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Culminating with a huge orgasm, she had just experienced the first episode of my life voyeuristic. At that time,

could not and would not self-analyze me, but something was clear: the excitement caused me to show my body and,

above all, the fact of having been riding over Ricardo still watching my three companions, was all about the best sexual experience he had.

However, my body wanted more, much more …

There was almost no people in the party and the situation was a little tense.

Ricardo was under the scrutiny of his ex and pressure to fulfill his word and continue our sex session.

But it was not even thinking about what he had just said.

Earth to Ricardo … Hello! There are no buses … ‘I repeated, with a tender tone for no cause more stress.

I know, but she’s still watching us … he whispered.

Somehow, he had to distract him.

You think Clara behavior could be close to candaulism? I asked to exorcise the haunting feeling of crossing glances with his former girlfriend.

Elsa, Aunt! He -reaccionó, with half smile. I dont know. Maybe if you ask him … he said, recovering humor.

Can be. How would you get the topic?

If I were you, I would say, Look, Clara … I just have a stunning powder with the guy who broke up with you a couple of weeks ago.

And, I want to apologize because we have not invited to observe how we rode.

Anyway, we know you get excited watching the person you love having sex with me, so you can come to my house because we will continue doing it like animals.

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I loved these conversations straddles black humor and surrealism. Men with this kind of talent I had always been the most sensual.

And Ricardo, the most. Now, I wanted to lay my head on his chest and hugged me. But for now, I could not …

I think our three voyeurs have car and Clara is definitely going, ‘he said hopefully.

You go back to Madrid with the three guys who have shared our first dust? I asked, certainly interested.

Do we have a choice? he replied with a shrug, but safely.

Come with them I said, taking her hand and flashing a smile romantic.

He looked at me as lovers look in the movies, stroking my fingers as we walked to the car of the three voyeurs.

While we approached, we noticed both the tension of those guilty of having done something offensive,

such as fear of facing an uncle of physical strength of Ricardo feel. He knows that cause these reactions

Hey, guys! How do you carry? -Les asked in a tone of most amistosa-. Do you still have any beer in the trunk to share with us?

In the blink of an eye, the three destensaron; They dropped shoulders, breasts deflated and lethargic faces smiles breweries took over the environment in which, in time, any word on the sex … Until omitted Ricardo said:

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Well, guys. I hope what you have seen is not tell anyone.

Why? I asked, compulsive and clearly angered by the dominant boast.

Quickly and to avoid any conflict, Raul took a bottle of rum and served some shots, as if nothing had happened.

We spent an hour talking sitting on the hood of the car, having sex gossip that had occurred during the five-year career.

Each shot made me more attuned and each of the stories raise my libido to new levels.

Angel said that a year ago had learned that a group of faculty had organized an orgy on a high …

And you, do not you attended? I asked with vicious cadence and melody. Orgies are good for health I continued scolding.

There was a brief silence and everyone burst into nervous, stifled giggles, and looking between them.

If he had masturbated me after pseudo-intellectual conversations with Ricardo for five years, he was now quadrupling those same stimuli.

This time, however, he would not go home alone.

Rum-and no choice. I do not know if you have any proposals to leave, but I want you to take me back to

Madrid -Les I urged.

We have some friends from the biggest schools there next to the Park West. We could make a bottle there …

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Or we could do an orgy … I replied immediately.

All were silent. The faces became serious. The bodies cowered.

And there’s nothing like when a woman detailing her sexual desire without mincing words, so that men become small, docile and cowed creatures.

What happen to you? Ye have been frozen. You can not practice as a psychologist with these bodily responses. You know, right?

Well, you have every reason in the world … -expresó Raul, with feigned frustration.

Everyone laughed but at the time, had achieved my purpose to put them in predisposition to sexual adventure in group …

We got on the car. Jose Angel behind the wheel and copilot; I sat behind between Raul and Ricardo. Just start,

I slipped my hand on the member Ricardo, over trousers. Angel was telling gossip about students who had mounted that orgy,

while the rest laughed. I took my other hand on the thigh of Raul. He did not put up any resistance.

I think he leered, but no one said anything. Angel continued, and they pretended to listen …
Ricardo did not set hard.

In contrast, Raul would break his pants, so I decided to play more; I lifted my dress and whispered in his ear that I masturbate over the thong.

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I turned sideways to leave my vulva at his mercy, while Ricardo unbuttoned.

I stroked his flaccid penis, grabbing him from the scrotum and up and down your skin to rest it on my tongue.

Absorbing, biting away with all the passion of the world, I started noticing Raul fingers. And I began to moan …

We had left Somosaguas. The darkness of the highway town of Humera betrayed, as my little noises and alerted José Angel of what was happening behind him.

There was silence for a few minutes. Only our frictions and forced breathing could be heard.

Suddenly, I noticed how clumsily holding a hand me a breast. Ricardo, was completely tight and Raul palpated inside my vagina masterfully.

Who stroked my areola was none other than Angel. I felt my body was burning.

Even more than before. He was completely unleashed …

More inside, Raul! I shouted, while strongly gripping member Ricardo.

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