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In this fall that begins today, rains are frequent and most of us think of sex is inevitable when it rains.

“What a nice afternoon for a nap”, “Give to stay in bed all day doing spoon”,

“What it is done with a rainy day? And the answer seems obvious.

The rain shows the hostility of the environment and also automatically sends us to privacy, shelter, heat, protection.

I think the real pleasure is to be under secure roof while listening or watching out the window as it pours.

I always thought that sex and love are not other things that searches for shelter.

All we protect different things, but all seek refuge in the other.

And the rain think that activates these feelings.

Paradoxically, a day of torrential rain can really be a shitty day if we have to spend all day on the street,

without car, going from one side to the other.

And it can be a wonderful day if we spent in bed,

well accompanied, alternating between pampering and something delicious to eat.

And yet the day is the same.

But as always, the difference is where you find one standing … to bed.