bokep film jebang

The images on the movie screen is succeeded one another,

the title of the film had not seen or had interest in him;

in the rush to enter the room he had only managed to buy two tickets and no matter anything else.

He did not want people to see the lady, so the age difference,

the fact that it was the mother of one of his friends, as well as by their physical characteristics,

it is not explained how he had agreed to meet with her or how he was in a sex date,

YES !; trapped, an appointment for a lady who was the mother of one of his friends in the neighborhood.

She was short, cheerful eyes and a pleasant smile, her small body, which could well be below 1.50 meters;

He had some proper distribution; a nice butt protruding from its small size

and a pair of tits than 42 years and still having nursed two children,

maintained an upright posture and denoting a desirable softness, but; there was not what ….


something that made that quote to feel like something that should not happen.

The screen continued to show pictures prohibited for minors,

the beautiful nurse attending to sick grandfather of the protagonist,

as he was seen behind the curtain by the father of our hero and the sexy nurse in a white uniform,

tightly cloistered a couple delicious tits; preparing the injection to the patient and immediately felt a pinch that nearly drew a piece of the fleshy buttocks,

a typical scene of forbidden under the age of 18 the famous Italian actress Gloria not know what,

had shot to the delight of millions of morbid spectators as our Sergio,

but this time did not pay one bit of attention to the movie in your mind other images were projected.

Among distant thoughts and bustle of the cinema hall,

Sergio was surprised by a hand clutching his right leg and whispered in his ear that

it was time to leave the theater and showed that anxiety took possession of the tiny and horny lady.


He Wait a little longer, I thought I saw a friend over here near …

The pretext was but a weak argument that would allow him to delay a little event seemed inevitable,

did not know I expected; but he had the forlorn hope that something would happen, something …

The flimsy reasoning boy seemed to ignite new forward in the little greedy,

he increased the desire and prepared to ensure dam hunting without more ruthlessly

pounced on Sergio and taking his cheek as he walked to his mouth and planted a kiss

licked his lips trembling, corresponded in a somewhat cold but at the same time a timid desire awoke.

Hungry little woman set arouse desire in the sympathetic young

and subtly fit the fingertips on the inner thigh, causing a feeling hitherto unknown to Sergio;

it felt earrings ovoid contracted into the pubis and a spasm dam made her back and moving his chest,

which made instantly shuddered and forced him to make a nervous smile.

Fuck !!! …. what is this?

Ha ha ha … It’s just a teaspoon of a delicious feast awaits you.


If it was clear that the tiny lady knew them all and that the session could be interesting,

but Sergio still reminiscing about the time that had started it all, that night he had casually upright as their savior,

El Salvador of a declared victim of two drunken wedding guests in which the disputed like the prey of that night,

maybe one, maybe two could have cojérsela, the drinks too were complicit in a safe fuck that he had avoided.

Unintentionally, he appeared in a secluded corner of the party,

looking for a quiet place to think about how to reconcile with his girl,

were not coming out right things with it and worst of all,

it was really in love and it was then that arose silhouettes of three people and as the eye grew accustomed to the darkness in the corner,

could recognize the mother of his friend, the tiny lady was being groped by two drunk and she almost no resistance,

only reached to issue a guttural sounds, but clearly understandable.

He realized that if he did not intervene, the lady would be forced to hold massive meat did not want,

one of the drunks kissed the victim and hands magreaba thoroughly each of the breasts hanging over the bloodied dress,

while the second He was violating the bottom of the little woman,

fondled her legs with one hand and with the other tried to pull down pants

and insisted on introducing his head toward the miraculous cave was all a violent show.

Shit! … What happens here? … Hell, let go of that woman !!!

The order was loud and impressive and the players stood on the spot directing their guilty looks towards the sound source,


fear made instantly she was released the victim, but recognizing that the owner of the order was not a lad ,

the excited drunks tried to retake his victim and intimidate the quijotezco hero,

but the intoxication of them was a factor in favor of the savior and as wobbly headed threatening to Sergio,

who shoved managed to fall the first of them and second he realized that could come with losing,

in addition to his kinship with the girlfriend would not leave very good standing if a scandal was given,

so he chose to leave there things and argued a weak excuse that Sergio did not in the slightest attention.

The little woman proceeded to accommodate your clothes and panting expressed words of thanks that were barely audible,

sounded despair, to shame, to discouragement.

Thanks young, I would have not happened if you. are not appeared over here …

This Doña Margarita well?

Ah … is you Sergito, shame on you!

The dress had been damaged as a nightie, because the neckline was razgado and almost halved the garment,

such ferocity that had attacked the drunks, so much so;


the brazier had torn completely and not inconsiderable breasts of the little woman hung stripped of its bracket and you showed Sergio in all its fullness

until Mrs. managed to accommodate them as best he could and joined to accommodate the rest of their clothing.

The young man could not help feeling a kind of desire to appreciate the attributes of until a few moments victim,

and that animal instinct that unveiling a wild feeling that we all keep inside our being

and protested that some have more developed to the extent to bloom to the surface.

The little woman came to him and begged him to accompany her to her home,

fearing that the drunkards were waiting somewhere and completed his misdeed.

Sergio thought the lady was right and also the party for him meant nothing interesting,

so he agreed to accompany her to her inn and checking; also the lady had taken a few drinks.

Probably in his inebriated would have caused a wild desires on their attackers, you never know;

but the truth is that the head of the young some crazy ideas that savior,

would go on to become recipient of favors crossed the little woman.

A new sense of guilt came over him and tried to convince himself that he must behave like a gentleman,

and limited to protect the tiny lady, that nothing would happen and everything ended there.


But what I did not imagine was that Margaret had planned something else for him,

possibly the lady if she had experienced some sense of pleasure to be violated by the two drunkards, maybe yes had caused,

will never be known, but it sure if he experienced something, something experienced.

They left without saying goodbye to anyone and boarded a taxi that took them to the house of the lady,

a deathly silence reigned almost all the way.

From time to time the lady sighs were detected and Sergio looked askance to realize the state of her,

who was lost in thoughts and sadness that had probably been caused by the attempted rape.

Sergito, I want to ask you a favor.

Yes, tell me Doña Margarita.

Please do not leave you to comment to anyone about today, I do not want my children to know.

No problem, nobody will know.

Thanks, do not know how to pay you.

It’s nothing, do not worry.


The night was still young, the husband of the little woman was traveling,

the children always come back later and therefore, the house was empty

and no one could see it in the state returning from the ill-fated wedding party of the daughter of one of her friends.

Seems to be a common denominator among the victims of such acts, to remain silent on the matter,

I guess survival instinct.

They got off the taxi that had transported them and headed toward the house, Sergio made sure that Mrs.

penetrate her and started to leave, when suddenly the little woman stumbled

and fell face down on the threshold of the room,

the reaction of young was immediate and bent to help the little woman, while asked about their status.

Doña Margarita happens, it feels good?

Yeah, yeah, I’m fine; just a little dizzy.

Sa has hurt? Let me help.

Thanks, I’m ok; Help me up.


The little woman was drunk yet, or so it seemed;

so Sergio was provided as support for her to be incorporated while the rear,

Margarita pushed the door shut with a clever maneuver,

was pulling her cleavage to allow tits freed and show the young man who accompanied all in one was carried out with the speed of lightning.

Sergito, you’ll have to help me; I do not hold up.

Sure, no problem; I help her.

It looks like I overdid it in the cups, shame.

Do not worry, it happens sometimes.

The dialogue arose and the view of the two did not waste any time,

Sergio did not take his eyes off the bare breasts of Margarita,

while hugging her toward her bedroom,

while the little woman admired the lump that was forming below boy pants,

The erection became dormant and the bodies of the two increased in temperature.


Under the pretext of grab safely, Sergio passed his left arm beneath Margarita,

so that his hand reached the side of her left breast by stealth,

while Margarita moved his right hand to touch the bulk of the young ,

both leading to an imminent fornication, concealed, desired and why not say; premeditated.

In the bedroom, Sergio deposited her on the bed and grabbed the lady’s waist young

and emitting plaintive woes upon his shameful state, sickness that ailed and more absurdities.

Sergito Oh, that bad I feel.

And you are going to spend and feel better.

If I think so, but do not go yet, do not leave me alone.

But it’s getting late, and they will come their children.

No, they always come late and do not want to be alone.

He spoke and clutched the waist of Sergio, while the cheek fingered the notorious bulk of the young,

who took the opportunity to touch him gently, while Sergio unable to see tits Margarita

trying to move the hand he had placed on the back it, up to the rising of the boob left side, the fever dam of the two was made.


I think it’s time to go, you can get someone and think evil.

No, do not leave yet, wait a little while.

Knowing he had to act fast, the little woman collapsed on the bed flopping back and taking the back of his hand to his forehead,

which made the torn neckline raised a breast and pointed to Sergio parallel I raise one knee

and I discovered this movement with pink bloomer that allowed to show the beautiful shell and the lower pair of her delicious buttocks,

a blatant maneuver fémina excited.

Ayyyyy … .the head is spinning, I feel bad.

The young man knew he did not respond, only managed to delight in the box exhibitionism that is offered;

short legs dangled in front of him and the little woman’s arm is wobbling

and transmitting the movement to the teat discovered and imprisoned by the neck,

immediately afterwards the body of Mrs. turned 180 degrees to show the other half ,;

as if trying to convince the customer that the merchandise is worth the cost is called for, the cost of youth sexuality.


Ahhh … Sergito, help; I feel bad.

And you are going to happen, it’s nothing serious.

Dumbfounded, the boy answered, but kept his eyes absorb all sexuality lady, that his eyes hidden;

not a single detail of the effect on the young caused was lost, it was a matter of time nothing more,

from one moment to another could act more boldly and get the young man had given him that piece of meat that kept prison in the bulging pants.

The little woman tried to sit up in bed and pretended that the forces are not permitted,

so the headstrong boy came to help her and taking her shoulders,

the sagacious little woman took the opportunity to cling to hard mast no longer resisted the cloistered and with hanging tits,

you dimensioned the device.

Uyyy … Sergito, look what we have here!

Well, it’s nothing.

That barbarian! So small and so sent!

Do not be exaggerated, it is normal nothing else.


Had already been put cards on the table, without more modesty;

Mrs. proceeded to unzipping that hid the piece of meat reddening because of blood that

ran through the member with frightening speed, he released him

and hand began a lovely massage carrying our young to the extremities of pleasure,

the cock seemed to have been invaded by a vine that covered its entire length,

such an impression that gave the swollen veins of the neck.

The beating of hearts filled the bedroom with a rhythm that was intercropped from one heart to another boy pants

slid down his legs and threw a sound caused by the shock of the buckle with the ground while desperately little woman

He stripped of the torn dress still covering her.

He squeezed the buttocks of the young and erect pecker was to dig the mouth hole Margarita,

who without any suspicion began lavishing a few electrifying licks the glans appeared

and disappeared in the mouth and every time I left took on a darker color, almost blue.


The excitement was at its maximum power, the little woman fell back on the bed,

pulling with it the boy and impressively the phallus was to be introduced directly into the wet hole of the little woman,

was so much moisture from the shell that capacity picha replaced an equivalent amount of juices and of course,

came as surfing in a sea of pleasure and Sergio instinctively pushed her buttocks to dig deeper into the depth of Margarita.

The animal instinct Sergio surfaced and placing the knees on the bed,

took her legs to her female and lifted up to his belly to drill with all his strength to that woman who offered her privacy,

the feeling was the best of times;

the old felt her insides were invaded by the neck and did not want the intruder escape him,

so he pressed her legs to clamp the member and contracted inside and massaging the boy offered him an indescribable pleasure.


He decided to stand on the bed and parallel imprisoning women’s buttocks,

which he did with such vehemence that it appeared that the female would split in two, was literally butchering;

with closed eyes and looking up at the ceiling,

he attracted the buttocks of the little woman and the phallus reached the depths of female intimacy,

which in turn felt his head barely touched the bed and hands was give stability to your body,

feeling the penetration gave him joy of unimaginable proportions,

a little pain mixed with a pleasant tingling announcing the near closing ceremony,

the blood warmed to the beat of the attacks.

The splash that was heard with heart rhythm, increased the feeling of pleasure;

bodies tense and legs were shaking, the force with which Sergio squeezed the buttocks of the little woman,

made the trunk of the female is incorporated and the boy helped her with a hand on the back,

when the female legs espousing waist and mouths melted into a wet kiss,

tits compressing its volume in the young man’s chest and the inevitable discharge occurred,


an electric current ran both bodies and the effect forced the boy to bend your legs and fall kneeling on the bed and he fell female sitting on his legs,

hold the prisoner mast, completely sheathed.

Both forces abandoned and fell heavily to one side, panting breaths betrayed a lively bustle and night ran its course,

time had advanced inexorably, at any time appear the children of Margarita.

That moment, that fuck, that stupidity, if someone hears this and they tell his girl;

you would not like the result, you have to get dressed quickly and leave the place where it was committed wrongdoing.

Feeling that he had received an invaluable Please understand that

also could not continue in the house of Margarita,

looked and getting dressed as fast as he could bid farewell to her and covered by the darkness of night and solitude of the street, left the mujercita house.

Those were the images that he cast his mind,

although the screen was showing scenes Gloria do not know what, he saw a movie apart, where the protagonist was himself.

While breathing near the little woman reminded him why he had attended the movies,

he had gone to trapped, Margarita, again feel that sense of pleasure, guilt, remorse.


It’s time to leave the theater, the desire to devour me; come on?

If Dona Margarita, come on!

They left the cinema for slaughter, were at the heart of the city

and should walk a few blocks to penetrate in the Government Center where insurance would find suitable for the intended sacrifice motels,

and even should reign anxiety sexual act, rather dominated Sergio nervousness,

caused by the fear of being seen with the little woman and that was to stop ears of his girlfriend,

afraid of being discovered with Margarita.

On the contrary, the lady wanted as soon as possible could find a motel to savor the delights of Sergio youth,

feelings of both contenders, go situation.

After about 15 minutes of walking and selection of several motels, managed decide to enter one that was in a place quite paragraph, which met Sergio.


They entered the room and Mrs. quickly draw the appropriate coins for renting the premises,

which impressed the manager of the motel.

Inside, the little woman sat on the bed and immediately crossed one of his legs

and seductive look tried to strike up a conversation with the boy.

Sergito you going?

me nothing happens, why?

I see you nervous, you fear me?

No, I thought we could find someone known in these parts.

Ha ha ha … you’re a wimp!

Yes, it seems so, but what if someone sees us and tells their children?

Or your girlfriend, right?

Yes, also to it.

You love her a lot right?

Yes, true, yes.

Well, but do not worry, it’s just to give me some tasty caught and when you no longer want,

you just have to say it and San Seacabó.


Hahaha…. not so scoured, you. you are nice and I’m glad to do it.

Dilo by name, I godforsaken “grab”

Well, grab with you.

That, that’s better; now see with your mom

Margarita knew Sergio’s girlfriend,

since she lived in the same neighborhood and had also been the girlfriend of his eldest son, go coincidence.

But that was something I did not care for the little woman, she had gone to grab with Sergio and did not expect to waste time with nonsense.

He took Sergio waist and forced him to sit on the bed while taking his chin set out

to fill it with kisses and caresses that were intended to make the boy came into heat,

rubbing her tits in the young man’s chest and gradually He was still soft gentle massage to the penis.

Sergio began to show signs of excitement and kissed Margarita with more desire,

squeezed tits over dress and with her other hand stroked one of his legs,

which he increased the desire to feel the softness and noise stockings,

was something I had always liked, the unmistakable and delicious touch of material means.


As caresses grew louder, the hand of Sergio climbed the leg lady, to achieve reach the fold of the buttock with the leg,

another delicious sectors enardecían the young, moving fingers to feel the slit shell over underwear.

To all this, Margarita had already mounted on the boy and rubbed her pubis against Sergio,

kissing him passionately and continued compressing the contents of her tits in the manly chest,

he sat up and proceeded to shed the dress lifting him over the shoulders and leaving only with the perfumed underwear,

all of impeccable white, whose bloomer highlighted below pantyhose,

while the palms of young rested on the tits patted them little woman from the sides towards the center ,

gathering thumbs in the field of lace that adorned the voluminous dumbbell.

Not to be disadvantaged, Margarita began to unbutton his shirt,

then give the same treatment to trousers, while without wasting time,

Sergio stroked new sectors of the small body of his companion, which thankfully still with develatorio ritual boy.

He stood over the bed to get rid of everything unnecessary while completing the task Sergio Margarita had begun,

leaving both instantly with only the lower piece of their clothing;

tits she showed him the boy and seemed larger of how he had seen for the first time.


They seemed more beautiful and could not resist the temptation to give priority in the process of massaging,

and immediately rushed after them and with the mouth he caught one while the other was hit by one of the hands,

sucking so hard that the little woman could not contain and emit a yelp of pain by action,

settled back over the young and sweetly stared into the heated caresses and hickeys that her baby offered him her tits,

they began to redden and warm the parts more vulnerable sensitive.

He decided to accompany the act with a scrubbing pubis, Alizar as if it were a surface;

which he caused an immediate lubricamiento of their shell and juices began to flow outward.

Sergio had already begun a friccionamiento of round buttocks and softness bloomer seemed so delicious I did not want to take it off yet,

continued with friccionamiento for a long time, forcing Margarita to plead for the dispossession of the already annoying garment.

Now it was the neck of the little woman who felt moisture from the lips of Sergio,

while feverishly compressed tits on his chest to feel them in all its dimensions

and hands squeezed the already bare buttocks,

the lady no time had slipped the underpants of young and could feel manly hairs rubbed on her labia, feeling quicken desire to be penetrated.


The already hard cock tintileaba between the legs of Margarita and loudly demanded to be given the shelter needed,

tapped at the entrance of the shell and treated her little woman to request the phallus,

which he did with an expert movement of hips back ,

then descend in search of the glans and finally ascend to plug completely,

such skill was something that left stunned her male,

so much satisfaction lavished the accompanying form culear that could almost stand still and the lady would squeeze every last drop Pleasure.

Once the solid was inside, the woman began a circular forcing out and in turn enter the hardened member movement,

gave the impression that the cock was twisted to some extent and then was released

to revolve inside the female cavity, that delight, than skill.

Such mastery in the art of culear, had transported Sergio to another dimension,

his massive meat felt delight and warmth of the shell of the little woman and abandoned the donated treats,


so skilled was his companion almost immediately felt tensing his legs and testicles contracted to expel an abundant amorphous mass of semen,

it was over almost immediately.

The old felt the hot jet that flooded his gut and realized that Sergio had been

unable to put up much delight, while she was barely beginning to feel him culeada flavor.

Papito, both have made you pray and were hotter than flare!

Yes, but I’m still hot and now I will pay the toditas together!

Ha ha ha … Make me what you want Daddy!

Those who know culear, understand that you can throw at least two powders in a row;

when it is really hot and has the necessary power, those who do not; They believe it is an exaggeration,

but the truth is that this time, Sergio still had the stick hard and continue with the next powder.

Sergio took the little woman and placed her on her side, while he knelt before her

and ran his hands through his below lifting her hips to facilitate the entry of the mast,

a delicious position was helped by the encules boy and allowed the cock entered his side and to the depths of the little woman,

that she felt so ricura could only raise his leg and place it on the boy’s chest

and thus the hole expanded the most and clearly felt how the stick he penetrated to the depths of his being.


A few several reamed and although the position was deliciously sacrificial, was also somewhat uncomfortable,

so he turned his back to the young and immediately begged that the tuck by the shell in that position,

now if you really it looked like a dog that would be pierced by the boy also that this position is a favorite of him,

one impulse introduced its membership and could feel all inside the female,

while hands pounced to stroke the pair of tits that hung jugosamente and balaceaban accompanying the encules.

Then, leaving the tits, the young man grabbed her hips and forced her to support the legs in his and thus pushed and pulled her back,

was a rousing slip that allowed the full introduction of the cock, that delicious fucking that both were regaling.

The old woman was having a great time, which was manifested by moaning that never ceased to fill the room,

sometimes pain in the wild penetration, now pleasure for the pleasure he felt both taste could not hold infinitely,


so that vaginal juices trickled between them and the little woman he was already clouded sight,

I was finishing like a cow, the end of the session was demanded by the sacrificed female,

but the young man still had not enough and reminded him that the pay toditas together.

Ahhh … Daddy, do not give more; you’re a savage!

Yes? Well, there is still the best, I warned you!

Let me rest a bit

Nothing, to me you are paying toditas together, I told you!

Said and done, he pulled the cock of the female hole and neck throbbed emboldened and each tintileo,

drop by drop would throw the remains of the run of the little woman

and let out the smell so characteristic lovemaking sessions, that acid and pungent smell that we all love to receive.


Before she Margarita to say or do anything, I took his hand the mast dripping

and put the glans at the entrance of black back button that adorns the middle of that pair of buttocks that was in front,

he would perforate the ass to fémina gourmand!

Dont do Sergito, there not going to hurt me!

No, I’m going to put despacito

Dont do, do not be ungrateful; You’re going to kill me!

Do not overdo it, plus if you do not give me the ass, it’s like not having culeado!

Sergito No, no …. Ooouuuggghhhh

The words he would say were interrupted by the shocking admission of the cock, he stuffed lying,

one stroke he pierced the gut and went with ease, aided by moisture from their own juices,

rectum spread to the sides and which a black button ring,

which housed the plump intruder, nothing could do to stop it,

but rather enjoy penetration that had inevitably produced conformed.


Sergio got the cock but stood still for the year to get used to the size of the cock and the little woman had a moment of pain relief,

hearing the moans of Margarita decreased in intensity and frequency,

slowly started a hits and black precioseo out of that ring,

that delicious feeling when you drill a female year, precisely what Sergio was delightfully experiencing at the time.

As the year dragged on, the attacks took on greater speed and frenzy,

which inevitably were accompanied by a “poof, poof” Margarita, sounds are combined and formed a symphony of sexual inspiration,

the old was pushing Sergio pushed and dilated ass,

pumped with momentum and buttocks contact applauded the manly onrushing, a work of art.


The narrowness of the canal gave him Sergio additional satisfaction, and the member was compressed as if to crush it,

but the blood running down his penis and swell, forcing the year to expand and lose compression force, and finally,

all this alternation of events could not lead to anything other than the electrifying climax approaching and advertised in the limbs of the young,

the current ran all over the boy and what a cannon began to eject a whitish liquid that was going to crash in the walls of the rectum of Margarita.

The old felt like her ass was bombarded by a hot drops that were burning inside,

while savagely he pierced the rear in a recent assaults that heralded the end of the anal sacrifice,

the mast was losing strength and passed to deflate within it, while the bodies falling heavily,

the female in bed with his face on the pillow, which had suffered Margarita teeth when each culeada,

and the male body on women.

A bestial culeada had taken place in that room and paragraph motel moans and cries testified that,

while the subsequent relaxation began to invade the contestants, who had been bummed because of the dust printed each force.

They began to recover and Margarita tried to reach her underwear, but the burning stopped in the act,


the hand by the rear carcases step and could feel the pain that encompassed all the black ring,

he realized that he must endure a little longer for the pain to subside.

You’re a damn, you desfloronado me all the ass!

That ricura, that’s the best fucking, closing with a flourish.

Grand finale! You’ve undone the ungrateful ass.

A little not you like me!

Yes, but in the end I culeabas me to destroy me.

Is out there feels the richest of all, I love it!

Next time do not I’ll give.

Of course me going back to give!

Ha ha ha … sorry ass like a sore, but if you’ll give to you what you want!

He had not left over and already thought of nothing, nothing to say, sex is an addiction that we love,

the little woman began to dress and commented funny things he had felt during the fuck,


Sergio did too and from time to time is They joined mouths to terminate the session.

Papito, when we will come again?

When you want, as long as nobody finds out, you know.

Of course, next Sunday; I go out alone and found where you know.

OK, next Sunday

It was a promise they both did, next Sunday should repeat the experience in the motel room that section,

but only that; a promise.

Sergio would not trapped, Margaret, had returned with his girlfriend and at all costs avoided meeting her,

when I saw the lady was hiding and, despite their efforts; failed again be pierced by the boy,

perhaps because of the age difference, the fact that it was the mother of one of his friends,

as well as by their physical characteristics, who knows, but it never happened again.

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