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Kay is my agent, mentor and good friend. He knows how I do not like to attend thebook signing but it shows that good-he stressed the words the author took every opportunity to expose himself to the public buy him. The last part of that statement is to hit home sooner than he had been taken into consideration and in a way that none of us get scared or dreaming.


“Don’t argue, you know that I always keep your interests.


More like large commissions I let you steal from me,” I whine. It makes me hit in the butt naked while I was rushing to go to the bathroom.


Kay joined me in the bathroom to reinforce the message that any and all publicity helps a “struggling” writer. I raised him through tinjuku Misty glass booths and tip my ass at him.


Prepare yourself for a surprise Dinah ” he was waiting for me to stop hitting my towels around as I dried my back. I said nothing but raised his eyebrows, a signal he knows it means don’t push my boyfriend ‘. Kay laughs but stepped out of the reach of bath towels. “Then I won’t tell you.” He was ready to flee just in case.


“Give it a literary agent or, Madam …” I picked up a towel and hit what I think beingaggressive pose Amazon. He just laughed again.


I was on her in a flash hugging my wet body.


“Stop the silly mare, I got an appointment within half an hour and you’ll ruin my clothes“, Kay scream then scream as I tickled her. I swear there are more than a little lesbian in her.


I am not surprised, I was shocked. Kay, the agent usually anonymous I propose to come with me to the signing! Why? There’s definitely something he didn’t tell me.


The next day I woke up early, nervous, agitated, anxious, wondering if I can cancel your signings.


Hot water allows me to enjoy and reduces a lot of my fears. I’m stroking my body. Out of the cubicle and dry I asked and appreciated my body. I was lucky and I know that. Thirty-five years old and still manage to stay slim. Not without an effort and sacrifice – no chocolate for example like me chocoholic. A little wine, with only the players and the launch and other necessary functions. A lot of physical activitynot of the kind that I like thoughsex.


Mr. Dunn and I am the former. Some three years now. Oh, it’s peaceful, indeed, when our paths ever cross for more than fifteen minutes we did it I mean sex. We stilllove each other but we see so little of one another, our world grow so much that it’ssimilar to being single. one person did as a single did and we were both forced to sex with others. It’s been ages since I rolled in the proverbial straw and really, I hate the messy business of ‘ self-help ‘. Call it what you want it’s still masturbation.


I wasted. There I’ve said it! As I try to decide what is appropriate to wear I stood near the door mirror cupboard wondering what a man can see that will transform him from my naked body. Kay says that my fameor if she felt evilthat I have become ‘ ice girls ‘. She knew that she had to run if he dared to say it though.


What to wear? It’s cold so I will definitely wear a raincoat; large faux fur collar, collarwidth and length of the crossing that reached below the knee.


I pulled from the closet and impervious to my nudity a pair of sensible, thick pants and a cashmere sweater. Already I can see the grimace Kay in the ensemble – he insisted that I sell it ‘, my bodyyou got it sweetie so selling it, using it, he bring in sales. Isigh; all I want to do is write for the good.


Okay, then what? A slinky, figurehugging dresses? I drew one in and I imagine thearrogance in wowing people until I started with my own and raise the temperaturemust be off the robe quickly. Kay will love it, but he could go … well never mind. A sensible skirt the winter with a length below the knee and loose silk shirt that shows too much cleavagethey also I tried until I found the spectre of self-help nudgingon the edge of my mind.


Finally what I choose is loose, Navy Blue skirt that does not reach my knees; I have to be careful because I usually wear jeans and had almost lost the built-in kneeclenching of a woman when wearing dresses and skirts. My top skirt with knitted tops tight blue ice. I can not memaka

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