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In seeking to knock on the door of the house of my friend Toño I realized that was open and as I am always welcomed like family,

because I chanced upon thinking that was in the room, I stood about moments thinking that at any time appear but not not feel your presence I sat on the edge of the chair that was near me.

He spent no more than a minute when I overheard some noises coming from one of the rooms that were on the other side of the room,

thinking it was my friend; I stood there and took some steps towards the place from where they came,

now I overheard better, not only noise, but some very faint murmurs and little voices;

I took a few steps and enter the door that was slightly ajar scope to see that the mother of my friend was lying on the bed,

thinking I was sick myself closer to almost have half in the chamber and so I saw felt some numbness in my feet, which paralyzed refused to obey me to leave immediately.

Sara is the name of the mother of my friend and affection always named as: Sarita; woman much, very pretty,

I looked at my meager seventeen years old, educated and respected by the community, as about 35 years and professional training without exercise,

for marrying dad Toño he devoted himself exclusively to the care of my friend and two young daughters;

of affluent socioeconomic status as the father of my friend was representative of a major company, why performing constant travel, according listened business.

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I made an attempt to retire, to run, but my legs did not obey my order. Sarita remained lying on his back completely naked with her legs open pointing to the door,

where I was completely petrified, with his eyes closed, his right hand was on her soft oprimiéndoselo sex but at the same time in a circular motion;

with his left hand frantically stroking her two breasts, now I remember,

they were too delicious and motherhood however, they were turgid and perhaps excitement looked hard and a slightly dark nipples adorning the center of your aura.

I do not remember if my presence would realize it did not stop masturbating now more vigorously moaning and whispering: aaaahhhhh TO DELIGHT, haaaa TO TASTY! ,

Pressed her nipples hard and taking her breasts from the base of the extended towards the front giving the appearance that they were larger than normal and throwing his head back again to whisper: CUTE AAAAYYYYY, QUE RICO !.

Then I saw how slowly opened his eyes and straightened his neck was not surprised by my presence, I saw tenderly;

He slowed his movements on her sex to acariciárselo now soft and delicate way, he gave me a little smile saying, look Juanito, come, do not be afraid, come …

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Seeing smiling and eliminated the fear of being disturbed,

slowly I I approached her while saying to me Juanito your age should know that adults have certain needs of affected and estimated that manifest themselves with caresses in our body and that we see with those closest to us people; with children is one way;

cheek kisses, endearments, etc. with friends and family with the greeting, either verbal or hand; with our partner or spouse,

it is good otherwise, we cherish our sex and something else, soon,

I promise, I’ll teach you, but as you know my husband is constantly traveling on business and leave me alone without the close to pat is when I feel the need to touch and not being me no choice but to caress myself, this,

I assure you it’s nothing bad, just to be in due time; you almost are in the moment and if you want, look I appreciate very much as a friend of my son,

with clear can not have this kind of touch, but if you help me to feel good, other than thank you, you reward with some gifts or whatever you ask me and I can give you, what do you say?

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Not know what to say, of course I felt some fear,

but I remembered that while going through the magazine rack looked on the covers half women and even completely naked and a very special feeling invaded my body,

at first I even surprised that I stop cock, I was embarrassed and find a way how to hide the bulge growing on my pants;

I remembered that though surprised that feeling did not cause me pain but some degree of pleasure, pleasure and well-being.

Finding myself lost in these thoughts I did not realize he had walked up being very close to Sarita until I felt like took my right hand and with it he began to move on the inside of his left knee very gently,

slowly moved up and down slowly until he felt the warmth of her body just smiled at him, a situation that Sarita understood as accepting his invitation.

Absorbed in these thoughts I did not realize I approached closer to her feeling almost his excited breathing by pressing with the other hand his cake giving a circular motion while erotically stretched his neck and head back into exchanging his hand with his acariciándoselos breasts horny stretching them forward which gave the feeling of being bigger and whispering and moaning slightly:

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Ayyyy that rich feel Juanito Juanito cute ah, ah, ah, Ayyyyy my love! While I am guiding my hand under his entrevena more;

the rise and fall gently to posarla for the first time on the wet beautiful of her sex;

month pressed my hand and began to masturbate furiously, as horny moaning again ah, ah, ah,

Ayyyy treat! I felt almost like my hand and slipped between his lips completely wet vaginal fluid issuing both a smell I had ever experienced, now twisting his body and arqueándolo forward;

He stopped his masturbation with my hand and looking at me very sweetly told me; Juanito your knees between my legs and give me a chupadita,

go my love help me feel more beautiful, touch me here just below your tongue (pointing with his right hand the cake),

I obeyed, now just out of curiosity, not fear, so I kneel between her legs running my mouth just ten centimeters from her pussy

with his left hand took me by the neck and soft, very gently guiding my face was toward sex; my lips brushed his ass,

Sarita shuddered; he pushed a little further forward saying;

Juanito out your little tongue and hand it over here pointing his index finger a sort of large wart which I later learned is called clitoris; I obeyed him, saying again he shuddered;

suck it like a sweet Juanito, softly;

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I obeyed and I just overheard AYYYYYYYYYYY CUTE MY LOVE Chupalo MUCH, MUCH, Suavecito MI BABI Suavecito,



My mouth and it hurt a little, for the last when he said “I am coming” pressed my face more strongly to his ass.

Suddenly Sarita very still stood, his breathing sounded too hectic, did not speak for a while until slowly breathing returned to normal,

I remained charging my head sideways on the inside of his right leg felt like Sarita she straightened a little while to close their pernas I understood that I should stand up,

and I did but Sarita, taking my hand I sat on the edge of the bed looking at me in front said, “not Juanito,

shame, no It is like saying that I feel sorry for what just happened but I ask do not tell anyone; my son Toño, your parents and sister, no;

I repeat is not bad what I did but I’d be very embarrassed that others found out, Juanito Promise me, true that no one v as saying ?.

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Did not know what to say, still not out of my astonishment; I remained silent until Sarita sat completely in bed,

made me stand up in front of her and taking my face with both hands saw me in the eyes his pleading look they will shed tears sobe her cheeks and repeated his appeal:

you request: no one what you say and if I hurt you I apologize and I never promise never to repeat it today, right Juanito keep the secret?

Really do not understand beyond what happened just shook my head affirmatively. Sarita smiled and now a much happier told me:

look here you have to buy the video game that is equal to my son and that’s why you come home; now you’ll have yours,

I just barely offering me when we hear noises in the courtyard entrance was Tono, my friend and son of Sarita;

Juanito quick sit in the chair that is already Toño with his sister while I get into the shower, if you ask you say you just got here, okay ?, yes of course, I replied.

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Hi John, greeted me Tono, you have a lot waiting for? no, not much I got. And my mom? it is bathing to answer.

Toño said excuse me is that my mom asked me to take my sister to her swimming lesson and I had to stay to wait, good and continued the conversation topics homework, latest video games, etc.

Sarita went bathing and dressed and offered us a snack, for the first time I knew what richer offered us; She looked radiant,

happy and a little more discreetly attentive, sweet and loving me. in his presence I, unlike other days remained nearly silent until I should retire because he was already getting dark,

we are Toño said that good night, see you tomorrow and address the Sarita door cried and my Juanito, not you say goodbye ?

yes, yes ma’am until tomorrow, she approached me and kissed me on the cheek, which chilled me how to stick by his lips almost close to mine until tomorrow Juanito.

That night I could not sleep, I almost woke up thinking about what had happened to the mother of my friend,

though I shower the smell of her sex had him soaked in my mind, I could see in the dark her beautiful breasts, her long legs ,

white and very suavecitas and whispers and moans of pleasure echoing in my brain. Dawn broke and Oh! had to go to school

just was Tuesday, so be it, I had to invent my mom that I felt bad and had no desire to go. Indeed, he is no cause,

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had high temperature so convinced my mother took me to the doctor who gave cause of the high temperature a likely cold to leave the window open overnight.

All week I did not go to my friend’s house Tono, I feared that her mother was to berate me something, good ideas into my tender innocent twelve years.

But in my mind they flitted images, whispers and moans of Sarita, and for the first time I realized how much sex circling around me;

I began to realize how my cousins constantly did their best to provoke; with their skirts too short and when we were alone climbed more to show,

now I remember, almost completely her buttocks other times and opened front legs to show her cake or ducking to let me see her breasts.

I did note, but nothing more than remembering began to feel again like I was stopping cock and more when the biggest of them saw her in the shower and not just bathing, as you vigorously rub her pussy with pacifier or mamila my sister,

now I understand that he was masturbating, but only saw her and I thought some things as women and retired.

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Step this week and another and each day discovered new erotic scenarios around me, for example on the street almost undressed my mind any woman passed in front of me,

with her short skirts, necklines that almost let out her breasts, sometimes watching as under your waisted pants her tiny thong is drawing or even reached to betray his pubic hair,

finally my mind was completely eroticized because I imagined as would, for example, my sister nineteen years in the same position as Sarita;

my teacher, who also was well good memory and also to turn over to the blackboard to write and stretch your arm up her skirt about teaching her buttocks.

Another situation that was presented this week is that on a night when he was fast asleep was an extremely pleasant feeling,

because I was dreaming that estarme bathing I stop cock and I touched her around her completely with my hand and started up and lower it increasingly accelerating movement;

I had a feeling that had ever happened to me so revved over my movements and when point was to exploit something he could not explain,

I woke up and felt some tightness in my legs tried to play it was and touched with the palm of my hand a scalp female;

Anita was my cousin who had complete my cock in his mouth, he realized that he had awakened but not separated;

followed mimándomela harder for a while more until I felt, I believe it too, that the head of my cock swelled as throbbing; three,

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four, five puffs more and I come into his mouth, very still he stayed and gradually straightened up watching me with a flirtatious look asked me, you liked Juanito ?,

quietly alone I shook my head saying yes, a lot, but like … I walked into your bedroom by a battery for my camera and get closer to your desk, you were discovered;

I wanted taparte and saw that the tapeworms good stop, I walked slowly I touched you as not to wake me metérmela settled in the mouth and give a good blow job,

I was nearly fifteen minutes until you wake mimándotela. Juanito You know this is our secret.

In the second week I went with my mom at the supermarket, we find Sarita, mother of my friend Toño, after the usual greetings,

and turning to me he asked Juanito two weeks you will not see makes my son Toño, what upset? No, I replied,

it is that I had a lot of homework, addressing my mother said I was allowed to go home in the afternoon to help you get a few dishes from under the cupboard because she could not bend down with a sore back,

of course he told my mom in the afternoon I command you; we said goodbye and kiss me on the cheek and felt his breath too hot lips; I’ll be waiting Juanito.

In the afternoon I finished my homework early; It was Saturday, so I deposing out to go skating with other friends, to me my mom told me;

Hey John, remember that we agreed that you would go with Sarita to help you …. Oh yeah right !, I answered,

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so then I finish I’ll help you skate. I arrived at my friend’s house Tono, and when I was preparing to ring the bell,

the door opened and in Sarita was waiting for me; Barbara, I had never seen a very slim skirt fabric and tight to your body and halfway down her thighs,

red thong that completita is shone through and almost drew her sex in the crotch; a rosette open blouse under her breasts but she is almost out of support.

Hello Juanito passes; you scared about the other day? Remember that I offered apologies and I promised that would not happen again,

good only if you want, well, now I would make you feel beautiful things, but hey, in the end, you’re the you decide, okay? …

We headed to the kitchen, opened the cabinet, I bent down and took the dishes that were all the way down, one by one,

and I was giving at the end I said good Sarita I go, her very kindly told me: wait take a drink, I prepared special for you; accepted;

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He took my hand and led me into the room, quickly diéntate I bring you; and he brought him to give me touched my hand gently caressing her and sat in the chair opposite, crossed his legs completely letting me see her thighs;

I bent down slightly to make her drink the table and I could see almost completely its two huge breasts, I immediately felt,

again, as my cock hard put to stop and start; He uncrossed his leg and very slightly opened them enough to show her sex, you like?

He asked me, if not, no problem, already told you nothing if you do not want it; I just smiled which she interpreted that I was enjoying it, so I got up and sat next to me,

I I stayed very still until I felt like his left hand around my shoulders; with his right hand grabbed me by my chin and turned my face toward her,

she looked me in the eye short time; his face, although very nice, showed much sadness; He told me you’re too young to understand but I want to tell you that my husband has me very abandoned,

because as you know is almost always traveling and when it comes, comes very tired and caresses me, in that I felt her hand rested on the bulge of my pants and tenderly started stroking, hey,

I said, you already have good standing, let me see, without waiting for an answer down gently close, put his hand, took him tenderly and extracted,

Oohhhh !, look around, although they have good size, my husband has very little, almost half of yours and when you want to have is very loose, almost can not stop;

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I felt like I completely imprisoned between his hand and began to walk up and down which began to like because I remembered my dream when my cousin was sucking me.

He came to my lips and my meager seventeen years for the first time I felt the lips of a woman on mine, tenderly kissed me very passionately,

I introduced her tongue whispering suck my dick, slowly bite it my love; I obeyed him, then I completely suck my lips,

alternately the upper and lower; Give me your tongue, he whispered again; I did and felt wonderful when I sucked it also delicately sucked it,

while his right hand was occupied with me for the first time, the wonderful pleasure of a masturbated that caused my cock lengthen its full extent.

Again I look into your eyes saying Juanito, never made love beam, beam never been in bed with a woman? No, I replied, you want to do now ?,

you’ll like; but of course, I thought, if I was already liking, but I said yes, if I want.

Well, I said I’ll teach you and I started to remove the shirt, made me stand up in front of her and loosened his belt,

lowered my pants leaving me alone in my bathing suit, I helped removing the feet and dropping to an end;

Hey Johnny, you’re not so bad, I thought you were skinny but you do not exercise?

If clear and some weights rightly said and see your cock looks gorgeous in the bathing suit, look, I’ll reward at the other time,

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I lowered my bathing suit, took my cock and put his lips, first kissed all, completita raising hands my testicles also kissed reached the top of the head,

he opened his mouth, he stuck out his tongue and wet the way around again gave him a kiss, two, three, opened over her mouth and popped it,

first the head, moistened with saliva and puffing very soft, it introduced a little more, almost half, no longer fit him more and started to get him and get him; puffing, lengüeteadas,

I was in the clouds only to see my friend’s mom mamándome cock; that delight, almost five minutes of blowjob.

He pulled from his mouth and took me by the hand to her bedroom; see, I’ll teach you to catch; to make love, your quietecito first, then you will know already underway to do.

He leaned on the edge of the bed, on his back with legs wide apart; Juanito híncate see in front of me between my legs;

I did, now, sale spare told me my body, I did and stood in front of her prominent breasts s; mámamelos my love,

ándale I’m already well horny, take them as I opened my mouth and the goal, nothing said, guessing that’s what he wanted so he’s started sucking sucking nipples,

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mordisqueándoselos slightly, with the tongue into circular motion until could no longer whisper: ayyyyyyyyy my love

how nice you are, you mámalas more, more, more, maaaaas; while I felt his hand grabbed my cock and guided it to the entrance of her vagina,

made his way, put on her entrance, took my buttocks with both hands, pulled me toward her, she arched her body and …… ..

by first time I felt my cock inside a woman’s body; warm, wet felt so long that tunnel punished abstinent because her husband did not give him satisfaction;

Sarita feeling that you entered a milestone all, completito,

no longer whispered, shouted: AAYYYYYYY TO DELIGHT JUANITO, AYYYYYYYY, Metella And SACALA, ASI, ASI,

while rhythmically moving his hips helping enter and leave my cock her vagina, ASIIII, JUANITO, ASIIII, THAT RICH,


what today is called, her first orgasm AAAAAYYYYYYYYY POP ayyyyyy I’M COMING ,

I’M COMING, DAME MAS Verga, Verga, VERGA MAAAAAAS, AH, AH, AH, AH, AAAAHHHHHHHH! and she stood still,

his face bathed in sweat to the neck, eyes closed his very breathing was normalized gradually until it quiet in one or two minutes opened his eyes and looked at me tenderly and said:

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“from now no longer be Juanito, you’ll JUAN, my lover, ask me whatever you want and you will please.

It was not necessary to ask, Sarita continuously showered me with attention and gifts that I justified in my house for work in which he helped the mother of my friend .

and it lasted one year, Sarita my lover was happy because of constant meetings We close in as good student I learned the art of lovemaking.

By then I had finished my studies as a specialist in sales and my constant traveling met many women;

I found that all were also convinced that sex play was an important part of its development and reaching high levels of welfare and happiness,

not only in their internal status, but also in their home environment; I could see that the “charm of the forbidden” gives me an erotic ecstasy.

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