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Hey, they call me Rodri, although this is not my name, is the abbreviation of my first name, Rodriguez. Rodriguez is also the second.

I have a lifelong friend since kindergarten. We have been more than good friends. He is also called Rodri nor is its name, is also short for Rodriguez are also curiously his two surnames.

It was in the nursery school where we started calling the Rodriguez brothers thinking that we were, in fact,

we’re a lot physically and even his voice is very similar. This resemblance what later explotaríamos relatively frequently.

That ended in Rodri Rodriguez and both called us and each other. In fact, when someone calls Rodri, we turn the two.

No, it’s not a mess, if you called I’ll Rodrí, and as I am the caller can only come him. And vice versa.

Together in kindergarten together at school, then in high school and eventually college.

We always study together and when we were old enough, also vacation together. We were like Siamese twins, always inseparable.

Always in all trouble, especially if it was a party or were girls involved.

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But that all changed at the end of the studies, with a degree parted down the arm because we started working in different companies. I still think someone recommended it so.

Anyway, I went to work and further away. So it was that we agreed to spend the summer together, as always.

But that could not be passed until three years. I took care of the accommodation on the agreed dates,

I did not choose wisely nor the same apartment and sometimes even the same area.

I knew that would come with his girlfriend and that was the reason for so much change.

The apartment have two rooms as usual.

The day I went to the airport agreed to meet him. He had not changed at all, except for two things, and had come intensely tanned girl.

A delicious brunette, long and wavy raven hair, deep black eyes and voluptuously voluminous forms. Very voluptuous. Bulky.

We greeted as befits two best friends since kindergarten. Greeting his girlfriend was very courteous.

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We hardly spoke during the ride to our accommodation as the long trip and the time change caused them to sleep.

So tired were not dumped the bags and fall asleep on the bed fully clothed.

The next morning I woke up the first and went to get some buns for breakfast.

Upon return, when just opened the door I heard the unmistakable sound of a mattress squeaking,

I understood the cause of sound and quietly shut the door again and retraced my steps.

I waited a while and before opening the door put my ear to see if the noise had stopped.

As I entered so making the noise necessary to note that was there, that Rodri I know him but not his girlfriend.

Who wants a scone ?.

I said loudly with the best and most candid of my smiles.

By the bathroom door he appeared a spectacular indoor dark for a long camisole determined to highlight the rotund shape of her body

-¡¡Oh! What a treat. It has brought us breakfast. Have you seen that attentive Marcial?

Marcial is the name of my friend but that was one of the few times I heard as he was called by that name.

-Rodri Is quite detailed.

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He said leaving the room Rodrí putting on pants and winking

‘You’re almost right on time. He apostrophized Rodri with a mischievous grin.

We spent the day on the beach, including two brown and white boy. Interestingly we were both wearing the same swimsuit.

She wore, so to speak, a spectacular green bikini, those of cordoncitos, which highlighted a spectacular body.

I really wanted to be with my friend but had never been three, is not sexual, we had been four, six, even eight but never three, that descolocaba me.

Also, I proved tremendously uncomfortable the smooching, touching, unconcealed on and other practices between boyfriends.

But what bothered me was the extraordinary body of my best friend’s girlfriend.

Especially when he returned to take brief dips and returned wet, bikini fabric skin attached, showing more than plugging.

Extraordinary tits, big round, firm, with nipples pushing the fabric. I had never seen, so far, tits who opposed such a determined force of gravity so.

The discomfort became an indecent fever. I ended up turning around to avoid the tremendous erection that pedecía be noticed.

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Dinner was even more uncomfortable but worse at night. The mattress squeak again. It was not a sound, it was not a noise, it was a scream.

I lay awake while out walking and came back late in the morning and then I saw her completely naked, very dark, very dark and very completely shaved. I did not know where to hide.

-¡Caramba Rodrí! Where have you been, I cared.

-I went for a walk. I answered while leaving on the table the bundle with the buns.

Solita, that’s the name of the bride Rodri, she sat naked for breakfast.

No you listen, it’s always the same. Said my friend with a gesture of astonishment.

That day was exactly the same as above, but this time with Solita topless, was the only difference because in the rest of the stuff was just as or more uncomfortable.

I returned nighter with that increasingly unpleasant squeak. And I went out again.

Upon returning, again the same, Solita naked eating breakfast. And again another day alike. And another.

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During the night walk that had overtones to become habitual, I valued the opportunity to go away and leave them alone.

It was more than evident and reasonable that they did not need me for anything. And with this idea I returned to the housing.

I opened the door decisively, this time not wearing buns, and I got a big surprise.

They were not fucking in bed, they were on a lounge chair, she on him, moving masterfully resounding ass, tits bailándole on the face of my friend who played mordisqueárselas.

Unspeakable scene. I never would have expected.

They did not stop even when he saw me, they looked at me and greeted me smiling but did not stop.

That if my suffering was stopped cock, while started to hurt, so I took it out. Both saw me but neither did nor said anything.

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I did not cut, I do not care that it was awesome Bride of my best friend since kindergarten.

I undressed, also socks, that is sacred, fucking with socks does not come into my way of being, or flip-flops.

I stood behind her and the image of the dark, large and firm ass moving still with me.

I did not hesitate, she did not, paused for a moment his movements and lifted the ass leaving Rodri mouth filled with her tits.

I bent down as I could to put myself to the most appropriate height. And I stuck it in the ass. Glorioso ass.

She returned movements, up and down, also turning the hip, left and right, rotating the ass. Giving pleasure.

Receiving pleasure. Groaning with that his accent so sweet sometimes but so tremendously exciting then.

We ran in stages. She first erupted like a volcano of moans, disjointed and unintelligible phrases. Then Rodrí with a long,

low rumble. It took me a little more, she kept moving that divine ass and tits by eating it. I ran and I could not help but stayed on it, not wanting to retire until Rodrí asked me to.

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-Rodrí Gee, let it wash.

Solita went running to the bathroom and I was standing in the same spot from which the enculé, looking at my friend who also was looking at me.

Then he burst out laughing.

-Quita That stupid face, she liked, I liked it, I hope you also liked you there Is it?

– If. I said, still confused.

Look, Solita likes to fuck and me too. I prefer to fuck you before another. If she wants to fuck you not only do not care,

you also want you the fuck. You’d do the same right ?.

– If clear, I think so.

And we both laughed.

In those we were when she returned. Since he had not been buns had to go back for them.

She returned to breakfast naked but I no longer was so uncomfortable.

I neither was at the beach, I also had caresses and kisses. I held her sunscreen and me put to me several times.

– These too whitey Rodri. You look whipped cream.

Since that morning he stopped calling me and started calling Manuel Rodri.

Also her boyfriend stopped calling him and started calling Marcial Rodrí. So when we turn calls Rodri both.

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We had dinner with plenty of wine and this took effect. He warmed to Solita much more than expected.

We took her to the apartment, wanted to fuck Rodri anywhere. And we were already Rodrí both.

Rodri as he opened the door, Solita ate my mouth ducking the tongue down her throat and his hand into his pants.

We went to the bedroom that had the biggest bed, I undressed as I could while she kept kissing me.

Rodrí undressed, undressed her and placed four on the bed. He stuffed it and she moaned.

Come you suck.

And if I suck.

Rodrí in the back and in the mouth, facing each other, and coming together, never separating, delicious woman.

We looked, smiled and clinked his right hand, as if we close a deal.

We ran and she fell asleep face down, naked on the bed. My friend and I went to the salon. There we talked at length,

I explained how I had met and reached an agreement. All vacation we would do that, would share Solita. Even if we had another couple.

We returned to the bedroom and repeat the previous action, but we exchanged places. Solita I offered helpfully delicately shaved pussy.

-¡Fóllame Rodri!

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And fucked her that night and the next morning, and afternoon. And at night. And every other morning and every evening and every night we were there.

But not always all three together, Rodrí began to go out and buy buns. And I lay on the bed so she rode me. And I ran.

And she withdrew the condom me, and I cleaned the po0lla sucking each star of semen.

I loved that position because she ahead chest to her nipples brushed my lips and provocative played that bite them and avoid it.

But I also like to get on it and feel its movements ass worthy of an expert, of a sex goddess.

Those were the first of the best vacations of my life with this woman fucking exotic accent, voluptuous and round shapes.

Exaggerated in orgasms, hot as lava. Unmatched in sex. A sexual volcano. It is the girlfriend of my friend, my best friend since kindergarten.

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