.

n the afternoon we went to the beach and back we find the guy who said he had emerged a matter,

She had to leave and would return the next day in the afternoon. We noted that there was food in the oven and refrigerator.

He came to ask me patience but I insisted that I had taken the bikini insinuating that had and had put topless sun.

I told him that he had even chased down the beach with Teyas the air and I had completely stripped to dress when you go.

The truth is that another had fucked me right there when I put the ass a few centimeters from her face as I took off my bikini panties,

on the other hand is the most transparent I have. When I turned to him, absolutely naked,

pussy completely shaved a couple of feet from his face I saw completely flushed and eyes about to pop out.

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I thought fuck me right there but nothing, made no attempt, even when approached the thigh to the shift lever car for him to touch him.

I arrived at the uncle’s house with a huge desire to fuck.

Give him time, I know he likes you and you may be scared ‘I apologize displease my uncle.

Well Take him aside and encourage him to fuck me.

He asked her to accompany him to the car and said something on the way to the garage nodding toward the house.

When the cousin returned did so with an intriguing look.

Well it seems that we are left alone.

Yeah, the guy had to go -and I continued Now we have to do something the two of us to not get bored.

A sparkled in his eyes made me hope of a night of sex.

So I took the opportunity to tell him that would rise to shower and took off my dress beach at the foot of the stairs climbed naked.

cari film bokep

I left the bathroom door open whence I came out naked from the shower, but no one saw me. I got another summer dress,

enerous neckline, very short and filmy, fine cloth that was transparently a bit but it was masked by the flowery pattern.

At the bottom I saw the table set with dinner and I made too many illusions to finish dozing on the couch with a tit out,

the skirt lifted to show enough of the pussy pussy apretadita between the thighs and a huge desire to cock.

Morning, noon and Sunday afternoon was a carbon copy of what happened that night.

My cousin and I continually blushing with a mad desire to fuck but reserving for lelo cousin who had been my lot and I was not able to get to take the first step to deflower

The cousin was mid-afternoon and arriving uncle told him everything, I made a detailed account of what happened,

all my attempts and efforts to motivate him.

Well I am he likes you much, you’re his ideal woman, who very attractive and desirable result.

Yeah, it is so but has not tried to fuck me but it became very easy.

Well you’ll have to try another time agreed And another weekend like that after I return from my summer vacation.

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As we had too much time just to take the train to the city where I live, the guy did not make me love and decided to call desahogara Juanra to me,

I knew that Alfonso was not in town. The excuse was a domestic breakdown.

The fact is that Juanra and took off his pants when you close the door and fucked me right there, standing in the hallway.

I wanted so much sex, noticed something between my legs, I ran me even before my tuck,

only to grab my ass and sliding his cock from the buttocks to the entrance of the vagina began my first orgasm of the night. definitely I burst when I squeezed tits with those hands so skille

. I ran profusely after a weekend that had arranged to fuck and I had done a bad or straw

As always in makeshift powders cock thoroughly clean it with all the delicacy of my tongue is capable of. I know that causes you turn to run but I love that to happen in my mouth.

Time passed, many powders, many screws, much lovemaking, many conversations with my uncle.

During that time I visited a lot, every two weeks went home, made love and then dust talked and planned the meeting should be the final to fuck me cousin.

Even we pretended that he was the cousin and we made love. We were testing various options and concluded the action plan.

cari film bokep

The day chosen would be very direct, I would ask you to fuck me. I tried it with Uncle even knowing it would not be the same.

But so did Uncle love me, one of the things I like best in the world.

That weekend I slept with the guy and fuck before adormirnos was a very sweet powder.

Also we fuck at dawn, when the guy woke me up and asked him Uncle Make me love And I did deliciously.

I was in the bathroom properly aseándome get pussy when I heard cousin. He was surprised to see me appear covered only with a towel.

‘You know where you have the room said Uncle referring to the cousin.

I followed him and did not wait, I went after him and closed the door, I dropped the towel and showed me naked, I slowly turned around an entire exhibiting myself

-You like me? I said with a pout.

-Yes Yes Yes . He stammered nervously.

I approached, I took his arms, kissed him slowly in the mouth. It was left to do even more for me stupefied that liability.

I squeezed and I offered to. -¡Fóllame Fool!

Answered How amazed.

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That fuck me, throw me a powder, you do love me, whatever you want but make me feel pleasure.

He hurriedly began to undress and I turned to the dresser on which had left a couple of condoms along with the towel.

I had time to turn around, rushed me, took my breasts squeezing them so hard that hurt me.

While he was crushed against me making me advance the trunk and pulling out the ass who oppressed his hip.

I realized that he had just removed his trousers. I noticed his hard cock looking between my buttocks.

Without time to react I felt the hardness of his deslizándoseme member between the thighs and entering me in one motion.

Ni, or a metesaca, nothing but an animal roar and a huge run that I noticed spilling outside the vagina like a bottle of champagne that has been shaken before opening move.

Everything lasted no more than a few seconds.

But it took much less to take the suitcase and run downstairs to get away before the astonished gaze of my uncle.

I got naked behind him, with their run going off my pussy and slid down my thighs.

cari film bokep

-What happened? asked Uncle both.

The cousin did not answer and hurried leaving the door open to closed inquisitive looking guy. I explained in great detail what had happened.

-¡Vaya! As it has aconejado you. You has made a full-fledged mounted. ‘I explained that I had mounted, as do males with females, among rabbits.

‘I left a good memory said pointing to the pussy semen was letting out my cousin had deposited in that bestial run into me Get dressed you come with me, he concluded.

I refused because I knew I would go to see her Susana and did not want to be a nuisance,

I know it is her lover, the woman making love in addition to your favorite niece

Although I wanted to know I declined the offer, explaining the reason and assuring him that would be fine alone,

I knew people in the village.

He frowned and made me promise I would not go with anyone With that macarra not ever, go into bad business.

cari film bokep

I assured him that he preferred quality sex and that time had only been to laugh a little.

All right, but do not forget to wipe good pussy that looks like a drinking fountain ducks.

I showered and was a good time washing my pussy to take my milt that daubed and still flowing between the lips of the vulva.

properly clean up took me a good time fregoteo, stimulating and exciting, I had several orgasms in the shower I continued on my bed before deciding what to do.

It rained so much that I stayed for the whole weekend at home, accompanied by my little faithful friends who had providently brought with me.

When the uncle arrived he found me naked on the living room couch making me a little job with a vibrator.

He calmly left his bag on the floor, undressed, sat on the couch beside me, took me in and made me place vibrator on it.

I let his dick entered me right in and I started to move slowly, up and down, stretching the journey, deepening all, rotating the hip.

The guy did nothing, just watched me until I began to sigh, closed his eyes, hugged me and then give me a kiss on the forehead told me.

Susana wants to meet you.

cari film bokep

We ran to time, it was a great orgasm, I was on it and remember the day that Susan would know me.

We did not speak again, I showered, dressed and took me to the station. That night did not call neither Alfonso nor Juanra.

Neither my little friends out of her drawer.

Then time later, I had other encounters with my cousin but that I’ll tell you another time.

Q. tries to fulfill the order of his uncle to bed and have sex with her cousin.

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